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Missing Places: Wither’s Island, Kittery Maine

Though I am blogging about an island in Maine, the history of this place is intimately connected to that of New Hampshire’s in several ways.  Thus, this tiny isle in the Piscataqua River deserves an article in my blog. Maine’s … Continue reading

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Not New Hampshire: Italian-born Sculptor, Joseph Arthur Coletti (1898-1973)

Cow Hampshire readers may be surprised to see me writing about someone who was neither born nor lived in the State of New Hampshire. On occasion I happen across a name or event that ties into a story that I … Continue reading

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White Star Line Steamships: The Changing Face of Early 20th Century Immigration

When someone speaks about immigration, like many others I picture the crowded steerage of the Titanic movie. Indeed many of the ships that carried 19th century third-class immigrants were crowded, dirty and disease-ridden–the horrors we think about were real. But … Continue reading

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1844: How a Yankee Weathervane Caused a Chinese Riot

Another New Hampshire Blogger, Heather Wilkinson Rojo of Nutfield Genealogy, inspired this story.  Her photographic collection of weather vanes and the stories that go with them  caused me to ponder the importance of these metal spire ornaments in our state’s history.  It is obvious that … Continue reading

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New Hampshire’s Fathers’ Day History

The celebration of Fathers’ Day in New Hampshire is over 100 years old, unofficially that is.  The anniversary date hinges really on which year you consider as the advent of Fathers’ Day in our state.  A newspaper article acknowledged the … Continue reading

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