New Hampshire WWI Military: The Nurses of Base Hospital No. 6 aka “The Bordeaux Belles”

Upon arrival at Bordeaux France on July 28
1918, Base Hospital No. 6 occupied French
Hôpital Complémentaire No. 25 (Petit Lycée de
Bordeaux). Office of Medical History, U.S. Army
Medical Department.

According to the Massachusetts General Hospital Museum web site: “In May 1917, U.S. Army Base Hospital No. 6, a medical-surgical unit of Massachusetts General physicians and nurses, was activated under the command of Col. Frederic A. Washburn, MD, director of the hospital.”   Base Hospital, No. 6 was constructed in a school and other buildings in Bordeaux France–an area that was close to the battlefields of WWI. The Massachusetts General Hospital archives state that the nurses in this hospital were later known as the “Bordeaux Belles.”

Among these nurses were six from New Hampshire, one (Lucy N. Fletcher) dying while in service. I have managed to locate photographs of all of them, and their biographies can be found later on in this story. The New Hampshire nurses were:
Leonora [Leonor A.] Field, Orford, NH
– *Lucy Nettie Fletcher, Concord, NH
Glee Marshall, Colebrook, NH
Edna L. Ricker, North Conway, NH
Hope F. Romani, 8 South Myrtle street, Milford, NH
Laura E. Sanborn, Contoocook, NH Continue reading