A Rare Testimonial: In Praise of an Old Friend — PressHarbor

A screen shot of a July 11, 2006 post of Cow Hampshire blog at BlogHarbor, prior to its evolution to PressHarbor.

Screen shot of a July 11, 2011 post of Cow Hampshire blog at BlogHarbor, just prior to the company’s evolution to PressHarbor.

Regular readers of Cow Hampshire will recognize how rare this testimonial is. We expect our service providers to render the best, so generally we only speak up (or ‘blog up’) when things go awry.

I have a 10 year relationship with PressHarbor. Think about that alone–ten years! In the past ten years I’ve changed banks, internet provider, electric and gas utilities, car repairmen, and lots more. But NOT ONCE was I tempted to part ways with my blog server provider, PressHarbor.

I started blogging with them when they were called BlogHarbor, which was a catchy name. My twin sister had been blogging with them, and she was very picky. That was all the recommendation that I needed. I could have gone the “freebie blog” route, but I wanted more bells and whistles, and I wanted professional help should anything go wrong. When the company evolved from BlogHarbor to PressHarbor, I stayed with it.

In the handful of times I have had to ask for help with a problem, they answered within 24 hours, and usually within 2 or 3 hours. When the early blogging software they provided was phasing out, they helped me (free of charge I might add) to migrate to WordPress. Though that change felt traumatic to me, it was in hindsight a wonderful benefit. WordPress has since become the standard not only for blogs, but for web sites.

John Keagan’s company was a 2 year old toddler when I jumped on board. As my blog grew and became more complicated, his company grew, with him always working to make blogging easy for me. I’ve heard he plans more changes soon, updating what, to me, is already great.

Do I recommend Press Harbor? Hello? Unequivocally YES. You can’t have enough old friends. Especially friends who are so consistently good.

Janice W. Brown
Editor: Cow Hampshire www.cowhampshireblog.com

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  1. Amy says:

    That’s great, Janice. I use WordPress, so have no idea what the advantages would be of such a service, especially if you are hosted by WordPress. Your blog looks great!

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