1928 Christmas Greetings from Nelson-Vuilleumier Inc of Manchester NH

John Guy Nelson and Jules Etienne Vuilleumier smile smugly from behind the Nelson-V watermarkedwheel of one of their best automobiles on  this Christmas card. On 10 November 1923 the two men, from very different backgrounds, had formed a partnership called Nelson-Vuilleumier Inc., selling and repairing Packard and Chrysler Motor Cars.

Five years later, when this card was printed and distributed, they were still in business. They had two locations–the primary one at 61 Elm Street, and a secondary site at 922-28 Beech Street.  By 1933 they were located at 1569 Elm (the site of the photograph below, with link to Google map current view of the same building).  Jules and John came from completely different backgrounds–Jules Vuilleumier was born in Switzerland, and had first worked as a chauffeur when he immigrated to Massachusetts in 1890. John G. Nelson had been born in Vermont, graduated from college, and had worked as a salesman (aka “floor walker”) in a five and ten cent store.

The Chrysler-Plymouth Garage at 61 ELm Street, Owned and operated by Nelson-Vuilleumier, Inc, ca 1920s; MHA Photoprint Collection

The Chrysler-Plymouth Garage in Manchester NH. The MHS states that this building is located at 61 Elm Street, when it appears that this was their third building at 1569 Elm Street. It was owned and operated by Nelson-Vuilleumier, Inc, ca 1920s; Manchester (NH) Historic Association Photoprint Collection. Used with Permission

John and Jules continued their partnership until 1935 when they dissolved the company and each went their own way. This was the same year that the Amoskeag Mills closed, and there were not many who were buying high priced automobiles that year.

Jules went to work for the New Hampshire Liquor Commission, while John focused on his second company–a wood and coal business in Manchester. See partial genealogies below for both men.




Jules Etienne Vuilleumier son of Albert F. & Wilhemine (Bleder/Bieder) Veuilleumier, was b. 23 May 1877 in Cernier, Neuchatel, Switzerland, died 15 Sep 1972 in Manchester NH. He immigrated about 1890 to the United States. He m. 6 Nov 1907 in Lancaster NH to Ethel Ivy Turner, daughter of Charles F.W. & Ella Ruth (Farnum) Turner. She b. 2 June 1886 in Lancaster, Massachusetts, and died 7 June 1974. They are buried in Eastwood Cemetery, Lancaster MA. Jules was a mason in Mount Lebanon lodge, installed in 1921, raised in 1922, dim. 1948. In 1918 he signed for the WW1 Draft at that time working as a salesman for Fred S. Smith Co. Boston MA, and living at 204 Larch Road in Cambridge MA.
1909-1913 Newton MA Directory
Vuilleumier Jules E. chauffeur 71 Walnut pk h 189 Jackson Road
1915 Clinton MA directory [South Lancaster]
Vuilleumier Edward h Harvard rd L C
Vuilleumier Jules E h Sawyer S L
1915 Leominister MA Directory
Vuilleumier Jules E automobile dealer oils and rubber tires 7 Central res S. Lancaster
1920 US Census > MA > Middlesex > Cambridge
J.C. Vuilleumier SWZ SWZ SWZ speaks German, naturalized salesman autos
Ethel Vuilleumier 33 MA MA MA
Norman Vuilleumier 7 MA SZ MA
1930 US Census > NH > Hillsborough > Manchester
Jules E. Vuilleumier 52
Ethel Vuilleumier 43
Norman Vuilleumier 17
WW2 draft card of 1942 shows him working for Liquor Commission, living Manchester NH
1945 Manchester City Directory
Vuilleumier Jules E. (Ethel T.) state liquor supvr h 995 Union
1960 Manchester NH City Directory
Vuilleumier Jules E. (Ethel T.) h 995 Union Street
Children of Jule E. & Ethel (Turner) Vuilleumier:
1. Jules E. Vuilleumier, b 5 Aug 1908 Clinton, Worcester Co. MA, d. 1911
2. Norman Etienne “Norm” Vuilleumier, b. 13 June 1912 in Newton, MA, d. 22 October 2011 in Manchester NH. He is buried in Eastwood Cemetery, Lancaster MA. Instructor in English at Phillips Academy, Andover MA, appointed 1938.

1926 Manchester City Directory advertising

1926 Manchester City Directory advertising


John Guy Nelson, son of Will F. “Willie” & Mertha S. “Mattie J.” (Thompson) Nelson, b 18 July 1889 in Rutland, Vermont; college graduate; he m. 4 Oct 1913 in Concord NH to Louise Retanya Wilbour, dau of Benjamin F. & Clara A. (Brown) Wilbour. She was b. abt 1892 in Little Compton, Rhode Island. At the time of their marriage he was a “floor walker” and she was a teacher. In 1918 when he signed his WW1 registration card, he was a buyer for Nelson’s 5&10 Cent Stores in Manchester. On his WW2 registration form, he was working for himself at 810/819 Elm Street in Manchester NH
1934 City Directory
NELSON, John G. (Louise W) treas Nelson-Vuilleumier Inc 1569 Elm and treas Nelson-Dowling Coal Co 922 do rm 424 h 201 Ray
1920 US Census > NH > Hillsborough > Manchester
John G. Nelson 30 buyer, 5 and 10 store
Louise Nelson 28
Vivian Nelson 5
John Nelson 3-5/12
1930 US Census > NH > Hillsborough > Manchester >
John G Nelson 40 Automobile agent
Louise R. Nelson 38
Vivian Nelson 15
John N. Nelson 13
Priscilla Nelson 7
Emma Shackford 45
1940 US Census > NH > Hillsborough > Manchester > 201 Ray Street
John G. Nelson 50 Head M W c4 VT Salesman Coal & Wood
Louise W. Nelson 48 Wife c2 b. Rhode Island
John G. Nelson Jr. 23 son single c4 NH
Priscilla Nelson 17 single h4 NH
Rose Young 38 lodger widow h1 Rhode Island
Gardner Young 10 lodger b Ohio
Children of John G. & Louise (Wilbour) Nelson:
1. Vivian Wilbour Nelson, b 25 September 1914 Manchester NH; She m. 4 Oct 1938 in Manchester NH to Frederick Albert Wies, son of John P. & Louise F. (Hendricks) Wies.
2. John G. Nelson Jr. b 24 August 1916 Manchester NH, d. 24 Dec 1994 in NH
3. Priscilla Nelson, b abt 1923 Manchester NH; m. 2 March 1947 in Manchester NH to Robert Mason Estes, son of James French & Margarete (Sullivan) Estes


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