Nashua New Hampshire’s First Women Physicians: Ella (Blaylock) Atherton and Katherine E. (Prichard) Hoyt

Ellen C. "Katherine E." (Prichard) Hoyt MD. Photograph from History of Nashua, NH by Judge Edward E. Parker, 1897

Ellen C. “Katherine E.” (Prichard) Hoyt, M.D. Photograph from History of Nashua, NH by Judge Edward E. Parker, 1897

In 1897 when the updated History of Nashua was published, the medical history (authored by Evan B. Hammond) reported the following: “Dr. Ella Blaylock and Dr. Katherine E. Prichard are the only two lady physicians of whom Nashua can boast, either in the past or present, and their success it a guarantee that their stay here is one of profit to themselves as well as to their patients. They were elected the same year (1891) to the Nashua Medical Association. She [Katherine E. Hoyt, M.D.] opened an office in 1889 and “although the first resident woman physician….” devoted her time entirely to gynecological work and obstetrics.

Both of these talented physicians became

Ella (Blaylock) Atherton, M.D.

Ella (Blaylock) Atherton, M.D.

members of the local Medical Association in the same year–1891.  Both specialized in women’s medicine, gynecology, and obstetrics.  Both married within the next few years. Katherine’s husband, Henry Hoyt, M.D.,  was also a physician and by 1900 she had moved with him to Sioux City, Iowa where he had a thriving practice. They later to Wenham, Massachusetts.  Ella married Hon. Henry Bridge Atherton, an attorney and editor of the Telegraph newspaper.  She remained in Nashua, with abdominal surgery as one of her skilled capabilities, and practicing medicine in that city for many years.

—–REGARDING Katherine (Prichard) Hoyt, M.D.—–

In researching Dr. Katherine (Prichard) Hoyt’s ancestry, I found a remarkable story in her genealogy.  Her 2nd great-grandmother, Hannah (Perley) Prichard was renown for being a midwife in New Ipswich, New Hampshire. She possibly was one inspiration for Katherine to pursue her medical career [SEE Hannah (Perley) Prichard biography below].

According to her biography in the “History of Nashua NH” Katherine Prichard “graduated from Bradford Academy in Bradford Vermont in 1882, in a class of five young men who were preparing for Dartmouth college. The following year was spent in pursuing a classical course at Abbott Academy, Andover, MA. In October 1884, having manifested a desire for the study of medicine, under the encouragement of her step-father, Mr. White, she matriculated as a student at the Woman’s Medical college of the New York Infirmary, and pursued a three year course, graduating in 1887. The year following was occupied in hospital work at the Woman’s reformatory at Sherborn, MA. In January 1889 she opened an office for general practice in this city, and, although the first resident woman physician, she met with such encouragement and support as to lead her, on her return from a prolonged trip to California, in 1892, to continue practice, devoting her time entirely to gynecological work and obstetrics. She is a member of the New Hampshire Medical Society, and the New England hospital Medical society of Boston. K.E. Prichard was secretary of Nashua’s first medical organization, Nashua Medical Association, formed in 1891, and among its first members (of physicians and dentists).”


William Prichard, son of William, b. abt 1617 England; d 2 Aug 1675 in New Braintree MA; m. c1644 to Hannah Langton.  She was b. Essex Co. MA and d. 1 August 1705 Andover MA. On August 2, 1675 he was killed at the ambush in New Braintree, known as “Wheeler’s Surprise”.  Later that day his son Samuel also died at Brookfield at the very beginning of the King Philip’s War.  After this all the families of Brookfield left, most never to return[Info from Suffield Historical Society]
Children of William & Hannah (Langton) Prichard:
1. +John Prichard, b. 1646 Ipswich MA
2. Hannah Prichard. She m. Eleazur Weller
3. William Prichard. He m1) Elizabeth Allen; m2) Elizabeth Palmer ; m3) Rebecca Taylor
4. Mary Prichard, m. Judah Trumble
5. Esther Prichett, m. John Hanchett
6. Elizabeth Prichard, m. John Allen
7. Joseph Prichard, m. Frances Colby
8. Sarah Prichard, m. Joseph Lovejoy

John Prichard, son of William & Hannah (Langton) Pritchard, b. 1646 Ipswich [or Lynn] MA, d. 7 Feb 1730/31 Topsfield MA.  He m1) abt 1674 to Elizabeth Dennison who died 28 March 1679 in Topsfield MA.  He m2) 1 March 1680/81 in Topsfield MA to Mary Towne, daughter of Edmund & Mary (Browning) Towne.  She was b. 1653, and d. 5 March 1730/31 in Topsfield, Essex Co. MA. The Suffield Historical Society [MA] states that John Prichard had three children.
Children of John & Elizabeth (Dennison) Prichard:
1. Elizabeth Prichard, b. 23 July 1675 in Ipswich, Essex Co. MA, d. 30 Nov 1695 Topsfield MA.
2. Sarah Prichard, b. 5 December 1677 in Ipswich MA; d. 30 Nov 1695 Topsfield MA
Child of John & Mary (Towne) Prichard:
1. +John Prichard, b. 28 March 1681 Topsfield MA

John Prichard, Jr., b. 28 March 1680-81 Topsfield MA, d. 28 April 1753; He married Sarah “Sally” Harris, daughter of Nathaniel & Elizabeth (Hazen) Prichard.  She b. 16 Dec 1680 in Rowley MA. After 1717 they moved from Boston to Falmouth, Cumberland Co. Maine.  In 1715/16, Father-in-law Nathaniel Harris was of Pembroke, MA when he sold 50 acres at Coxhall to John Prichard (his son-in-law) of Boston. He was in the vicinity of Portland, Maine in 1719 running a ferry there. By 1730 he had moved to New Ipswich NH, where he was a yeoman and joiner.
Children of John & Sarah (Harris) Prichard: [some children born in Boston MA, others in Maine].
1. Elizabeth Prichet, b. 17 Dec 1702 Topsfield MA
2. Mary Prichet b. 8 August 1704 Topsfield MA
3. John Prichet, b 14 Dec 1706 Topsfield MA, d. 1753; m. Martha Gould.
4. William Prichard b, 9 April 1710 Topsfield MA
5. Eleizer Prichard 1712
6. Joseph Prichard 1714
7. Benjamin Prichard 1716
8. Samuel Prichard, b. 8 Jan 1717 in Falmouth, Cumberland Co. ME, and died in 1817.  He married Sally King.
9. + Paul Prichard, b. 5 Sep 1721 prob in Falmouth, Cumberland Co., Maine [though some sources state Boxford MA].

—-Next Generation—–

Paul Prichard, son of John & Sarah “Sally” (Harris) Prichard, b. 5 September 1721 probably in Falmouth, Cumberland Co. Maine; died 29 September 1785 in New Ipswich, NH. He was a member of the Committee of Safety of New Ipswich, New Hampshire. According to the History and genealogy of the Perley family, by M.V.B. Perley, Hannah Perley daughter of Amos & Margaret (Cogswell) Perley. (Perley Genealogy: Allan-1, John-2, Thomas-9, Amos-29), was born 8 Jan 1730-1, and died 13 December 1810 aged about eighty years. She married 1 Feb 1748-9 Paul Pritchard, who was born in 1721 and died in 1787, aged sixty-six years. He was a house wright by trade, and built about 1749, and occupied, the present dwelling of the late B.S. Barnes, Esq., where all his children were born but the youngest. He was a member of the First Church from 7 May 1769 till 14 Sep 1777, when he was dismissed and recommended to the church in New Ipswich, NH where he and his family moved 29 July 1773. He sold his property in Boxford, one hundred and thirteen acres of land and buildings thereon, to Amos Perley-20 for L668, who in 1787, having removed to Winthrop, Maine, sold it to Thomas Putnam of Newbury. In New Ipswich he lived on the Jeffts farm near Mason Village. He was a very influential citizen; he was a prominent member of the committee of safety and correspondence, at the breaking out of the Revolution; he was on committees to instruct delegates and representatives to average claims for military service, to examine the Bill of Rights, etc.; he contributed liberally of his means to prosecute the war and had two sons in active service; he was representative to the General Court in 1779, and during the last three years of his life he was selectman.  Mrs. Pritchard was admitted to the First Church 29 Nov 1761, and with her husband recommended to the church of New Ipswich, 14 Sep 1777. She was a woman of uncommon energy of body and mind, and could accomplish the ordinary labors of three persons. She made mid-wifery a study and acquired a considerable fame in the treatment of scrofula, salt rheum and liver complaints. At New Ipswich, she had an extensive practice in that and adjoining towns. She was already ready to answer calls, and allowed no weather to deter or detain her, and when the roads were blocked with snow and the weather so tedious that others would wail at the undertaking, she, though corpulent, would bind her snow-shoes to her feet and breast the storm or the cold over hill and dale. She practiced till very far advanced in life, to the no small annoyance of the accredited physicians. Her great-granddaughter, Miss Hannah Mead of Littleton, Mass., writes:–“Mrs. Pritchard offered my mother all her recipes if she would take them; but being behind the scenes in their preparation, she declined what might have been of great value.” A mirror once belonging to Mrs. Pritchard is now the property of her great-great-granddaughter, a young child of Thomas Sherwin, Esq. of Boston. Her sons were somewhat remarkable, as large, athletic men of sound constitution, and capable of great physical labor. They are both buried in Hill Cemetery, New Ipswich NH.
Children of Paul & Hannah (Perley) Prichard:
1. Sarah Prichard, b. 1750, d. 1755.
2. Amos Prichard,  b 25 Aug 1752 m. Anna Andrews, dau of Joshua and Hannah-Wood Andrews of Boxford, where she was b. 13 March 1746-7. They lived in New Ipswich. He was a carpenter and house wright. He d. 23 Nov 1782, aged thirty-one. His wife survived him sixteen years dying in 1798, aged fifty-one. Had issue.
3. +Jeremiah Prichard/Pricherd, b 25 Sep 1754 in Boxford MA [bap 11 May 1755 at Boxford MA, recorded at Topsfield MA]
4. Perley baptized 12 June 1757 Topsfield MA,  and d. aged 18, 2 April 1775.
5. William Prichard, b. 19 Sep 1759, served three years in the Revolution as “Captain of the Troops.” He m. Deidamia Cummings. He was killed 25 July 1835 by being thrown from his chaise when his horse stumbled. from stepping on a rolling stone. His widow was burned to death 17 December 1840 when her clothing caught on fire from the fireplace.  Had issue.
6. Sarah Prichard 1762-1787; m. Nehemiah Stratton
6. Hannah Prichard 1764-1806; m. 28 March 1764 to David Sherwin, son of Jonathan Sherwin.
7. John Prichard 1766-1843; m. Lovica/Louise Wilkins.
8. Benjamin Prichard 1769-1836
9. Stephen Prichard 1772-1802; m. Mary Start.

—-Next Generation—–

Lieut. Jeremiah Prichard, son of Paul & Hannah (Perley) Prichard, b. 25 Sep 1754 in Boxford MA and d 10 Aug 1813 in New Ipswich NH; He. m. Elisabeth Smith, daughter of Moses & Mary (Boynton) Smith. She b. 15 Apr 1759 in Hollis NH and d 25 March 1835 in Bradford MA. He served in Capt. Towne’s company, Col James Read’s NH Regiment at Bunker Hill. The following year he was commissioned a Lieutenant in the NH Continental Regiment, serving until 1780. He was wounded at White Plains, for which he received a pension. He served in the Burgoyne campaign until the surrender. After the war ended he lived in Hollis, but removed to New Ipswich establishing the tanning industry there (located at the foot of Meetinghouse Hill). He lived other places in the town. He served as town clerk, selectman, representative. He was the first commander of the town’s cavalry. [some info from History of New Ipswich NH]. They are buried in Central Cemetery, New Ipswich NH. He built the Pritchard-Clark House, still standing in the historic district of New Ispwich, NH, shortly after his return from participation in the American Revolution.  His tanning business was nearby.  He only lived in this house a short time before building a new one.
Children of Jeremiah & Elizabeth (Smith) Prichard:
1. +Jeremiah Prichard, b. 30 March 1786 in New Ipswich NH
2. Moses Prichard, b 18 March 1789 in New Ipswich NH; d 1889; he m. 18 Dec 1813 in Concord MA to Jane Thompson Hallett. [Storekeeper in Concord, Mass., in partnership with Samuel Burr. Deputy Sheriff of Middlesex County, Mass. Born in New Ipswich, N.H., Mar. 18, 1789, to Jeremiah and Elizabeth Smith Prichard. Came to Concord at age 17 and was employed by Isaac Hurd, Jr., who kept the “Green Store” (on the site where St. Bernard’s Church presently stands). Burr and Prichard bought the business in 1811, kept store under the name Burr & Prichard. They sold groceries, liquor, tobacco and snuff, hardware, tools, dry goods, etc. The post office was operated in their store as well.  Prichard married Jane Hallett. Had issue. Photograph of their home.
3. +George Washington Prichard, b. 4 Dec 1792 in New Ipswich NH
4. Gilman Prichard, b. 23 Nov 1795 in New Ipswich NH and d. 8 Feb 1833 in Boston MA; He m. Mary Briggs.

—-Next Generation—–

Jeremiah Prichard, son of Jeremiah & Elizabeth (Smith) Prichard b. 30 March 1786, d. 30 Jan 1866; m. Nancy Barr/Burr, dau of James & Molly (Cummings) Barr. b 25 July 1784 New Ipswich d 9 July 1857. [See page 48 for info on James Barr] . They are buried in Central Cemetery, New Ipswich NH.
Children of Jeremiah & Nancy (Barr) Prichard:
1. Sarah Elizabeth Prichard, b. 2 Aug 1809 New Ipswich NH
2. George Barr Prichard, b. 25 Nov 1810 New Ipswich NH
3. Mary Ann Prichard, b. 29 Sep 1812 in New Ipswich NH; m. — Cochran. She d. 14 Dec 1895 in Chicago IL, a widow.
4. Jeremiah Prichard, b. 20 Dec 1814 New Ipswich NH, d. 21 Aug 1877 in Pittsford VT. He m. Elizabeth –.
5. Henry Addison Prichard, b. 10 April 1816 New Ipswich NH
6. Gilman Prichard b 18 Aug 1817 in New Ipswich NH
7. Martha Jane Prichard 1821-1921
8. William Wallace Prichard 1822-1922
9. James Barr Prichard 1826-1850
10. Nancy Prichard 1827-1927; m. James Bowen

George Washington Prichard, son of Jeremiah & Elisabeth (Smith) Prichard, b. 4 December 1792 in New Ipswich NH, d. 8 August 1867 Bradford VT, age 74 yrs 8 mo 4 days, of gangrenous foot; merchant. He m1). 16 March 1817 in Bradford VT to Elizabeth Piersons/Parsons/Pearsons. She b 13 November 1791, and d. 5 March 1853 in Bradford VT. She was buried in Upper Plain Cemetery. He married 2d) 7 February 1854 to Mary P. Sutherland, daughter of Rev. David Sutherland of Bath. George settled in Bradford in 1812, residing there, an honored citizen, justice for 30 years, town treasurer 37 years, selectman and representative. He held the title of colonel (probably from the militia).
1860 US Census > VT > Orange > Bradford
George W. Prichard M 67 NH
Mary P. Prichard F 40 NH
John Prichard M 20 VT
Almira Hunt F 24 NH
Edward Ruggles M 24 VT
Edward Brown M 19 VT
Children of George W. & Elizabeth (Pearsons) Prichard:
1. Adeline Prichard, b. 22 Dec 1817; m. Rev. B.B. Newton of Chelsea VT
2. George Prichard, b. 19 Nov 1819; m. Elizabeth Brooks, daughter of George Brooks of Worcester MA. They had one daughter.
3. Moses Smith b. 8 Apr 1822; m. Betsey Ann True of Jamesville, Wisconsin. He graduated from the University of Vermont in 1841 and resided in Janesville, Wisconsin.
4. +Edward Prichard, b. 29 Nov 1824; d. 28 Nov 1870; m abt 1850 Anne Merrill of Pittsfield NH. Ten children.
5. Amos Prichard, b. 28 May 1827; m. Augusta Dearborn. He graduated from the University of Vermont; resided in Janesville Wisconsin; three children
6. Arthur Prichard, b. 27 April 1835; d 6 March 1856; removed to Ripon, Wisconsin
7. John Brook Wheeler Prichard, b. 26 Sep 1839; m. 21 Jan 1862 in Bradford VT to Orrisa J. George. Two children.

—-Next Generation—–

Edward Prichard, son of George W. & Elizabeth (Pearsons) Prichard, b. 29 Nov 1824 in Bradford, Orange Co. VT, d. 28 Nov 1870 in Bradford VT in his 46th year of heart disease; He m. 7 May 1850 in Bradford VT to Ann Melvina Merrill, daughter of Caleb & Nancy Temple (Underhill) Merrill. She b. 16 June 1829 in Pittsfield, Merrimack Co. NH, and died 25 June 1897 in Nashua NH. Merchant. Resided Bradford VT. She married 2) Jeremiah Wilson White, widow of her sister, Caroline G. He was a bank president and druggist in Nashua NH where the family soon moved.
1860 US Census > Vermont > Orange > Bradford
Edward Prichard M 35 VT
Ann M. Prichard F 30 NH
Caroline M. Prichard F 8 VT
Edward P. Prichard M 6 VT
Elizabeth P. Prichard F 3 VT
Julia Prichard F 2 Vermont
Ann M. Trotter F 23 Scotland
Amanda Hunt F 25 NH
1870 US Census > VT > Orange > Bradford
Edward Prichard M 45 VT Asst Assessor & Tow Clerk 6500/1200
Ann M. Prichard F 41 NH
Julia Prichard F 12 VT
Jane Prichard F 12 VT
Ann S Prichard F 8 VT
Helen C. Prichard F 6 VT
Mary S. Prichard F 4 VT
Adaline F. Prichard F 1 VT
Ann M. Trottier F 31 Scotland
1887 Nashua City Directory: PHYSICIANS
Harwood, Jane L. Mrs. (clairvoyant) 5 Eldridge
1889 Nashua City Directory
Blaylock Ella Miss, physician, 165 Main, room 12, roms. do.
Prichard Katherine E. Miss, physician, 171 Main, rms. do.
1880 US Census > NH > Hillsborough > Nashua > 41 E. Pearl St.
White, Jeremiah W W M 59 Bank Pres & Druggist NH NH NH
White, Caroline G. W F 58 wife keeps House NH NH NH
Prichard Elizabeth P W F 23 niece no occupt VT VT NH
Prichard Julia W W F 21 niece no occup VT VT NH
Children of Edward & Ann M. (Merrill) Prichard:
1. Caroline Merrill Prichard, b. 17 July 1852 Bradford VT
2. Edward Paysons Prichard, b. 17 June 1854 in Bradford VT; d. 29 July 1867 in Bradford VT, aged 13, drowned in Wait’s River
3. Elizabeth Pearsons Prichard, b. 4 Sep 1856 Bradford VT
4. Julia Prichard, b. 15 Dec 1857 in Bradford VT
5. Jane Hallet Prichard, b. 4 June 1860 Bradford VT
6. Anna Lois Prichard, b. 5 April 1862 Bradford VT
7. +Ellen C. “Helen” “Katherine E.” Prichard, b. 27 March 1864 Bradford VT
8. Adeline Frances Prichard, b. 27 Nov 1868 Bradford VT
9. James E. Prichard, b. 20 Oct 1870 Bradford VT
10. ?

—-Next Generation—–

Ellen C. “Katherine E.” Hoyt, [this article is about her see biography above], dau of Edward & Anne M. (Merrill) Prichard, was born 27 March 1864 in Bradford VT, and died before August of 1948 probably in Wenham MA. Her educational biography can be found above. She was secretary of Nashua’s first medical organization, Nashua Medical Association, formed in 1891, and among its first members (of physicians and dentists). She m. 24 June 1896 in Nashua NH to William Henry Hoyt, son of Samuel & Mary Jane (Ford) Hoyt. He was born 27 April 1862 in Northfield VT, and removed to Nashua NH with his parents, where he can be found living in 1880.  They removed by 1900 to Sioux City Iowa, and by 1916 to Wenham MA where he died 3 May 1916. His biography can be found below.  They appear to not have had any children.
1900 US Census > Iowa > Woodbury > Sioux City > 1425 Summit Ave
Hoyt, W.H. Head W M Apr 1862 38 married 4 yrs VT VT Maine Physician
Hoyt, Katharine P. wife W F March 1864 36 married 4 yrs 2 ch ) living VT VT NH *no occupation shown
Smith, Kate servant W F March 1863 37 single Iowa Ire Ire servant
1901 & 1906 passports while in Sioux City Iowa
Directory of Deceased Physicians
Name: William Henry Hoyt
Birth Date: 1862
Birth Place: Northfield, VT
Death Date: 3 May 1916
Death Place: Wenham, MA
Type Practice: Allopath
Practice Specialities: Sioux City, IA, 1887, Wenham, MA, Jan 18, 1916
Licenses: IA, 1887
Practice Dates Places: Sioux City, IA, 1887, Wenham, MA, Jan 18, 1916
Medical School: New York University Medical College, New York: Univ. of City of New York Med. Dept., 1886, (G)
Education: Nashua New Hampshire Common School
Thursday, May 4, 1916 Boston Herald (Boston MA)
DEATHS. HOYT–At Wenham, May 3, William Henry Hoyt, M.D.. Funeral Friday 3:30 P.M. at his late residence in Wenham. Train leaves North station at 1:35.
1920 US Census > MA > Essex > Wenham
Hoyt, Katherine E. Head W F 55 Widow VT VT NH no occupation
Vedeto, Bertha servant F W 40 widow imm 1880 alien Engl Engl Engl cook, private family
1940 US Census > MA > Essex > Wenham > Cherry Street
Hoyt, Catherine P. F W76 widow c-5 VT no occupation
Boston Herald (Boston MA) August 22, 1948 page 67–
Residuary Sale at Auction, estate of Katherine P. Hoyt
(on the premises) Cherry Street, Wenham, Mass., Monday, August 23rd at 11 AM
Consisting in part of: Mahongany Twin Bed Room Set; Mahogany Bed Room Set; Spool Bed; Occasional Chairs and Tables; Living Room Furniture; Mahogany Kidney, Slant Front and other Desks; Oak Sectional Bookcases; Single Metal FIle; Antique Highboy; Pair Windsor Chairs; Andirons; Empire and other Sewing Cabinets; Wegman Upright Piano; Combination Pool Table; Oriental Rugs in rooma nd scatter sizes; Bric-A-Brac, Dresden Figure (as is) Dresden Candelabra; Copenhagen Vase, etc. Electric Broiler; Power Mower; Two Seated Sleigh; some Garden equipment, etc., etc. Inspection morning of sale only, until sale time. Sale to be held next day if stormy. Walter I. Nichols, Lafayette Auctioneer, 7 Bosworth Street, 3-4156 Boston, Mass.
No known children.

—–REGARDING Ella (Blaylock) Atherton, M.D.—–

Born in England, Ella Blaylock immigrated to America with her parents in 1861, when they settled in Canada. Ella (Blaylock) Atherton, M.D. was the first woman in the Province of Quebec to get a Canadian diploma in medicine; first woman admitted to the medical society in the State of Vermont; first woman to hold office of president of a local medical society in New Hampshire; first woman to perform abdominal surgery in New Hampshire. She favored woman’s suffrage and was a member of the New Hampshire Woman Suffrage Society. Her recreational hobby was “motoring.” [from Woman’s Who’s Who in America 1915, by John W. Leonard, page 58].

She was a member of the medical staff of both Nashua Emergency Hospital [later known as Nashua Memorial] and St. Joseph’s Hospital. She was attending physician at the Home For Aged Women.

Her husband, Capt. Henry B. Atherton, moved the Dr. Edward Spaulding house from Temple Street to Fairmount Street, to make way for the County Court House. [moved to 31 Fairmount Street]

REPORTEDLY the following, taken from the City of Nashua Web Site:
Atherton Avenue: Atherton Avenue was named for Dr. Ella Blaylock Atherton, Nashua’s most famous female doctor, and her husband, Capt. Henry B. Atherton. They married during the Civil War while Ella was still in medical school and their house stands on nearby Main St. Captain Atherton moved it from Spring St. to Main St. to preserve it. [NOTE: This information located on the City of Nashua web site is incorrect, as they did not marry during the Civil War, see her biography below].

Ella Blaylock, daughter of William & Margaret (Schollick) Blaylock, b. 4 January 1860 in Ulverston, Lancashire, England, died 4 Sep 1933 in Nashua NH and is buried in Edgewood Cemetery in Nashua NH. She was educated in the common schools of Georgeville and at McGill College, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and Queen’s University, Ontario, Canada, graduating from the latter institution with the class of 1887, with the degrees of Doctor of Medicine and Master in Surgery. In 1896 she took a post-graduate course at the Post-Graduate Hospital in New York City. She was the first Quebec woman to receive a diploma from a Canadian medical college. She began practice at Newport, Vermont in 1886. White there she became of member of the Orleans County Medical Society, being the first woman admitted to membership in that body. After practicing two years in Vermont, she came to New Hampshire, and located in Nashua, in December 1888. Here her ability as a physician was immediately recognized, and she at once took rank among the physicians in the city, where she has since successfully practiced. She makes a specialty of diseases of women and children and abdominal surgery, and perhaps is the only woman in the state who performs abdominal sections for her own patients. She is a member of the Nashua Medical Society, of which she was secretary for fourteen years, the New Hampshire Surgical Club, the New Hampshire State Society, American Medical Association and the Hillsborough County Medical Society, of which she is secretary and treasurer. She is also a member of the Fortnightly Club, the Young Women’s Christian Association and the Church of the Good Shepherd. She married 8 September 1898 at St. Paul’s Church in Concord NH, as his 2nd wife to Capt. Henry Bridge Atherton, youngest son of Jonathan & Roxana (Ives) Atherton. He was b. 21 Sep 1835 in Cavendish VT and died 7 Feb 1906 at his home Fairmount Heights, Nashua NH of pneumonia. [His biography here]. He had married 1st) 7 January 1861 at Ludlow VT to Abbie Louise Armington, dau of Gen. Samuel Laton & Eunice (Watkins) armington. She died 8 Dec 1896 in Nashua NH.
Children of Henry B. & Abbie L. (Armington) Atherton:
1. Maud Atherton, b. 2 Aug 1863; m. 23 Sep 1885 Almon W. Griswold
2. Grace Atherton, b. 8 Feb 1869; m. 29 Dec 1892 Dr. William F. Hazelton of Springfield VT
3. Robert Atherton, b. 26 Sep 1872, d. 1 Aug 1873
4. Anna H. Atherton, b. 2 July 1876; m. July 1900 George S. Snow
5. Henry Francis Atherton, b. 3 Aug 1883; Harvard graduate
Children of Henry B. & Ella (Blaylock) Atherton:

Ives Atherton, from his passport.

Ives Atherton, from his passport.

6. +Blaylock Atherton, b. 6 October 1900 in Nashua NH
7. Ives Atherton, b. 25 Feb 1903 Nashua NH, d. 16 Feb 1989 Hanover NH. He married—. Graduated from Dartmouth College. Resided Hanover NH. 1925 passport photo

Blaylock Atherton, son of Henry B. &

Blaylock Atherton in 1951

Blaylock Atherton in 1951

Ella (Blaylock) Atherton, b. 6 October 1900 in Nashua, NH, died 16 March 1963 in Nashua NH. He m. 6 Sep 1924 in Wilton NH to Katherine Ermina Bremner, daughter of Alexander F. & Grace (Pike) Bremner. She was b. 27 April 1901 in Boston MA, and died 1 May 1980 in Nashua NH. She was a graduate of the Sea Pinse School of Brewster MA and she attended Katherine Gibbs of Boston. She assisted her husband in his insurance agency until his death in 1963; Occupation: Lawyer and Insurance business; 31 Fairmount St. Nashua; Member of NH state house of representatives from Nashua’s 1st Ward 1937-43 and 1945-48; member of NH state senate 1943-45; In 1951 elected president of the NH Senate. Episcopalian; Freemason, Scottish Rite Masons, Rotary Club member; Member of Sons of the American Revolution.
Children of Blaylock & Katherine E. (Bremner) Atherton:
1. Nancy Jean Atherton, b. abt 1926, died 23 July 2011 in Laconia NH; m. 6 Sep 1947 in Nashua NH to Raymond William Peppard, son of Eugene Wight & Gladys Nay (Ramsdell) Peppard. She was a dietician at the time of her marriage, and he was a student and later a physician. She married 2d) Irving F. Buell. She and her first husband had one son, Blaylock A. Peppard of Manhattan NY; and four daughters, and two stepsons.
[her obituary]
2. Deborah B. Atherton. Attended UNH, VP of the Board of Governors of the Student Union, member of Alpha Xi Delta sorority. She m. Frederick Atwood of Topsfield MA
3. Janet Atherton who m. Albert Snow of Center Strafford NH


Article: Nov 23, 1991, Nashua Telegraph newspaper: Men Had No Monopoly on Nashua Medical Profession

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