A New Hampshire Song for the Fourth of July – 1826

Come join the grand Chorus with hearts full of glee,
And drain each a bumper in toasting the free

Let care and light sorrows be banish’d away,
Nor Cherish one feeling discordant this day,
Derry down, &c.

Our fathers, brave fellows, quite strangers to fear,
Surrounded by foemen, with nothing but beer
To fire their bold spirits, for freedom declar’d,
And met “Jonny Bull” for all battle prepar’d,
Derry down, &c.

Says Jonny, “knock under,” — and pointed his gun,
Direct at the Yankees, in hopes they would run;
But they being sulky, disdaining to flinch,
Budg’d not at Bull’s swagg’ring, nor scampered one inch.
Derry down, &c.

Bull’s “Blue coats and Red coats,” with doublets of Buff,
When they were “Joe Bunker’d” and “Burgoin’d” enough,
Gave up the grand project of knocking folks down
In royal subjection to Bull, king and crown,
Derry down, &c.

So fill the rich goblet, nor fill it in vain–
Drain off and replenish, and quaff it again,
And shout for our fathers, those heroes so brave–
Both those that are living and those in the grave,
Derry down, &c.

Nor stop till you’ve toasted direct from the heart,
The fair of the Nation–the nation’s best part–
Till pledg’d to protect them in full flowing bowls,
While women are charming and freemen have souls,
Derry down, &c.

Sung to the melody, Derry Down

from New-Hampshire Statesman and Concord Register, (Concord, NH) Saturday, July 01, 1826; Issue 6; col A


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