A Token April Cow Article

Yes my friends, this is a “token” article for the “Cow Stories” category of this blog.

Speaking of tokens… do you know what looks a little like a token but is bigger and more odiferous? Answer: a Cow Chip of course!  The 2016 World Cow Chip Throwing Contest will be held April 9-16 in Beaver County, Oklahoma . [Note: the state of Wisconsin holds a similar event in September].   For those of you who are bovine-challenged, these chips will not be found in a cellophane bag on the grocery store shelf (or at least I hope they aren’t).  Rather they can be discovered, au naturale, in many a field and pasture.

For those who appreciate a muse with a cowboy hat, you will be interested to know that April 17-23, 2016 is Cowboy Poetry Week.  Did you ever notice how New Hampsha’ and “Yeeeeha” rhymes?

Coming up in June, Greenland New Hampshire will be holding its annual COW DAY celebration, so watch for announcements [see 2006’s events].

A while back I composed a list of Cow-Related Blogs and Web sites.  When you visit you will find them both amusing and educational.

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[Editor’s note: This article was originally written on 20 April 2008 and updated in 2014, and 2016]

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