New Hampshire: Strange Health Tips From 1888

In November of 1888 the American Association for the Advancement of Science, published “Science–An Illustrated Journal, a magazine to educate the public on matters of health.”

Among the articles published were these tidbits:

1. From a careful study of consumption in New Hampshire, for the past six years… conclusions are arrived at…disease…being greater at a low elevation…  [Apparently the study didn't realize that New Hampshire's greatest population (with more people to spread the disease) resided at the lowest elevations in the state].

2. The American Otological Society reported on injuries of strain and impaired hearing  being experienced by those using the telephone.

3. The United States Government had adopted a special method of disinfecting letters it had received from district where yellow fever prevailed [it had not yet been discovered that only mosquitoes transmit the disease]. Each letter was put into a machine that fumigated it with a special powder.

4. The New York Medical Record reported a “Sightsee-er's Headache“–a malady experienced by frequenters of museums, picture-galleries and exhibitions.

5. “Garbage Cremation” was being recommended as a new way to convert noxious waste into a harmless residue.


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