Warner New Hampshire Author, Amanda Bartlett Harris (1824-1917)

Biography of Amanda B. Harris from Granite State Monthly magazine 1917.

Amanda Bartlett Harris was born in 1824 in Warner, New Hampshire. She began writing at an early age and her pieces appeared in many periodicals during her lifetime. She wrote mainly for children and teenagers.

Some of her stories and books include:
Four Hundred Cows With Red Ears, published in  St. Nicholas Magazine May 1877
King Alfred’s Lantern, published in St. Nicholas Magazine Dec 1878
–In 1880 Amanda wrote “How We Went Birds’-Nesting“.
–1883 “Door Yard Folks And A Winter Garden,”
Aunt Kitty and Her Canaries (And the Plantain Seed!), published in St. Nicholas Magazine Oct 1884
–In 1884 she wrote, “Pleasant authors for young folks.”
–In 1885 she wrote, “Wild Flowers and Where They Grow.”
–In December of 1895 she wrote “Sketch of Warner: Historic and Otherwise.”  This document is both factual, and refreshing, as it includes the contributions of women to the town’s history.

[Wikipedia states that “The St. Nicholas Magazine was a popular American children’s magazine, published by Scribner’s beginning in November 1873, and designed for children five to eighteen. For editor it had Mary Mapes Dodge—remembered for Hans Brinker or The Silver Skates.”]

One of the contemporary criticisms of her book, “Wild Flowers and Where They Grow,” stated, the author, Amanda B. Harris possesses the secret of interpreting nature in a thoroughly natural way.  Mothers will take delight in reading the volume to or with their little ones, in whose lives they will see repeated the unalloyed happiness which came to them in the midst of their own childhood ramblings in fields and meadows.”

The “Advance” said of “Pleasant Authors for Young Folks:” a delightful little book.  Biographies of Walter Scott, Charles Lamb, Charles Kinsley, Dr. John Brown, George MacDonald, Dinah Mulock-Craik, John Ruskin, Charlotte Bronte and others, are made up of stories and incidents form the lives of these writers, bits of criticisms and gems of extracts, put together as deftly and skillfully and making as fine and polished a whole as a Roman mosaic of the temple of Vesta. Such a delicious bit of a book as this in the hands of a boy or girl is worth more as an incitement to reading and an education of literary taste than many of a library of a thousand volumes.

Obituary of Amanda B. Harris from Boston Globe 18 Ja 1917, page 14

On a personal note, her father, Harrison Gray Harris was an attorney.  She lived for her entire life in Warner and never married.  The Harris family tree can be found below.  She died in Warner, New Hampshire.  Her obituary follows: Boston Globe 18 Ja 1917, page 14
AUTHOR AND CRITIC PASSES. Funeral of Miss Amanda Bartlett Harris, Aged 92, at Home in Warner, N.H. WARNER N.H. Jan 17–The funeral of Miss Amanda Barlett Harris, nonegenarian, author and critic, took place at her historic home here this afternoon with a large attendance from Concord and surrounding towns and with many remembrances of flowers from her former associates in literary work. Rev. Martin F. Mevis, pastor of the Warner Congregational Church, officiated. Burial will be in Warner.

Oh yes, apparently she is another one of my distant cousins, through her mother’s line.


*Additional Reading*

Historical Sketch of Warner (NH) by Amanda B. Harris

-Book Cover: “How We Went Birds’-Nesting”-

-“Charlotte Bronte,” article on “Making of America“-


[Brief Bartlett line of her mother, from most recent to earliest]
Amanda B. Harris
Mary Bartlett-Harrison G. Harris
Richard Bartlett-Mary Whittier
Simeon Bartlett-Hannah Hebert
Stephen Bartlett-Hannah Webster
Richard Bartlett-Hannah Emery [I am descended through son Nehemiah]
Richard Bartlett-Abigail


William Harris, son of John Harris, married Agnes Mason, daughter of Henry Mason 30 Jan 1579 in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire England.  Agnes died after 1598. She is mentioned in her husband’s will as executrix, probated 1 Oct 1598 in Hatherup, Gloucester, England.
Children of William & Agnes (Mason) Harris:
1. +Thomas Williams alias Harris, b. abt 1590 in Hatherup, Gloucestershire England
2. Edmund Harris, mentioned in father’s will of 1589
3. William Harris, mentioned in father’s will
4. Robert Harris, mentioned in father’s will

*Generation 1*

Thomas Williams alias Thomas Harris, son of William & Agnes (Mason) Harris, was born c 1590 in or near Hatherup, Gloucestershire, England and died in Winnissimmet (now Chelsea), Suffolk Co. MA before 1634, age 44. He was a ferry operator between Winnettsemet (Chelsea) and Charlton (now Charlestown), the first ferry established in the American colonies.  At his death WIlliam Stitson took over his ferry operation. He married in England to Elizabeth Williams. She was born abt 1577/78 and died in Chelsea MA on 16 Feb 1669/79. In some early records Thomas uses the double name “Williams alias Harris” or simply the surname “Williams.” The reason for this is not known, and his descendants use only the ancestral Harris surname. He requested citizenship as a freeman on October 1630 and was admitted 18 May 1631 as “Thomas Williams.” He served the town on the Coroner’s jury, 18 Sep 1630. At his death, his widow married Deacon William Stitson.
Children of Thomas Williams & Elizabeth (Williams) Harris:
1. Anna/Annah Harris, b c 1613 in Winnissimet (Chelsea) MA and d. 7 Sep 1697 in Reading, Middlesex Co MA. She m. Elias Maverick [Maverreck]
2. John Harris, b. abt 1616 in Winnissimet (Chelsea) MA. He married 1st) Bridget –; He married 2nd 24 Oct 1677 to Elizabeth Rowlandson in Rowley MA. He married 3d) Alice –.
3. +Thomas Harris, b. Apr. 25, 1618 in Gloucestershire, England
4. William Harris, b. c 1620 in  Winnissimet (Chelsea) MA. He married 1st) Edith –. He married 2d) Lydia Wright, dau of Thomas Wright
5. Anthony Harris, b. abt 1622 in Winnissimet (Chelsea) MA. He married Elizabeth –.
6. Daniel Harris, b. c 1626 in Winnissimet MA. He married Mary Weld, dau of Joseph Weld [a 2nd source states he was b in 1618 in England and died on 30 Nov 1701 in Middletown, Middlesex Co CT

*Generation 2*

Thomas Harris, son of Thomas Williams & Elizabeth Harris, b. Apr. 25, 1618 in Gloucestershire, England  [one source states he was b. in Winnissimet (now Chelsea) MA, he died 15 Nov 1647 in Ipswich MA. He was deposed in 1658 and aged about forty at that time.  He married 15 Nov 1647 in Ipswich MA to Martha Lake, dau of John & Margaret (Reade) Lake.  She b. in N. Benfleet, Essex England, baptized 20 July 1624. She d. 5 Apr 1700 in Ipswich MA.  He was a fisherman in Ipswich MA in 1636 and 1648.  A house-lot was assigned to him in Rowley MA adjacent to that of John Harris, 10, 11, 1634-4, but he does not appear to have lived there, and he sold his Rowley lands in 1652. His wife was Martha, probably the daughter of Mrs. Margaret Lake of Ipswich. He made his will July 16, 1687, and the witnesses to it were sworn Sept. 14, following.  Therein he named his wife Martha, and his sons, John, William, and Ebenezer.  [See NEHGS Register 2:219 for more about this ancestry] [additional children besides those mentioned in will with from NEGHS Register 6:341, “Early Settlers of Essex and Old Norfolk.” Thomas’s will mentions his “oldest son who dyed beyond sea.” On January 1, 1696, Thomas’ widow Martha pointed out to the court that Thomas’ will did not mention two of the Harris children, Elizabeth Gallop and Margaret Staniford, and she requested authority to settle personal property with these two daughters.
Children of Thomas & Martha (Lake) Harris:
1. Thomas, b. 5 Aug 1648, Essex Co MA; died while at sea
2. Martha, b. 8 Jan 1650-1 Essex Co MA
3. +John Harris, b. 7 Jan 1652/53 in Ipswich MA
4. Elizabeth Harris, b. 8 Feb 1654-5; m. — Gallop
5. Margaret Harris, b. 6 Aug 1657
6. Mary Harris, b. 31 Jan 1659
7. William Harris, b. 12 Dec 1661/1664 Ipswich MA; d. 1717 in Middleton MA.
8. Ebenezer Harris, mentioned in his father’s will
9. ?Anthony Harris, b. abt 1622 and d. 30 Dec 1651. Mentioned in will of Richard Eels who calls him “cousin.

*Generation 3*

John Harris, son of Thomas & Martha (Lake) Harris b. 7 Jan 1652/53 in Ipswich MA, he married 8 Jan 1684/85 in Ipswich MA to Grace Searle, dau of William & Grace Searle.  She b. abt 1665, and d. 10 June 1742 in Ipswich MA. He took part in the expedition against Quebec in 1690, and acquired the title of sergeant, returning to Ipswich MA 8 January 1685.  In 1693 he was called husbandman, and Sergt John, along with William Harris Smith, and Ebenezer Harris, he sold land inherited from their father. He died 21 Nov 1732 leaving a will dated Aug 23, 1728 and proved Dec 18, 1732. To his wie Grace went all the household goods and use of the whole estate during her widowhood, with the exception of the parlor-chamber which was to be occupied by his daughter Martha so long as she remained unmarried.  On his wife’s death the estate was to be divided equally among his children, except that son John was to have one in addition and also the Great Bible. His wife was named executrix, to be succeeded by his son John.  After both parents were death, the six sons, all middle-aged men deeded their parent’s homestead to John Harris Jr. of Ipswich…
Children of John & Grace (Searle) Harris:
1. John Harris, b. 18 Dec 1686/87 in Ipswich MA, d. 28 May 1764. He married abt 1717 to Elizabeth Cowes, dau of Capt Giles and Agnes (Berry) Cowes of Ipswich. He was a tailor. He died 28 May 1764 with his son Giles as his administrator. Had a son Giles who married Mary March and had issue.
2. William Harris, b. 25 Nov 1690 in Ipswich MA
3. Rebekah Harris, b. 11 Jan 1691/92 in Ipswich MA
4. Samuel Harris, b. 9 Apr 1695 in Ipswich MA
5. Martha Harris, b. 2 Dec 1698 in Ipswich MA, mentioned in father’s will
6. Daniel Harris, b. 22 Nov 1700 in Ipswich MA, d. 25 Nov 1771 in Preston, New London CT. He m1) 18 Nov 1726 to Mary Bullard, dau of John & Abigail (Warren) Bullard.  She b. 3 Apr 1702 in Dover MA, and d. 2 Nov 1737 in Preston CT. He married 2nd 1771 to Hannah Benjamin; he married 3d) 1738 in Preston CT to Lydia Hill. Had ten children total from first and third wives.
8. +Richard Harris, b. 13 Nov 1705 in Ipswich MA

*Generation 4*

Richard Harris, b. 13 Nov 1705 in Ipswich MA, d. 20 Dec 1776 in Harvard, Worcester Co MA, age 71 years 26 days. He married Martha Foster, dau of Jacob & Martha (Graves) Foster. She b. 16 Oct 1710 in Ipswich MA and d. 8 Sep 1756 in Harvard MA.
Children of Richard & Martha (Foster) Harris:
1.  Martha Harris, bap 11 Apr 1736 in Ipswich MA, d. 4 Aug 1811 in Kingsbury NY, m. John Wetherbee IV
2. Richard Harris, b. abt 1738, died young
3. John Harris, b. abt 1740, died young
4. Jacob Harris, b. abt 1742
5. +Richard Harris, b. abt 1744
6. John Harris, b. 13 Oct 1745
7. Rebekah Harris, b. 25 March 1748 in Harvard MA
8. Anna Harris, b. 23 Aug 1750 in Harvard MA
9. Nathaniel Harris, b. 4 Apr 1752 in Harvard MA
10 William Harris, b. 8 Oct 1754 in Harvard MA; he married Ruth Wetherbee.  She b. abt 1757.  Children born in Grafton VT: William Jr., Martha, Jasper, John Wetherby, and Ruth.

*Generation 5*

Richard Harris, son of Richard & Martha (Foster) Harris, b. abt 1744; he married in Harvard MA on Dec 1, 1768 to Lydia Atherton, dau of John & Phebe (Wright) Atherton. She was b. 27 Oct 1747 in Harvard MA. “Richard, elder d. June 27, 1798 age 55 y. consumption,” in Harvard MA. “Lydia, widow, May 11, 1801, died of fever” in Harvard MA.
Children of Richard & Lydia (Atherton) Harris:
1. John Harris, b. 13 Oct 1769 in Harvard MA; m. 1 Sep 1799 to Mary Poor; removed to Hopkinton NH, attorney.  Had at least one child, George Harris. Gov. Matthew Harvey of NH read law with him in Hopkinton NH before he began his law practice in 1809. In 1816 on the committee selected to obtain an estimate for a stone state house for Concord NH. Appointed judge of the superior court of Merrimack County.
2. Asenath Harris, b. 16 Aug 1772 in Harvard MA; m. 19 June 1796 in Harvard MA to  Cyrus Whitney
3. Lydia Harris b 15 May 1775 in Harvard MA, d. 3 Sep 1778 ae 3 yr 3 mo 19 days
4. Richard Harris, b. 5 Nov 1779, d. 3 Oct 1783, age 4 years.
5. +Harrison Gray Harris, b. 2 July 1790 in Harvard MA
6. +Joel Harris, b. 24 Sep 1782 in Harvard MA
7. Salley Harris, b. 4 Oct 1785 in Harvard MA

*Generation 6*

Harrison Gray Harris,  son of Richard & Lydia (Atherton) Harris, b. 2 July 1790 in Harvard MA. He married Mary Bartlett, dau of Richard & Mary (Whitter) Bartlett. She b. 15 March 1800 in Warner NH and d. 29 Jan 1843.  Harrison read law with his brother Judge John Harris of Hopkinton NH, and was admitted to the bar in 1815, and commenced practice in Warner NH in 1816.  He held some of the public offices of the town; connected farming with his law businesses for many years; and finally made agriculture his chief pursuit. He was eminent in his day in the Masonic order, as was his son (John A.) after him. He died at Warner, March, 1875, age 84. According to Warner’s Town History, He used one of the first cook stoves in town in 1824. He is buried in Tory Hill Cemetery, Warner NH.
U.S. Census > 1850 United States Federal Census > New Hampshire > Merrimack > Warner
Harrison Harris 58 M Lawyer 1000 NH
Amanda B. Harris 25 F NH
Franklin Harris 17 M Laborer NH [b abt 1833]
Mary Harris 12 F NH [b abt 1838]
Henry L. Harris 10 M NH [b abt 1840]
1860 United States Federal Census > New Hampshire > Merrimack > Warner
Harrison G Harris 68 M Lawyer 2500/500 Mass
Amanda B Harris 34  F NH
Mary B Harris 21  F School Teacher NH
1880 United States Federal Census > New Hampshire > Merrimack > Warner > District 193
Harris, Amanda B. W F 55 Writer NH MA NH
Harris, Mary B. W F 41 sister keeping House NH MA NH
Harris, Henry L. W M 39 brother shoe dealer NH MA NH
Harris, Caroline Y W F 35 sister-in-law keeping house NH NH NH
1900 United States Federal Census > New Hampshire > Merrimack > Warner > District 177
Harris, Amanda B Head W F Aug 1824 75 single NH NH NH Farmer
Harris, Mary B. sister W F June 1839 60 single NH MA NH Librarian
U.S. Census > 1910 United States Federal Census > New Hampshire > Merrimack > Warner > District 229
Amanda B Harris  Head F W 88 single NH MA NH own income
Mary B Harris  sister F W 71 single NH MA NH librarian, public library
Harris, Henry L. brother M W 66 married 1x for 30 yrs NH MA NH
Children of Harrison G. & Mary (Bartlett) Harris:
1. John A. Harris, b. abt 1823 in Warner NH; in 1860 boarding in a hotel Concord NH, a shoe dealer. Franklin Pierce, the future president of the United States is staying in the same hotel. In 1870 boarding in Concord NH a boot and shoe dealer, single. He died in 1877 and is buried in Tory Hill Cemetery, Warner NH.
2. **Amanda Bartlett Harris, b. 15 August 1824 in Warner NH; died 13 January 1917 in Warner, Merrimack  Co. NH [death certificate gives her birth information]. She is buried in Tory Hill Cemetery, Warner NH.
3. Mary B. Harris, b. abt 1838 in Warner NH
4. Henry L. Harris, b. abt 1840 in Warner NH; he married Caroline Y. –.  She b abt 1845 in NH.

Joel Harris, son of Richard & Lydia (Atherton) Harris, b. 24 Sep 1782 in Harvard MA. He married 20 Sep 1808 to Mary Blood, dau of Samuel & Lucretia (Heywood/Howard) Blood, as her 2nd husband. She m1) James Kimball. She b. 17 Dec 1787. He died 2 Dec 1817 ae 36 in Harvard MA of dysentery.
Children of Joel & Mary (Blood) Harris:
1. Mary Harris, b. 14 June 1809 in Harvard MA; died 20 Nov 1817, age 8 of dysentery
2. Charlotte Harris, b. 6 Jan 1811 in Harvard MA
3. Horatio Gates Harris, b. 3 Dec 1812 in Harvard MA
4. Frederick William Harris, b. 19 Dec 1814 in Harvard MA, d. 10 Feb 1817 ae 2 yr 1 mo 23 d in Harvard MA
5. Anne Maria Harris, b. 20 Feb 1817 in Harvard MA
6. Hayward Harris (born after his father’s death), baptized 2 March 1818

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