NH Tidbits: Descendants of Merrimack Centennial 1846 Serve on Bicentennial in 1946

Photograph of Abbie Griffin, in 1946 noted as a descendant great-granddaughter of Capt. Ira Spalding who was a vice-president of Merrimack’s 1926 centennial.Colorized.

In 1846 Merrimack NH celebrated its centennial (100 year anniversary) of its incorporation as a town. A committee was selected to organize and facilitate events. To that end the following men were chosen: Robert McGaw was the president of the day; Nathan Parker and Samuel McConihe, vice-presidents; Joseph B. Holt and Capt. Ira Spalding, marshals. The historical address of the day was delivered by the Rev. Stephen Allen, pastor of the First church. It was an able discourse and contained much of the early history of the town up to that date.

One hundred years later, an article was published in the Nashua Telegraph newspaper, Nashua NH on 29, June 1946. The headline read: Their Ancestors served on Centennial Committee of 1846.  “Serving on the bicentennial committee are several descendants of men who served on the centennial committee in 1846.

Photograph of Arthur Gordon who was the great grand-nephew of Robert McGaw, president of the 1826 centennial. Colorized.

Arthur M. Gordon, great grand-nephew of Robert McGaw who served as president of the day [see McGaw genealogy].
Mrs. Caribel Spalding Haynes, granddaughter of Nathan Parker, one of the two vice presidents of the day, also granddaughter of Capt Ira Spalding who was marshal of the day. [See Parker genealogy] [see Spalding genealogy]
Mrs. Hazel Metcalf, serving as secretary of general committee for bicentennial celebration and Miss Abbie Griffin, great-grand-daughters of Oliver Spalding, member of the committee in 1846.” [see Spalding genealogy]

Are you, or any of my readers a descendant of Merrimack’s centennial celebrations in 1826 or 1926?  Or perhaps you are a descendant of one of Merrimack’s early settlers.

How did you come to live in Merrimack? Please let me know by leaving a comment!

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3 Responses to NH Tidbits: Descendants of Merrimack Centennial 1846 Serve on Bicentennial in 1946

  1. heatherrojo says:

    Good luck with your anniversary celebration! We had descendants of the early settlers (not just the original 19 families) ride in a float on Old Home Day for the 300th anniversary of Nutfield (2019), as well as several other activities including a family reunion for original families. It was a lot of fun.

    • Janice Brown says:

      Heather, thanks for reading and commenting. Yes the Nutfield celebrations were wonderful, and in fact they were quite lucky not to have to contend with COVID19 restrictions, as Merrimack is having to do!

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