Veterans Day 2020

This year, due to the COVID epidemic, many gatherings and parades will not be happening (at least I hope that people have the correct mindset to not create events that will spread this deadly flu).  In the past I’ve written several articles about the history of Veterans Day.

To all veterans who read this story, THANK YOU for your service. 

New Hampshire in WWI: ARMISTICE

New Hampshire Veterans Day and Its Heroes

Ten Essential Tasks for U.S. Genealogists on Veterans Day


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4 Responses to Veterans Day 2020

  1. Sally Benson says:

    And Memorial Day sacred, the men leafing the parade were eternal of WWi. It felt like a great loss to change the holiday. Tbank you for this wonderful review.

    • Janice Brown says:

      As long as we study history, and understand the origin of our current world, whether it be a holiday, a statue, an event, etc, then the past is not lost. Veterans day is more about living veterans, where Memorial Day is to remember those who have died.

  2. Robert Deland says:

    Thank you for your posts, Janice Brown! My grandfather was on the Leviathon, of which you wrote in 2018 ( He left a note on the back of a litho of the ship “This is the ship “Dad” sailed on from NY to Brest, France in Sept. 1918″ – your back story was such a delight to discover just now! Plus I have other ancestors from Rutland, so I’ve always wanted to go there an explore. Someday, when it’s safe again! – Rob (in Chicago)

    • Janice Brown says:

      Robert, thank YOU for reading and commenting. Knowing that descendants of these American heroes are learning about them from my story is the best gift I could have received today. Vermont is an amazingly beautiful state, and worth the trip once life normalizes. My best to you!

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