New Hampshire Oddities: Siamese Twin Eggs in 1934

Boston Globe article of 30 November 1934.

It has to be true, as The Boston Globe of 30 November 1934, page 14 reported the unnatural event: “New Hampshire Freak Egg” read the headline, and the story continued as follows. “Lebanon NH. Nov 30 — An interesting freak of nature is a pair of “Siamese twin” eggs which were laid by a 6-months-old pullet raised by George Duplessis of 59 Young Street. The two eggs, one of which is much larger than the other, are connected by a hollow tubular cross-piece. The larger egg contains two yolks, the smaller egg but one. The white of the egg is common to both eggs and the cross piece.”

Map: Birds Eye View, Lebanon, Grafton Co., NH, 1884; Library of Congress Geography and Map Division, Washington, D.C.

A photograph was included with the report which shows the unusual co-joining.  I could not find an evidence of a follow-up story about this event.  The pullet and egg owner, was George Joseph Duplessis, son of Israel I. & Della M. Duplessis. He was born 15 Aug 1900 in Canaan NH and died 15 Sep 1958 in Lebanon NH. He is buried in the West Canaan Cemetery, Canaan NH.  He married 25 Sep 1926 in Lebanon NH to Laura E. Carbino, daughter of Herman & Eunice (Baker) Carbino. She was born in Briggs VT.


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    Too bad there was no follow up!

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