New Hampshire’s First Day of Spring

Victorian Spring postcardSpring in New Hampshire has for many generations been a time of hope, of rejuvenation, house cleaning and dubious poetry. This winter has been a particularly harsh one, and so many are looking forward to a lovely, albeit muddy, springtime.  On that note, I am posting one of the more interesting poems that I have found on this topic.

POEM: IN THE SPRING (author unknown)

In the spring the merry robin jumps about upon the lawn;
In the spring Adolphus Riley puts his sealskin cap in pawn.

In the spring fair Musidora wears a rosebud in her locks;
In the spring the painter painteth, “Use Jones’ salve,” upon the rocks.

In the spring the weary husband beats the carpet in the grove;
In the spring the weary husband wrestles with the parlor stove.

In the spring unto the poet saith the editor, “Get hence!”
In the spring the circus-poster decorates the coal-yard fence.

In the spring within the forest blows the violet, the fern;
In the spring the small boy shivers as he gazes on the churn.

In the spring the downy cloud-ship sails serenely o’er the flats;
In the spring the maiden’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of bats.
[Ed. note: do you think they meant ‘hats’?]

In the spring through rosy bowers doth the brooklet wend its way;
In the spring–but wherefore should I thus give “gentle spring” away?

Thursday, April 17, 1879, New Hampshire Patriot and State Gazette (Concord NH) page 1

***Additional Reading***

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