Poem: "Spring," by Kathi Webster

.Poem: Spring.

Today there is talk of winter
Cold fingers extending to April,
Overcast skies and mud to

People scowl at seasonal drabness

I protest “but spring is almost

Received with howls of yankee laughter,
“Read the almanac, you’ll

see a long winter”
Serious weather pessimists surround me
Tonight Nature

plays an extra joke
A fast-moving storm white washes the state,

dance close with their lovers
Swirling and waltzing in my

Swaying in a slow motion fantasy
Perhaps a tango, I need to

look closer
Children peer from yellow glow windows
I choose a pristine

road and make new tracks
Grinning at the sheer purity of the scene,

choose to have spring now in my heart
To listen to the heartbeat of the world.

by Kathi Webster [originally written under the alias of Dakini]

Written by my twin sister who passed away suddenly in 2006. Sis I miss you every day, but your spirit shines brightly.

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  1. Ginny Young-White says:

    Janice….(tears) I am so sorry to hear about Kathi…please send me an email.

    Ginny Young

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