A Happy New Hampshire New Year 1841

A happy new year.–Before we again shall have an opportunity to address our friends and new year girlreaders, the present year will have passed away & the New Year of Eighteen hundred and forty two will be ushered in upon us. And we take this opportunity in anticipation of the day and wish all of our friends a happy New Year.

First and foremost we say to all of The fair, who have not yet linked themselves by Hymen’s silken chain to some worth mate, a happy New Year to ye–may this prove the fortunate and happy one in which all your golden dreams and fond anticipations shall be more than realized. To all of the young Gallants, full of life, fine spirits and high hopes, a happy New Year to ye–we hope this year you will cease to sow wild oats, sober down, make yourself a happy home and find a sweet little wife who may prove the joy and comfort of your life.

To all the Old Bachelors who make no pretensions to marriage, but who go grunting along over the rough and hubbly road of life solitary and alone, a happy New Year to ye–all the crumb of comfort we have for you is, that for ought we can see, you must grin and bear it.

To all, both young and old, whether yoked in wedlock or not, we say, a happy New Year to ye–we wish you all health and prosperity; may you be blessed with such peace, contentment, joy and happiness. And thus kind readers you have our best wishes; and all we wish in return is–please send us a good lot of subscribers.

 Tuesday, December 28, 1841 New-Hampshire Gazette (Portsmouth NH) Vol LXXXVIII Issue 7 Page 3

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