It Never Rains in New Hampshire

Ronald Reagan said, “Putting people first has always been America’s secret weapon.” And now, due in great part to NHGSA, it is New Hampshire’s.

I’ve spent the last two days attending a training certification course offered by New Hampshire’s Granite State Ambassadors. It was held at the Concord Comfort Inn (which is a superb place by the way) with Judi Window, NGHAS’s President, and Gretchen Ziegler, Board Chair as the primary instructors, with additional support by Kelly and Ami. Representatives from all points of New Hampshire were brought together to help us learn about the diverse selection of experiences and adventures offered virtually in our back yards.

If you’ve visited New Hampshire, and stopped at an information kiosk, you may already have met a green-shirt-garbed graduate of this class.  Even more than knowing facts, these volunteers are surely to be authentic.  I’m certain you know what eating at an authentic restaurant is like–your senses are filled with the sight (and taste) of a meal as if it had been prepared at its place of origin. If you bit into a GSA, I suspect that they would taste a bit like  crisp, freshly picked apple, with a perfect dash of Yankee wit.

For two very entertaining days my focus has been shifted away from New Hampshire’s wonderful past, to its magnificent present.  Did you know that it NEVER RAINS in New Hampshire (although nothing was said about tornadoes or tsunamis);  or that Kancamagus is NOT pronounced Kanka-MANgus? (we could always just call it the ‘Kanc’ like the locals do).    In a few hours my map-reading skills improved, as did my presentation skills  (i.e. two fingered gestures).

I did not roam beyond the boundaries of New Hampshire until I was a teenager. My parents happily lived, worked and vacationed in New Hampshire. I don’t remember a single rainy vacation day.  But of course, it never rains in New Hampshire.


PS & Disclaimer: actually the specific saying was “The Sun Always Shines in New Hampshire” but then, that means it never rains, right? 🙂


New Hampshire Granite State Ambassadors

-VisitNH: Welcome to New Hampshire

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