Isles of Shoals Landmark: Miss Underhill’s Chair

“There are some dreary little islands lying off the harbor of Portsmouth, N.H. about eight miles from the mainland,” or so the Isles of Shoals were described in 1873.  But of course that same year was notable for the double axe murder that occurred on one of those islands, namely Smuttynose. So ‘dreary’ might have been an appropriate adjective for the times.

Twenty-five years before, there was another untimely death related to axes that occurred on Star Island.  At the southern end of this wild place is a rock, more like a shelf on a cliff, called “Underhill Chair, or “Miss Underhill’s Chair.” The island’s teacher was reportedly, at the time, sitting upon the rock reading when she was washed away.

But what of the axes in this case?  Well the men in Nancy’s family were for many generations noted as skilled blacksmiths.  A cousin set up the famous Underhill Edge Tool Company.  In 1893, an axe from this company was the murder weapon in the trial of Lizzie Borden.

Newspapers even as far away as New York City (i.e. the New York Herald) reported her untimely demise: “Miss Nancy J. Underhill, the school teacher at the Isles of Shoals was washed off the beach and lost on Monday evening last about half-past seven o’clock.”

On the Isles tales abound, from tragedies, to ghostly appearances to sea serpents.  Even as late as 1940 the stories flourished, as Life Magazine reported, “But everywhere they find traces of the islands’ more evil past, when they were inhabited by fisher folk who burned their church for firewood and helped Blackbeard and Captain Kidd hide their treasure.”

In 1875, poor Miss Underhill’s story was embellished as follows: ” There are circumstances that cast a melancholy interest around the fate of Miss Underhill. In early life she had been betrothed and the banns, as was then the custom, has been published in the village church. Her father, a stern old Quaker, opposed the match, threatening to tear down the marriage intention rather than see his daughter wed with one of another sect. Whether from this or other cause, the suitor ceased his attentions, and not long after took another wife in the same village.
  The disappointment was believed to have made a deep impression on a girl of Miss Underhill’s strength of character. She was a Methodist, deeply inbued with the religious zeal of that denomination. Hearing from one who had been at the Isles of Shoals that the people were in great need of a missionary as those of Burmah or of the Gold Coast, it became an affair of conscience with her to go there and teach.
  She came to the islands, and applied herself with ardor to the work before her, a labor from which any but an enthusiast would have recoiled. It is asserted that no spot of American soil contained so debased a community as this.
  It was her habit every pleasant day, at the close of school, to repair to the high cliff on the eastern shore of Star Island, where a rock conveniently placed by nature because her favorite seat.  Here, with her Bible or other book she was accustomed to pass the time in reading and contemplation. She was accompanied on her last visit by a gentleman, erroneously thought to have been her love, who ventured on the rock with her.  A tidal wave of unusual magnitude swept them from their feet.  The gentleman succeeded in regaining his foothold, but the lady was no more seen.
  Search was made for the body without success.  A week after the occurrence it was found on York Beach, where the tide had left it.  There was not the least disorder in the ill-fated lady’s dress; the bonnet still covered her head, the ear-rings were in her ears, and her shawl was pinned across her breast.  In a word, all was just as when she had set out for her walk.  The kind-hearted man who found the poor waif took it home, and cared for it as if it had been his own dead.  An advertisement caught the eye of Miss Underhill’s brother. She was carried to Chester, New Hampshire, her native place, and there buried.
  Notwithstanding the humble surroundings of her home, Miss Underhill was a person of superior and striking appearance. Her face was winning and her self-possessed manner is still the talk of her old-time associates.  I have heard, as a sequel to the school-teacher’s story, that some years after the fatal accident her old suitor came to the Isles, and, while bathing there, was drowned.  The recovery of the body of the lady uninjured seems little short of miraculous, and confirms the presence of a strong under-two, as I had suspected on seeing the floats of the lobster-men moored without a few feet of the rocks.” [from Nooks and corners of the New England coast]

A genealogy blogging friend, Randy Seaver would be a cousin to Miss Underhill.

Nancy J. Underhill, the Isles of Shoals Tutor:
Sampson-1 Underhill, John-2 Underhill, Samuel-3 Underhill, William Harry-4 Underhill,Nancy J.-5 Underhill

Randy Seaver’s Underhill line:
Sampson-1 Underhill, John-2 Underhill, John-3 Underhill, Amos-4 Underhill, Mary Ann-5 Underhill

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Star Island Today


Please note: This is not intended as the entire genealogy of the Underhill Family nor all of the descendants of Sampson Underhill.  Rather it shows the relationship of Nancy J. Underhill, who drowned at the Isles of Shoals to that family, and some of her closest cousins.  Those wishing to know more should consult with the Underhill Family Society.


Sampson Underhill, married 15 Jan 1717-18 in Salisbury MA to Elizabeth Ambruss [Ambrose], daughter of Nathaniel and Sarah (Eastman) Ambrose. He died in Chester NH by 1732 when his estate was appraised for probate reasons.
From “History of Old Chester From 1719 to 1869” by
The earliest of any of the name that we know anything about, and the ancestor of all of that name in Chester [NH] was SAMPSON.  There are deeds on the records in his name as early as April 1717, in which he is styled “clothier.”  Sampson Underhill and Elizabeth Ambrose, both of Salisbury [MA], were married by Rev. Caleb Cushing, minister of the gospel in Salisbury, 15 January 1717 [See Nathl. Ambrose].  Sampson Underhill sold to Jenness his farm of fifty acres of which “he lived and kept tavern,” April 1, 1730 for 500 pounds, and probably then came to Chester.  He bought H.L. No. 28, and lived near where D.L. Bachelder’s hotel now is.  He probably died in 1732, as his estate was appraised in May of that year at 483 pounds 19s 6d.  His wife was administrator.  The uniform tradition is that he was the first person buried in the present burying-ground. It was on the ten-rod way, in the rear of the old meeting-house.  A grave was shown me many years since, as his, just inside of the wall, opposite the present meeting-house.  There is on Salisbury records: “John Underhill, son of Sampson and Elizabeth his wife, born March 16, 1720; Jeremiah, born Dec. 29, 1724.”  There were also Hezekiah and Moses, not on the records.
In August 1742 the widow settled her account of administration, and charges for the support of a son Hezekiah 4-1/2 years; Moses 6-1/2 years and a sick son Jeremiah, 10 years.
On 29 March 1842, Elizabeth Underhill conveyed to James Varnum of Chester the home lot No. 28, and John Underhill released the same; also a house and barn on the highway between the lot and the Rev. Mr. Flagg’s. The widow was soon after married to Benjamin Batchelder who lived where Mr. Sargent now lives, below Mr. Orcutt’s H.L. 138.  James Varnum purchased of the town five rods of the ten-rod way. He sold to Col. Webster.  The place has been subsquently owned and occupied by Dr. John Wingate, Dr. Benjamin Kittridge, A.G. Quigg, J. S. Brown, and others, now by D.L. Bachelder.
Children of Sampson & Elizabeth (Ambrose) Underhill:
1. +John Underhill, b 16 March 1720 Salisbury MA, d. 31 July 1793; ; m. Joanna Healey.
2. Jeremiah Underhill, b. 29 Dec 1724 Salisbury MA
3. +Hezekiah Underhill, b 1727; d. 1800; m. Tabitha (Sargent) Foss, widow of John Foss
4. +Moses Underhill, learned the trade of a hatter at Exeter NH and was known as “Hatter Underhill.”


John Underhill, son of Sampson & Elizabeth (Ambrose) Underhill,  b 16 March 1720 Salisbury MA; m. Joanna Healey, daughter of William Healey, 21 Oct 1741 in Chester, Rockingham Co. NH. They lived in Chester NH on Add. 53near Jacob Chase.  He d. 31 July 1793.  She was b. 20 July 1718 in Hampton NH, and d. Aug 1809.
Children of John & Joanna (Healey) Underhill:
1. Betty Underhill, b. 13 July 1742; m. Samuel Buswell of Candia NH.  She was a hypochondriac, and lay in bed without speaking six years; She d. 30 Sep 1806. Children born in Candia NH [Buswell]: John, Moses, Sarah, Richard, William, Samuel, Hannah and David.
2. William Underhill, b. 15 Feb 1744; m. Abigail Choate; settled on lot No 46 3D in Candia NH; sold to N. Brown in 1771; removed to Moultonborough NH; had 6 children.
3. John Underhill, b. 20 June 1745; m. Hannah Colby; settled in Chester NH, near the brick school-house, where W. Whittemore later lived.  He removed to Plainfield NH.  Died of hypothermia in 1816.  Had 7 children.
4. Molly Underhill, b. 4 Dec 1747; m. James Pierce.  They lived opposite where her brother John lived; they moved into the country.
5. +Moses Underhill, b. 2 Feb 1749; m. three times
6. David Underhill, b. 9 Sep 1751; m. Jemima Blake; resided on the homestead, d. July 1827.  She d. 25 June 1829.  They had one son John Underhill who m. Lucy Linn.
7. +Samuel Underhill, b. 5 May 1752, m. his cousin, Sarah Underhill.
8. +Jeremiah Underhill, b. 6 Aug 1755; m. Anna Heath. He died suddenly 16 Sep 1794.  She died 19 May 1844.
9. Sarah Underhill, m. Capt Richard Greenough of Atkinson NH; d. 1838
10. Joanna Underhill, b abt 1764, d. 1864; m. Moses Preston.

Hezekiah Underhill, son of Sampson & Elizabeth (Ambrose) Underhill, was born in 1727. He resided in Chester NH. He was a shoemaker.  He married Tabitha (Sargent) Foss, widow of John Foss.  They settled on Add. lot No. 47 where his son Josiah and later his grandson Jesse J. lived.  He died 8 March 1800, and she d. 24 Aug 1803.
Children of Hezekiah & Tabitha (Sargent) Underhill:
1. Jonathan Underhill, probably died in the army.
2. Hannah Underhill, married and removed to Cabot VT
3. Sarah Underhill, m. her cousin Samuel Underhill; d. Aug 1829
4. +Lieut. Josiah Underhill, b. 1758/59; m. 26 Feb 1784 to Anna Melvin, daughter of Benjamin Melvin. He d 1 May 1822, age 63; resided Chester NH. She died 17 March 1847.

Moses Underhill, son of Sampson & Elizabeth (Ambrose) Underhill, learned the trade of a hatter at Exeter NH and was known as “Hatter Underhill.”He owned land at, and probably lived in Chester NH (his nephew Moses lived in the same place later on).  In 1770 he bought land of John Dearborn, and kept a tavern. He married 26 Dec 1753 to Anne Glidden, sister to Nathaniel Glidden. He d. 1827; she d. 1826.
Children of Moses & Anne (Glidden) Underhill:
1. Abigail Underhill, b. 21 Oct 1754; m. Moses Crombie, d. 29 Apr 1849
2. Elizabeth Underhill, b. 20 Feb 1757; d. unmarried
3. Anne Underhill, m. John Wilson, removed to Corinth VT
4. Nathaniel Underhill, removed to Piermont NH
5. Moses Underhill, m. Sarah Buswell, resided in Chester NH where Robert Patten later lived on 127, 2d P., 2d D.


Moses Underhill, son of John & Joanna (Healey) Underhill, was b. 2 Feb 1749, and d. 3 Feb 1838. He m. three times to Patty Knight, Nabby Elliot and Rachael Lufkin, and had a large number of children, most of whom died young. He lived a little west of the brick school-house in Chester.
Children of Moses Underhill:
1. Patty Underhill, m. a Godfrey of Hampton NH
2. Moses Underhill, unm; was in War of 1812
3. Sally Underhill, b. 26 Nov 1790; m1) Smith Greenough; m2) Abraham Sargent
4. Polly Underhill, m. Thomas Montgomery
5. Stephen Underhill m. Sally currier
6. David Underhill, was a wheelwright, lived in Concord NH; removed to Amherst NH and was country treasurer.  He d. 28 July 1827
7. Ruth Underhill, m. G.W. Everett and lived in Chester NH

Samuel Underhill, son of John & Joanna (Healey) Underhill, was. b. 5 May 1752, d. 20 Sep 1828.  He married Sarah Underhill, daughter of Hezekiah & Tabitha (Sargent) Underhill.
Children of Samuel & Sarah (Underhill) Underhill:
1. Dolly Underhill, b. 28 June 1777 Chester NH: m. 28 Sep 1799 in Chester NH to Richard Dearborn, son of Jonathan Dearborn; resided in New Chester NH. Children [DEARBORN]: Sally, Samuel Underhill, Jonathan, Delia, Richard, Dolly, Betsey, Selwyn C., Cyrus, and Mary Ann.
2. Richard Knight Underhill, b. 24 Jan 1780 in Chester NH; lived at New Chester on the Charles Moore place.  He m. 1805 to Betsey Avery.  She was b. 1789 in New Haven CT; had 8 children: Jane, Anna Avery, Dorothy Dearborn, Charlotte Jemima, Sarah, Moses G., George Sullivan, Isaac F., Mary E., Hannah Eveline, and Susan Lavertia.
3. +William Harry Underhill,  b 22 Dec 1783 in Chester, Rockingham Co. NH; d. 14 Dec 1843, ae 60; m1) 27 Nov 1806 in Chester NH  1) Sally March; m2) 1813 to Elizabeth Towle, dau of Isaac Towle Jr.  They reised on lot No. 55 where his son William P. later resided.
4. Samuel Underhill, b. 1786 in Chester NH, d. 1 Sep 1829; m. Nov 1807 to Betsy March, who died in Boscawen NH. They resided in New Chester and Boscawen NH. No issue.

Jeremiah Underhill, son of John & Joanna (Healey) Underhill, b. 6 Aug 1755; m. Anna Heath.  They lived where Caleb Hall first settled, on the road to what was called Bunker Hill, in Auburn NH.  They had 9 children, who were raised in a house with but one large room and a bedroom.  He died suddenly 16 Sep 1794.  She died 19 May 1844
Children of Jeremiah & Anna (Heath) Underhill:
1. David Underhill, b. 1776
2. Elijah Underhill, m. Molly White
3. Benjamin Underhill, m. Polly Green
4. Betsy Underhill, m. Samuel Davis
5. Reuben Underhill, m. Hannah H. Chase
6. Anna Underhill, m. Joseph Little
7. James Underhill, m. Elizabeth Chase
8. Samuel Underhill
9. John Underhill, b. Nov 1793; m. 27 Dec 1821 to Molly Chase, dau of Benjamin Pike & Anna (Blasdell) Chase, b. 11 Aug. 1801, d. Auburn, NH. 5 Feb. 1881; 6 ch.

Lieut. Josiah Underhill, son of Hezekiah & Tabitha (Sargent) Underhill, b. 1758/59; m. 26 Feb 1784 to Anna Melvin, daughter of Benjamin & Mehitable (Bradley) Melvin. Her grandfather maternal grandfather, Samuel Bradley was killed by Indians at Concord NH, and great-granddaughter of Patrick Bradley of Chester NH. She was born 27 March 1763 and d. 18 Sep 1851 He d 1 May 1822, age 63; resided Chester NH. She died 17 March 1847. He served a short apprenticeship at the blacksmith trade with E. Fitts. Eventually he drove a thriving business making also scythes, axes, hoes.
Children of Josiah & Anna (Melvin) Underhill:
1. +Jesse J. Underhill, b. 2 October 1784; m. Elizabeth Graham, dau of Dea. John Graham.  He d. 21 Oct 1860; she d. 18 Sep 1851, age 60.
2. Catherine J. Underhill, b. 15 July 1786; m1) Samuel Graham; m2) Dr. B. Kittridge; m3) John Bradley; alive in 1869.
3. Hazen R. Underhill, b. 24 July 1788; d. abt 1820 at Detroit, Michigan.
4. Edward Reed “Ned” Underhill, b. 1790; m. 1817 Abigail Conner of Exeter NH; lived opposite his father’s house, was a blacksmith.  He moved to Boston MA and died there. They had 5 children.
5. Mack T. Underhill, b. 12 May 1798; drowned at Amoskeag Falls 1 June 1808
6. Nancy T. Underhill, b. 17 Nov 1795; m. Caleb Merrill, an attorney at Pittsfield and m2) James Thorndike; lived in Pittsfield NH
7. Sally T. Underhill, b. 7 May 1798; m . Dr. Rufus Kittridge
8. Dolly T. Underhill, b. 1 April 1800; m. Hon. John Folsom; d. 5 Dec 1846
9. +Jay Temple Underhill, b. 17 March 1802, d. 7 Feb 1839; he married 9 Oct 1828 to Sally Brown.  She d. 17 Aug 1862.
10. Flagg T. Underhill, b. 8 Feb 1804; m. 1831 to Mary Brown.  He d. 1850.  His son, Arthur B. was master mechanic for the Boston & Albany Railroad.


William Harry Underhill, son of Samuel & Sarah (Underhill) Underhill,  b 22 Dec 1783 in Chester, Rockingham Co. NH; d. 14 Dec 1843, ae 60; m1) 27 Nov 1806 in Chester NH  1) Sally March; m2) 1813 to Elizabeth Towle, dau of Isaac Towle Jr.  They resided on lot No. 55 where his son William P. later lived.
Child of William H. & Sally (March) Underhill:
1. Jonathan T. Underhill, b. 22 Sep 1807 in Chester, NH; m. 1836 to Mary E. Hobart
Children of William H. & Elizabeth (Towle) Underhill:
2. ***Nancy J. Underhill, b. 1814 Chester NH; died 1848, drowned at the Isles of Shoals.
3. +William P. Underhill, b. 8 Sep 1817 in Chester, Rockingham Co. NH; resided Chester NH
4. Benjamin Franklin Underhill, b. abt 1819 in Chester, Rockingham Co. NH, d. 20 June 1899 in Boston MA; m. Susannah B.W. Bixby. She b. Dec 1817 in MA.  At least one child, Benjamin Franklin Underhill, b. Sep 1847 in MA, who m. 1872 to Harriet Howe in Boston MA.
5. Orlando H. Underhill, b. abt 1821 in Chester, Rockingham Co. NH; m. Susan Morehead Brown; d. 1887; in 1880 residing Swampscott, Essex Co MA.
6. Eliza Ann Underhill, b. abt 1824 in Chester, Rockingham Co. NH; m. 3 March 1847 to Thomas Eaton Fisher.  They had 3 children [FISHER]: Ellen E., Jane E. and Orlando H.

Jesse J. Underhill, son of Josiah & Anna (Melvin) Underhill, b. 2 October 1784; m. Elizabeth Graham, dau of Dea. John Graham.  He d. 21 Oct 1860; she d. 18 Sep 1851, age 60. In 1822 he and his brother Jay T. apprenticed in Boston MA for a Mr. Faxon, then a celebrated workman, until he died then they took up the shop.
Children of Jesse J. & Elizabeth (Graham) Underhill:
1. Jane Eveline Underhill, b. 6 Aug 1807; m. Elihu Thayer who was an edge-tool maker at Goffe’s Falls NH; He died 1834;  She ms) Asa Edgerton.
2. Samuel Graham Underhill, b. 22 jan 1809; m. Mary Ann Dinsmore in 1833.  In 1829 he went into the tool business in Boston MA.  After retirement he moved to Somerville MA.
3. Catherine Graham Underhill, b. 30 Dec 1811; m. David L. Osgood; resided in Auburn and Nashua NH.
4. George W. Underhill, b. 19 July 1815; m. Mary M. Gale.  He was superintendent of the Underhill Tool Company at Nashua NH.
5. Belinda K. Underhill, b. 7 May 1817; m. Edmund Sleeper, son of Jethro Sleeper.  She d. Feb 1858
6.  +Rufus K. Underhill, b. 8 March 1818; m. Eluthera D. Webster, a great-grand daughter of Col. John Webster.  They lived in Billerica MA and carried on the tool business in Boston MA.
7. Hazen R. Underhill, b. 27 March 1821; m. Rebecca P. Dickey.  Carried on the tool business at Derry Village (NH).

Jay Temple Underhill, son of Josiah & Anna (Melvin) Underhill, was b. 1802 and d. 1839. He resided Chester NH, was founder of the Underhill Edge Tool Company.  He married 9 Oct 1828 Sarah “Sally” Sleeper Brown, daughter of Nathaniel & Mary (Sleeper) Brown.  She died 17 Aug 1862.
Children of Jay Temple & Sarah Sleeper (Brown) Underhill:
1. +John Jay Underhill, b. 22 December 1835 at Chester NH
2. Samuel G. Underhill, m. Mary A. Dinsmore.  Their daughter Emma G. Underhill became the wife of William A. Aiken of Winthrop MA. She d. 17 Sep 1905.


William P. Underhill, son of William H. & Elizabeth (Towle) Underhill, b. 8 Sep 1817 in Chester NH, d. 9 April 1885 in Chester NH.  Resided Chester,Rockingham County, NH.  He married 9 Oct 1838 in Chester NH to Love D. Morrison. She was b. in 1820 Northwood NH, and d. 1890.
1850 US Census > New Hampshire > Rockingham > Chester > 1
W.P. Underhill 33 M farmer NH
Love D. Underhill 30 F NH
Mary E. Underhill 11 F NH
Ellen J. Underhill 10 F NH
Benjamin F. Underhill 7 M NH
William H. Underhill 5 M NH
Clara A. Underhill 4 F NH
Johnathan Underhill 9/12 M NH
—living nearby—
Tillotson Forsaith 55 M nh
Mehitable Forsaith 55 F nh
Abagail Friath 82 F Maine
Geo T Underhill 33 M nh
Nancy Underhill 26 F nh
Elisabeth Underhill 6 F nh
Frank Underhill 3 M nh
Polly Quigg 56 F nh
1860 US Census > New Hampshire > Rockingham > Chester > 31
William P. Underhill 43 M Farmer 3000/500 NH
Love D. Underhill 39 F NH
Benjamin F. Underhill 17 M NH
William H. Underhill 15 M NH
Clara A. Underhill 13 F NH
Jonathan F. Underhill 10 M NH
Charles A. Underhill 8 M NH
Susan B. Underhill 6 F NH
Orlando H. Underhill 4 M NH
Love D. Underhill 7 F NH
Henry N. Underhill 1 M NH
Children of William P & Love D. (Morrison) Underhill:
1. Mary Esther Underhill, b abt 1839 Chester NH; m. John N. Colman; resided Pelham NH
2. Ellen Jane Underhill, b. Sep 1840 Chester NH; m1) Clark D. Smith and had 3 children; m2) Hendrick Hall.
3. Benjamin Franklin Underhill b abt 1843 Chester NH; m1) Ellen E. Storer; m2) Anna R. Bredenbeck; resided Chester NH and Minnesota; had issue.
4. +William H. Underhill, b. 5 Oct 1844 Chester NH
5. Clara Adelaide Underhill, b. abt 1846 Chester NH; d. 1862
6. Johnathan/Jonathan T. Underhill, b abt 1850 Chester NH; m. Roxana Tracy and had 3 children: Grace O., Jennie M. and Harry T.
7. Susan “Susie” B. Underhill b abt 1854 NH; d. 1862
8. Orlando Hines Underhill, b. abt 1856 NH, d. 1901; married Nettie G. Wheeler. Had 2 children: William Plummer and Bertha Isabel.
9. Love D. Underhill, b. abt 1857 NH; d. 1862
10. Henry/Arthur N. Underhill, b. abt 1859 NH, d. 1862
11. Maria Abbie Underhill, b. 1861, d. 1862 NH
12. Susie Brown Underhill, b. abt 1863 NH; m. 1881 to Charles Franklin Jack and had child: Charles Harrison Jack.
13. Alice B. Underhill, b. abt 1865 ; m1) Charles Williams and m2) James Clark; had no issue.

Rufus K. Underhill, son of Jesse J. & Elizabeth (Graham) Underhill, was b. 8 March 1818/1819; he m. 12 Oct 1848 to Eluthera Deborah Webster of Newport NH, a great-grand daughter of Col. John Webster. She was born July 1825 in NH. They lived in Billerica MA and carried on the tool business in Boston MA. In 1900 She was living with son Samuel in Billerica MA, a widow.
Children of Rufus K. & Eluthera D. (Webster) Underhill:
1. Jay Temple Underhill , b. 16 Nov 1849; m. 11 Sep 1873 Carrie D. Floyd and lived in Winchester, was in business with his father in Boston
2. Samuel Underhill, b. 1 Apr 1852; in 1900 residing in Billerica MA with his widowed mother, he unmarried.  One source states her resided in California also. On 21 October 1912 in Tewksbury MA he married Ida H. Davis, age 59, of East Lexington MA, a teacher.  Her first marriage, he is listed as a widower (so 2nd marriage).  She was the daughter of Edward K. & Elizabeth (Pike) Davis.
3. Jessie Fremont Underhill, b 22 Aug 1868; she married 22 Aug 1889 in Billerica MA to Arthur L. Blodgett, a bookkeeper, son of J. Edwin & Sarah E. Blodgett.

John Jay Underhill, son of Jay T. & Sarah S. (Brown) Underhill b. 22 December 1835 at Chester NH. Deacon, Boston banker.  He married at Chelsea MA 24 April 1859 to Helen Amelia Pratt, adopted daughter of William and Abigail (Stowers) Pratt.  She was b. 7 March 1834 in Boston MA and d. 28 March 1910 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  He died 29 September 1894 at Chelsea MA where they resided.
Children of John Jay & Helen A. (Pratt) Underhill:
1. Francis Jay Underhill, b. 30 April 1863 at Chelsea MA, and d. 20 May 1938 at Brooklyn NY. In 1880 he worked as a clerk in the Blackstone National Bank in Boston MA and later in Chelsea MA. In 1881 he moved to Buffalo NY working for Standard Oil Company, then 1885 to 1900 was a manufacturer and wholesale dealer of pine and hardwood lumber.  In 1900 he moved to New York City engaging in banking with Risk and Robinson, and later with J.W. Seligman & Company.  In 1912 he founded with others, The Carbide Corporation, later owned by the Union Carbide & Carbon Company.  He played first violin in the Buffalo Symphony Orchestra, and formed a valuable collection of art and books during his trips to Europe. He belonged to several prestigious golf clubs and was president for many years of the Underhill Society of America.  He married 1st) 27 Sep 1888 Eliza Corning Otto, dau of John & Eliza Shipman (Horning) Otto.  She died 4 May 1919 in NYC.  He married 2nd) 17 October 1928 in London England to Hendrika/Henrietta Charlotte de Gee, dau of Charles Isaac and Sara Anthonetta (de Pril) de Gee of the Hauge, Holland.  After his death she resided at Scheveningen, Holland.
Child of Francis J. & Eliza C. (Otto) Underhill:
1. Helen Underhill, b. 9 March 1890 at Buffalo NY; d. 18 June 1892.


William H. Underhill, son of William P. & Love D. (Morrison) Underhill was b. 5 October 1844, Chester, N. H, and died in Epping, NH, 24 Feb 1911. Hewas married first, in Derry, NH, on Jan. 14, 1865 to Hannah Laine.  She was b. Jan 1847 in NH.
Children of William H. & Hannah (Laine) Underhill:
1. William H. Underhill Jr., b. January 1869 Chester NH; m. Ethel G. Cram. Resided Raymond NH. Had 3 children: Chester Raymond, Ruth, and Ruby F.
2. Orlando H. Underhill, b. Dec 1879 in Chester NH; m. Emma Helen Parshley in 1908.  Had 2 children, including Frank Cleveland.
3. Bernice L. Underhill, b. May 1882 in NH
4. Mary E. Underhill, b. Aug 1885 NH
5. Clara B. Underhill, b. Jan 1887 NH

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