Dredging the Pedigree Pond

Most of my blog stories involve New Hampshire people with no obvious relationship to me (although I have found many connections by accident).  Since I am always curious about other people’s family trees, this one time I’ll share some of my own.  In some cases, I am related to the same ancestor in more than one line, and in those cases you will see a “x #” indicating how frequently.

Some of My IMMIGRANT Ancestors (Paternal Side Only)

Abbott (George 1587-1647 MA) x3
Alcott/Alcock (Thomas 1609-1657 MA)
Alexander (George 1629-1703 MA)
Allyn (Richard 1608-1683 CT)
Avery (Christopher 1590-1679 CT) x4

Bagley (Orlando 1628-1700 MA)
Bailey/Bayley (John 1590-1651 MA)
Bailey (Richard 1614-1648 MA)
Barker (Elizabeth 1612-1698 MA)
Barker (Richard 1621-1693 MA)
Barnard (Thomas 1608-1677 MA)
Bartlett (Richard 1648-1724 MA) x4
Barnes (William 1603-1698 MA)
Batt (Nicholas 1612-1677 MA)
Berry (William 1610-1654 Eng > Portsmouth NH)
Betts (Richard 1613-1713 NY)
Bishop (Edward 1620-1646 MA)
Bishop (James 1625-1691 CT)
Bitfield (Samuel 1602-1660 MA)
Blaisdell/Blasdell (Ralph 1593-1649 MA)
Blakesley (Edward 1590-1637 MA)
Blakesley/Blakeslee (Samuel 1624-1672 CT) X3
Bliss (Mary 1731 CT)
Bond (John 1624-1674 MA)
Bourne (Richard 1564-1632 MA)
Bowers (George 1590-1656 MA)
Bradley (Daniel 1589-1641 MA) x2
Brockit/Brockett (John 1611-1690 CT)
Brocklebank (Samuel c1628-1676 MA)

Carter (Thomas 1620-1669 MA)
Cate (James 1634-1677 NH)
Chamberlin (Joanna 1630-1700 NY)
Chandler (Elizabeth 1595-1711)
Chandler (Hannah 1630-1711)
Cheney (John 1592-1666 MA)
Clark (Capt. Daniel 1622-1710 Eng>Windsor CT)
Clarke (Richard 1608-1673 MA)
Colby (Anthony 1605-1661 MA) x3
Cooper (Peter ?-1667 MA)
Cooper (Thomas 1580-c1605 CT)
Corliss (George 1617-1686 MA)
Corser/Courser (John (1678-1776 NH)
Currier (Richard 1616-1687 MA)

Davis (Foulk 1615-1687 LI NY)
Davis (Thomas 1603-1683 MA)
Dewey (Thomas 1606 CT)
Dole (Richard 1622-1705 MA)
Doolittle (Abraham 1620-1690 CT)
Dow (Thomas 1601-1654 MA)
Drake (1605-1670 CT)
Dresser (John 1607-1672 MA) x2
Duty (William c1658-1738 MA)

Eastman (Roger 1610-1694 MA)
Edwards (John 1584-? CT)
Emery (Anthony 1601-1680 MA)
Emery (John 1598-1683 MA)

Fenton (Robert 1664-1741 Tolland Co. CT)
Fitts (Brigit 1614-1673 MA)
Flanders (Stephen 1620-1684 MA)
Frost (John 1588-1655 Long Island NY)

Gager (William 1592-1630 MA)
Gardiner (Elizabeth 1659-1690 LI NY)
Getchell (1617-1697 MA)
Glover (Henry 1607-1689 CT)
Gore (Samuel 1595-1643 MA)
Grannis (Edward 1630-1719 CT)
Gray (Robert 1635-1718 MA)
Green (Percival c1603-1639 MA)
Green (Thomas 1606-1667 MA)
Greenslade (Edward 1601-1622 MA) x2

Haddon (Jarrett 1610-1689 MA)
Hall (John 1627-1701 MA) x2
Harcutt (Richard 1623-1696 LI NY)
Hardy (Thomas 1605-1678 MA) x3
Harvey (Thomas 1580-1647 MA)
Hawes (Richard 1606-1656 Eng>Dorchester MA)
Haseltine/Hazeltine (John 1620-1690 MA)
Heaton/Eaton (Nathaniel 1610-1643 MA, CT)
Hemenway (Ralph 1610-1677)
Hidden (Andrew 1622-1702 MA) x2
Hills (Joseph 1602-1688 MA) x2
Holgate (James 1638-1710 MA)
Holt (Nicholas 1602-1685 MA)
Holyoke (Edward 1585-1660 MA)
Hoyt (John 1614-1684 NY) X2
Huggins (Robert 1579-1635 NH)
Hughes/Hewes (Elizabeth 1603-1686 MA, dau John)

Jacques (Henry 1618-1687 MA)
Jackman (James 1611-1694 MA) x2
Johnson (Thomas 1633-1719 MA)

Ketcham (Edward 1590-1655 LI NY)
Ketcham (John 1622-1697 NY)
Kilbourne/Kilborn/Kilburn (Thomas 1578-1640 CT) x2
Kinge/King (Katherine 1625-1692 LI NY)
Kinney/Kinne (Henry 1623-1696 MA)

Leaver (Thomas c1620-1683 MA) x2
Long (Robert c1621-1690 MA)
Look/Looke/Luke (John 1595-1650 MA)
Low (Dea. Thomas 1596-1677 MA)
Lupton (Thomas 1640-1684 CT)

Major (George 1648-1682 MA)
Mansfield (Richard 1611-1655 CT)
Martin (Amy 1751 ?CT)
Martin (George 1618-1686 MA)
Mather (Elizabeth 1646-1703 LI NY)
Merrill (Nathaniel 1601-1655 MA)
Miller (William 1620-1676 Eng> Northampton MA)
Miller (Margaret 1627-1680 CT)
Miner (Thomas 1608-1690 CT) x4
Mitchell (Thomas 1618-1660 CT)
Moody (Frances 1584-1650 CT)
Morris (Thomas 1604-1673 CT) x2
Morse (Anthony 1606-1686 MA)
Moulthrop (Matthew 1610-1668 CT)

Ordway (James 1624-1710 MA, father Edward)
Osgood (William 1609-1700 MA) x2

Paine (William 1596-1660 MA)
Palmer (Walter 1585-1661 CT)
Palmer (William 1585-1647 NH)
Parker (Elizabeth 1613-1694 MA)
Parshall (James 1650-1701 LI NY)
Peaslee/Peasley (Joseph 1600-1660 MA)
Philbrick (Thomas 1584-1667 Eng>Hampton NH)
Platts (Jonathan ?-1680 MA)
Plummer (Francis 1595-1672 MA) x2
Poole (Ann 1589-1683 MA)
Poore (John 1642-1701 MA)
Potter (John 1580-1659 CT)
Powell (Thomas 1616-1681 CT)
Pratt (John 1620-1655 Eng>Hartford CT)
Prince (James 1600-1634 MA)
Putnam (Edward 1603-1675 MA)

Quimby (William 1596-1657 MA)

Raymond (Richard 1602-1692 CT)
Raynsford (Edward 1609-1680 MA)
Reynolds/Runnels (William 1613-1675 ME/NH)
Rolfe (Ezra 1619-1652 MA)
Rolfe (Henry 1585-1642 MA)
Rust (Henry 1613-1684 MA)

Safford (Thomas 1599-1666 MA)
Sargent (William 1606-1675 MA) x2
Sawyer (Stephen 1663-1753 MA)
Shatswell (John 1574-1646 MA)
Smith (Francis 1596-1650 MA)
Smith (Nehemiah 1605-1677 CT)
Smith (Samuel 1602-1681 MA)
Stallyon (Michael 1600-1671 MA)
Stevens (John 1605-1662 MA) x2
Street (Nicholas 1603-1674 CT)
Sunderland (John 1618-1703 MA)
Swazey (John 1619-1692 LI NY)

Tenney (Thomas 1614-1700 MA)
Thompson (John 1617-1656 CT)
Thorley (Richard 1606-1685 MA)
Thurston (Daniel c1625-1692 MA)
Titcomb (William 1620-1676 MA)
Travers (Henry 1611-1648 MA)
Trumbull (John 1578-1657 MA)
Trumble (John 1612-1657 MA)
Tuthill/Tuttle (William 1607-1673 CT)
Tuthill/Tuttle (John c1625-1710 MA)

Uran/Urin/Euins/Yourin (William 1618-1664 Isles of Shoals NH)

Wakefield (John ?-1660 MA to CT)
Wakeman (Ellen 1607-1698 CT)
Wallingford (Nicholas 1629-1682 MA)
Wardwell (William 1607-1670 MA)
Webster (Gov John 1590-1661 CT)
Webster (John 1605-1646 MA) x2
Weed (John 1627-1688 MA)
Weeks (William 1628-1677 MA)
Wells (Isaac 1598-1671 MA)
Wheeler (David 1625-1669 MA)
Whitman (Zachariah 1600-1666 CT)
Wicks/Wickes/Weeks/Weekes (Thomas 1612-1671 LI NY)
Wildes (John 1618-1705 MA)
Wilford (Gilbert 1644-1676 MA)
Williams (John (1500-1559 MA)
Wise (Humphrey 1591-1639 MA)
Witson (Priscilla 1620-? CT)
Wolverton (Stephen 1585-1672 CT)
Woodman (Edward 1606-1690 MA)
Worthley/Wortley (Thomas 1691-1799 NH)


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3 Responses to Dredging the Pedigree Pond

  1. Jim Tucker says:

    I had no idea tracing my research target, the shipbuilder George W. Jackman Jr. of Newburyport, Mass would encounter so many other Jackmans in the area. There are even two George Jackmans of the period in Essex county with wives named Lydia, the correct one being the former Lydia Longfellow. I am having difficulty determining where the Jr. came from in his name since his father’s name was Elias, and am not satisfied that I have found all of his children either. There were two generations of George Jackman in Boscawen but I never found a link with the shipbuilder of Newburyport, who would serve as Mayor as well.

  2. Glenn Kittredge says:

    We share many common ancesters. I never have been able to figure out the origin of Hannah Abbott who married Benjamin Holt in Pembroke, NH Sep 22, 1763.

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