New Hampshire’s Fighter Pilot Ace and Institute President, Brigadier General Harrison Reed "Harry" Thyng (1918-1983)

Harry Thyng was born in Laconia New Hampshire in 1918, grew up in Barnstead, and attended Pittsfield High School nearby.

He graduated from the University of New Hampshire in 1939  (as an ROTC graduate). He enlisted in the U.S. Army Air Corps and received a commission in 1940.

His long career included recognition as a flying ace in both WWII and the Korean War. He received numerous honors.In 1966 General Thyng retired to Pittsfield New Hampshire and ran for the United States Senate, opposing Thomas J. McIntyre, and was narrowly defeated. He went on to found and serve as the first president of the New England Aeronautical Institute in 1965, that later became part of Daniel Webster College (Nashua NH). He died in Pittsfield NH in 1983. A memorial to General Thyng was placed and dedicated in Pittsfield New Hampshire in 2004.

My uncle, Lieut. Col. Robert J. Manning (Ret.), (most recently of Kennedy NY, now deceased and buried at Arlington National Cemetery) flew P-47N aircraft in the 413th FG, 21st Fighter Squadron, (during WWII) from the Island of Ieshima off the coast of Okinawa in 1945, bombing the Island of Hokkaido, Japan. His commander was Harry Thyng.



It was a Day To Remember
(Written by James R. Thyng, son of Gen. Thyng about the 2004 dedication)

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-National Museum of the USAF: Brig. Gen. Harrison R. Thyng-

The Inner Seven: This History of Seven Unique American Combat Aces
(note, the Grenier Field mentioned is the old name for the Manchester (NH) Airport)


Jonathan Thyng, b. 1621 [per “Pioneers of Maine Rivers”] in Wells, York Co ME, d. 1674 in Exeter, Rockingham Co NH; m. 1665 in Exeter NH to Joanna Wadleigh, dau of John and Mary (?) Wadleigh. She b. 1636 in Wells, York Co ME and d. 1676 in Exeter NH. “The Pioneers of Maine and New Hampshire 1623-1660” states: Jonathan Thing/Thyng, before the General Court of Massachusetts in 1641. In the service of Henry Ambrose [Charlestown MA] as per court records 29 May 1644. He removed to Exeter [NH]. Had suit in Hampton [NH] court in 1650. He removed to Wells Maine; took oath of allegiance to Massachusetts government 4 July 1653. He was appointed sergeant. He was deposed in 1667, ae about 46 years [Es. Files]. His children were born at Exeter NH were Elizabeth, John and Sam[uel]. He died before 29 April 1674 when the inventory of his estate was taken; an agreement was concluded 9 Oct 1676 between the widow Johannah and the son Jonathan to manage the estate jointly, bring up and educate the younger children Samuel, Elizabeth and Mary, and pay them their portions when they come of age. The inventory shows carpenter’s tools (and so that probably was his profession) The Genealogical and Family History of the State of NH states,”he was selectman of Exeter in 1658 and for seven years afterward, town clerk in 1689 and representative in 1693. [See the History of the District of Maine, by James Sullivan]. The book, “Maine Her Place in History,” by John Chamberlain, page 72 states: “The court at York (1665) finding that Jonathan Thing had spoken “discornfully of the Court,” and had said he cared not for the Governor, he was censured to have twenty lashes on the bare back or redeem it with 12 pounds.”
Children of Jonathan & Mary (Wadleigh) Thyng:
1. +Jonathan Thyng Jr., b. 21 Sep 1678 Exeter NH
2. Elizabeth Thyng, b. 5 June 1664 in Exeter NH
3. John Thyng, b. 20 Sep 1665 Exeter NH, d. 4 Nov 1665
4. Hannah Thyng, b. abt 1667 Salisbury, MA; m. Samuel Dudley, son of Samuel and Elizabeth Dudley. He was b. in Exeter NH abt 1667 and died at Exeter about 1732, intestate. He belonged to the King’s Garrison at Exeter NH 1696 and to a scouting party under Capt. Nicholas Gilman in 1712.
5. Samuel Thyng, b. 3 June 1667 Exeter NH; m. 8 July 1696 to Abigail Gilman; one son was Samuel Thyng of Exeter who in turn was the father of Lieut. Dudley Thyng. The remaining children of Samuel & Abigail were Joanna, Abigail, Elizabeth, Sarah, Lydia, Deborah, Catharine, Josiah, John, Mary, and Alice.
6. Mercy/Mary Thyng b 6 March 1673 Exeter NH

Hon. Jonathan Thyng Jr., son of Jonathan & Joanna (Wadleigh) Thyng was b. 1654 in Exeter NH and d. 30 Oct 1694 in Exeter NH. He married 1) 26 July 1677 in Exeter NH to Mary Gilman, dau of John & Elizabeth (Treworgye) Gilman. She b. 10 Sep 1658, and d. 15 Aug 1691. He m2) 2 July 1693 to a widow, Mrs. Martha (Denison) Wiggin, dau of John Denison of Ipswich. She b. 1 March 1668 in Ipswich NH and d. 12 Sep 1728 in Ipswich NH The Register of the Massachusetts Society of Colonial Dames describes him as: “THING or THYNG, JONATHAN, 1654-1694 (N.H.) Ensign Exeter Militia, 1690; Captain, 1692; Served in King William’s War.”  The “Military History of the State of New Hampshire,” by C.E. Potter, page 14 shows a list of military officers appointed March 1690 that includes Jonathan Thing, ENSIGN, from Exeter.”
Children of Jonathan & Mary (Gilman) Thyng Jr.
1. Mary Thyng, b. 6 March 1673 Exeter NH
2. +Jonathan Thyng, b. 21 Sep 1678 Exeter NH; m. Abigail Gilman
3. Elizabeth Thyng, b. c1680 Exeter NH; m1) Edward Stevens; m2nd) Daniel Young
4. John Thyng, b. 6 June 1680 Exeter NH, b. 6 June 1680; m1) Mehitabel Stevens; m2nd) Love Wilford. Children of first wife, Jonathan, Mary (wife of John Gilman and later of Peter Gilman), Nathaniel and Mehitabel (wife of Jonathan Conner). By 2nd wife he had children Josiah and Ann.
5. Bartholomew Thyng, b. 25 Feb 1682 Exeter NH; m1) 7 Dec 1705 Abigail Coffin. She b. 30 May 1686, d. 28 May 1711; he m2nd) Sarah Kent. She b. 21 Oct 1683.
6. Joseph Thyng, b. March 1684 Exeter NH; m. Mary Foulsham
7. Benjamin Thyng, b. 12 Nov 1688 Exeter NH; m1) Pernel Coffin; m2) Deborah Thing
8. Josiah Thyng b c1690 Exeter NH
Child of Jonathan & Martha (Denison) Thyng:
9. Daniel Thyng, b. 12 May 1694 in Exeter NH

Jonathan Thyng/Thing, son of Jonathan & Mary (Gilman) Thyng, b. 21 Sep 1678, d. bef 1720; He m. Abigail Gilman. She was b. c1678 in Exeter NH and d. c1720 in Exeter NH. [NEHGS Register states children were Catherine, Maria, Jonathan, Abigail, Edward, Elizabeth, and 2 more.
Child(ren) of Jonathan & Abigail (Gilman) Thyng:
1. Sarah Thing
2. Annah Thing
3. Edward Thing
4. Elizabeth Thing
5. Abigail Thing
6. Bartholomew Thing, b. 25 Feb 1682 Exeter, Rockingham Co NH, d. 28 Apr 1738, aged 57; m. 7 Dec 1705 to Abigail Coffin, dau of Tristram Coffin. She d. 1711. They had children Tristram and Josiah. Bartholomew m2) 3 Apr 1712 Mrs. Sarah Kent, widow of John Kent and dau of Capt Joseph Little of Newbury. They had a child Mary.
7. Mary Thing, b. 3 May 1702 in Exeter NH
8. +Jonathan Thyng/Thing, b. abt 1700-1704 in Newmarket NH

Jonathan Thyng, son of Jonathan & Abigail (Gilman) Thyng, b abt 1700-1704 in Newmarket NH, d. 1760. He married Elizabeth ?Gilbert.
Children of Jonathan & Elizabeth (?Gilbert) Thyng:
1. +Jonathan V. Thyng, b. c 1737 Brentwood NH
2. Edward Thyng

Jonathan V. Thyng, son of Jonathan Thyng b. c1737 in Brentwood NH; d. 22 Nov 1788 in Gilford, Belknap Co NH. He m abt 1757 to Hannah Dudley, dau of Capt. John & Elizabeth (Hilton) Dudley. She b. 1734 and d. 1 Sep 1820.
Children of Jonathan V. & Hannah (Dudley) Thyng:
1. Winthrop Thyng, b. 1760 Gilford NH, d. 1811 Ossipee NH; m. Lydia Gilman. Had issue, Jesse, John and Dudley G.
2. Jonathan V. Thyng, b. 1762, d 1811
3. John Thyng, b. 1765
4. +Jeremiah Thyng b 1768 Brentwood NH
5. Methitable Thyng b c1780, d 1869
6. Polly Thyng, b. c1780
7. Joseph Thyng; married and had two children, John and Betsey (who m. Samuel Gilman)

I do not have primary evidence of the above relationships. Some suggest that Jeremiah Thyng (1768-1849) was the son of Jonathan V. & Hannah (Dudley) Thyng and I have used that assumption in this example.

Jeremiah Thyng, son of Jonathan V. & Hannah (Dudley) Thyng was b. abt 1768 in Brentwood NH and d. 25 March 1849 in Gilford, Belknap Co NH. He married Elizabeth B. Morrill. She b. abt 1769, and d. 28 Sep 1861. In his young manhood he moved to Gilford where he was an early settler on Libery Hill and helped to organize the Free Baptist Church of that town.
Children of Jeremiah & Elizabeth B. (Morrill) Thyng:
1. Polly Thyng, b. c1780 Gilmanton, Belknap Co., NH, d. Gilmanton NH
2. Betsy Thyng, b. c1789 in Gilford NH; d. 3 March 1854 Gilmanton NH; m. 4 Oct 1812 in Gilford, NH to Matthias Weeks. Had 5 children.
3. Jonathan Thyng, b. c1793, d. 1810
4. +Jeremiah Thyng, b. c1804 in Gilmanton NH;
5. Morrill Thyng, b. c1808 Gilford, Belknap Co., NH; d. 3 March 1881 in Gilford NH; he m. 26 March 1828 in Gilford NH to Isabella Weeks.  Had children: Mary Ann, Albert Morrill, Sarah and George P.
6. Lavinia Thyng, b. c1808, d. 7 Feb 1816

Jeremiah B. Thyng, son of Jeremiah & Elizabeth (Morrill) Thyng was b. c1804 in Gilmanton, Belknap Co NH. He d. 1 March 1881 in Gilmanton NH [or in New Hampton]. He m1) bef 1845 to Hannah L. Davis, dau of Nathaniel Davis of the family of that name on Governor’s Island in Gilford. She was b. 24 Nov 1818. He m2) abt 1860 to Elizabeth Jones Hoit. [One source says he was born on the old home farm on Liberty Hill in Gilford NH, and lived there until he was 35 years old. For a time afterward he managed a store in Gilford NH and after four years there went to Lakeport NH where he was employed in a mill. Subsequently he moved to Dover NH and engaged in trade 4 years then kept a general store in Alton NH for 3 years. Then he returned to Gilford NH. In 1860 he moved to New Hampton NH where he was selectman and also a member of the Free Will Baptist Church.  In 1865 taxed in New Hampton. In 1866 listed as one of those providing sureties for John M. Flanders on the estate of Jasper E. Glidden of New Hampton.
Child of Jeremiah & Hannah L. (Davis) Thyng:
1. +Charles Davis Thyng, b. 4 Aug 1845 in Salem, Essex Co., MA [another source says b. Lakeport NH]

Charles Davis Thyng, son of Jeremiah B. & Hannah L. (Davis) Thyng was b. 4 Aug 1845 in Salem, Essex Co MA and d. 5 Feb 1924. He married Caroline Reed Bowker. She was b. 22 Sep 1844 and d. 23 Apr 1904.
Children of Charles D. & Caroline R. (Bowker) Thyng:
1. Fred B. Thyng, b. 25 Jan 1871 in New Hampton NH
2. +Herbert McCobb Thyng, b. 14 May 1873 New Hampton NH
3. Cora N. Thyng, b. 13 Aug 1874, d. 1946; m. George R. Reed
4. Arthur D. Thyng, b. 23 Feb 1876 New Hampton NH; d. 1955 Yucca Valley, California
5. Elsie Victoria Thyng, b. 17 March 1888 New Hampton NH, d. 16 Apr 1944; m. c1915 to J. Stearns Smith

Herbert McCobb Thyng, son of Charles Davis & Caroline Reed (Bowker) Thyng was b. 14 May 1873 in New Hampton NH and d. 23 Feb 1947 in Pittsfield NH. He married 12 Aug 1916 in Barnstead NH to Elizabeth Ann Thyng, daughter of Charles D. & Ora (Fletcher) Thyng. She b. 27 Aug 1895 and d. 27 March 1985.
U.S. Census > 1920 United States Federal Census > Massachusetts > Middlesex > Somerville Ward 7 > District 453
Thyng, Herbert M. Head M W 45 married NH NH Maine Office Manager N.E. Milk Producers Assoc.
Thyng, Elizabeth A. wife F W 24 married NH NH NH
Thyng, Charles H. son M W 3 single NH NH NH
Thyng, Harrison R. son M W 1-2/12 single NH NH NH
Census > U.S. Census > 1930 United States Federal Census > New Hampshire > Belknap > Barnstead > District 2
Thyng, Herbert M. Head 1400 M W 56 married at age 42 NH NH Maine Postmaster, government
Thyng, Elizabeth wife F W — married at age 20 NH NH NH assistant postmaster
Thyng, Charles H. son M W 13 single NH NH NH
Thyng, Harrison R. son M W 11 single NH NH NH
Children of Herbert M. & Elizabeth (Thyng) Thyng:
1. Charles H. Thyng, b. abt 1917 in NH, d. 21 Oct 1974 in Laconia NH. He m. Beryle Thompson, and had 2 children. Lieut. Col.
2. Harrison Reed “Harry” Thyng, b. 12 Apr 1918 Laconia NH; d. 24 Sep 1983 Concord NH; residing Pittsfield, Merrimack Co NH; Brigadier General, USAF; in Dec 1942 he was awarded the Air Medal with oak leaf cluster for courage and ability in operations. He m 23 March 1940 in San Antonio TX to Mary Elizabeth Rogers. She b. 28 Oct 1920 and d. 23 Sep 1983. They had four children.

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