Raising Your Pint to St. Patrick…

2012_Irish_FlagIf you are called Liam, Patrick, Kathleen or Sheila, or have a surname like Ryan, Gallagher, Grady or Mannion;

If you wear your Irish pride, a shamrock on your lapel,  or a spud around your neck;

If the words pub, claddagh, and leprechaun, roll easily off your tongue;

If you were ever an altar boy, said your rosary, or carried holy water wid ya;

If you prefer a cuppa (tea), raising your pint, or Irish whiskey;

If you know St. Patrick’s story of driven snakes, or mournful tales of famine houses and emigrant wakes;

If you’ve ever used the words banshee, conundrum, blarney, or hooligan; or not.

If even a wee bit of your spirit is lively; if you like to tell tall tales; or if you simply like the color green….

Then You are officially Irish.

Beannachtam na Feile Padraig!”
Happy St. Patrick’s Day (in advance!)**


P.S. This greeting is posted as my submission to the Carnival of Irish Heritage and Culture.

P.P.S. **Did anyone else notice how the customary day was changed this year?  Normally St. Patrick’s Day falls on March 17th each year. This year it was changed to March 15th by the Roman Catholic Church to avoid conflict with Holy Monday that falls on 3/17.

And if you are wondering about the identities of the Irish dancers in the video….
they are myself, fM of Footnote Maven, Charlotte of Apple’s Tree, Jasia of Creative Gene, and Terry of Hill Country of Monroe County Mississippi.


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