Dedicated to a Fallen Hero: Warriner Playground, Merrimack New Hampshire

Warriner Playground is a small cleared area in the woods on the shore of Naticook Lake, at the west entrance of Veterans Memorial Park, in Merrimack, New Hampshire. Veterans Park is dedicated to all Merrimack veterans, however Warriner Playground honors one man.–Weston Lord Warriner.

The Warriner boys–Weston L., Theodore, Elwood G., and Sherman had grown up in Dunbarton, New Hampshire but were living with their aunt (their mother’s sister) in Merrimack NH around 1930.  They lived on Pleasant Street, in the Reeds Ferry section, and were close neighbors to my grandparents.

Weston was born in Dunbarton May 26, 1905, and was a graduate of McGaw Normal Institute, that stood just down the road from his home.  For a while he was employed at the International Shoe Company in Merrimack. Many of the young men in town worked there, as did my father.

Weston was also very active in several organizations. Besides being a member of the Merrimack Fire Department, he was past member of Thornton Grange, member of the National Grange, and Souhegan Lodge of Odd Fellows and the Puritan Rebekah Lodge.  Then World War II began, and several of the boys in town went off to war.  My father was one, who served in the navy, and at least two of the Warriner boys were in the army–namely Weston and Elwood.  Among my father’s war-time photographs were several that included both Elwood and Weston.  Elwood returned home after the war, but tragically, Weston did not.

Weston entered the army April 24, 1942, and served overseas on Guam. He had reached the rank of Technician 4th Grade in the army Medical Corps. (Those who held this rank were often addressed as Sergeant, as they shared the same pay grade). In October of 1944 the U.S. Sixth Army had invaded Leyte in the Philippines. Weston was among them, and he was killed on December 28, 1944 while serving on Leyte. He was only 39 years old at the time.

His body was not sent home until August of 1949, when it was transported first by ship, and then by train to Union Station in Nashua. There his flag-draped casket was met by a delegation of members of the Merrimack Legion Post No. 98 and escorted to the funeral home. A funeral service was held at the Merrimack Congregational Church.  And so, a town and a nation mourned their hero.

His obituary can be found in the Nashua Telegraph of 23 August 1949.  Service for Sgt Warriner In Merrimack. Merrimack, Aug 23–Body of Sgt Weston Warriner killed in action on Leyte, Philippine Islands was brought home for reburial in Last Rest Cemetery in Merrimack. Charles Fisk was directing undertaker and Rev. John W Wright conducted the ceremonies. The official escort from New York was Sgt. Miller, US Quartermaster Depot, and members of the Merrimack Post American Legion met the train and escorted the body to the Fisk funeral home.

Acting as guards during the funeral ceremonies were Arthur McCalvay, Hobart Penrod, Edward Haseltine, Gay Chemeilorcz. Bearers were Franklin Hazeltine, Howard Greenleaf, Edward Hoffman, Earl Schnerderheinz, Thayer Read, Paul Bishop; color guards, Fay Read, Henry Keistlinger, Hobart Penrod, Francis O’Gara; ushers, Charles Parker, Arthur Houle, Legion chaplin Albert Smith, Commander Perley Greeley.
Members of the Firing squad Charles King, Edward Haseltine, Edward Wilkins, Gay Chemeilorcz, Cornelius Funk, Louis Watkins, Harold Flanders, Harry Grant and Myrl Read.

Besides relatives and friends, some coming from Dunbarton and Peterboro, there were delegations from the International Shoe Company where Sgt Warriner was formerly employed, American Legion Post Auxiliary, Thornton Grange, Souhegan Lodge, IOOF, Puritan Rebekah Lodge, Fire department, all of which St. Warriner was a member.
The casket was draped with the flag which was presented to the eldest brother of Sgt. Warriner by Sgt. Miller, as the firing squad fired three volleys and taps were sounded by the bugler.



William Warriner, the New England ancestor, was made a freeman (or voter) in 1638 in Springfield MA. He married 1639 to Joanna Scant. “Joanna, wife of Wm. Warriner, dyed ye 7th of ye 12th mon. 1660.”  He m2nd) 2 Oct 1661 Mrs. Elizabeth Hitchcock, widow of Luke Hitchcock of Wethersfield CT. [She was the mother of Hannah, John and Luke Hitchcock]. She survived William Warriner and became the 3rd wife of Joseph Baldiwn of Hadley MA.  William owned a considerable part of what is now the heart of Springfield MA. His house stood near the spot where the old court-house stands on the north side of First Congregational Church, in front of Court Square.  William died 2 June 1676.
Children of William & Joanna (Scant) Warriner:
1. +Dea. James Warriner, b. 21 Nov 1640
2. Hannah Warriner, b. 17 June 1643; m. 1 Nov 1660 Thomas Noble of Springfield MA, formerly of Boston MA. They removed to Westville MA in 1669 where he was Freeman in 1681. Had issue. She m2) 24 Jan 1695 Dea. Medad Pomeroy.
3. Joseph Warriner, b. 6 Feb 1645

Deacon James Warriner, son of William and Joanna (Scant) was b. 21 Nov 1640 in Springfield MA. He was among the inhabitants of Springfield who took the oath of allegiance 3 Dec 1678. He m1st) 31 March 1664 to Elizabeth Baldwin, dau of Joseph Baldwin the first settler of Milford MA. She d. 24 Apr 1687 and he m2nd) 10 July 1689 to Sarah Alvord, dau of Alexander Alvord. She d. 16 May 1704, age 44; he married 3d) 29 Dec 1705 Mrs. Mary Stebbins, widow of Benjamin Stebbins of Springfield MA, Mr. Warriner being her 3rd husband. His name appears on the list of soldiers in King Philip’s War. He was a deacon in the First Congregational Church. He died in Springfield MA 14 May 1727. His widow died 7 days later. He had nine children by his first wife, six by his second. All, or nearly all, were born in Springfield MA.
Children of Dea. James & Elizabeth (Baldwin) Warriner:
1. Samuel Warriner, b. 21 Nov 1666, d. 12 Feb 1667 Springfield MA
2. James Warriner, b. 19 July 1668
3. Elizabeth Warriner, b. 1 Aug 1670; m. Henry Burt
4. William Warriner, b. 6 Jan 1672
5. Hannah Warriner, b. 13 Feb 1674; poss m. Daniel Greaves
6. Joseph Warriner, b. 6 Nov 1677
7. Samuel Warriner 2nd, b. 26 June 1679
8. Ebenezer Warriner, b. 4 March 1682
9. Mary Warriner, b. 1 Apr 1685; prob. m. Increase Sikes
Children of Dea. James & Sarah (Alvord) Warriner:
10. Sarah Warriner, b. 13 Oct 1690; m. Ebenezer Thomas
11. Jonathan Warriner, b. 11 Nov 1692
12. John Warriner, b. 29 Nov 1694; d. 20 May 1696 Springfield MA
13. John Warriner 2d, b. 1696, died young
14. +Benjamin Warriner, b. 15 Apr 1698
15. David Warriner, b. 8 Oct 1701

Benjamin Warriner, son of James and Sarah (Alvord) Warriner, was b. 15 Apr 1698 in Springfield MA; he m. Mercy Bartlett, having intention filed in Springfield MA 20 Oct 1726. After he died, his widow Mercy married 4 Feb 1768 to Joseph Wright.
Children of Benjamin & Mercy (Bartlett) Warriner:
1. Benjamin Warriner, b. 3 Sep 1727 Springfield MA
2. Mercy Warriner, b. 31 Jan 1728. prob m. Deliverance Atkinson
3. Samuel Warriner, b. 23 March 1730
4. +Reuben Warriner, b. 6 March 1733
5. Anne Warriner, b. 10 Jan 1735; prob. m. Ezra Barker
6. Aaron Warriner, b. 13 Nov 1736; died of small-pox 25 Jan 1761, age 25
7. Eunice Warriner, b. 3 Apr 1739; m. Aaron Parsons
8. Jacob Warriner, b. 1 May 1742, twin; d. 10 Oct 1766 age 24
9. Israel Warriner, b. 19 May 1742

Reuben Warriner, son of Benjamin and Mercy (Bartlett) Warriner, was born in Springfield MA 6 March 1733; he m. 3 Feb 1756 to Sarah Willard of Springfield MA. He d. 29 Dec 1758. Power of administration granted to Sarah, widow, 12 March 1759, and she was appointed guardian of their won, Reuben on 10 July 1759. She m2) 20 Apr 1761 to Asa Colton, and they had nine children.
Children of Reuben & Sarah (Willard) Warriner:
1. +Reuben Warriner, b. 7 Nov 1756
2. Sarah Warriner, b. 12 Dec 1757, d. 17 Jan 1758 Springfield MA
Children of Asa & Sarah (Willard-Warriner) Colton:
[By his first wife, Asa had Margaret, b. 18 June 1758; m. Lemuel Parsons]
1. Enoch Colton, b. 30 Nov 1761 Springfield VT; m. Sarah Colton
2. Asa Colton, b. 5 Sep 1763 Springfield VT; m. Abigail Bliss
3. Lieut. Daniel Colton, b. 13 Apr 1767 Springfield VT; m1) Thankful Dennison; m2) Sarah Church; m3) Sarah Larvey
4. Lucius Colton, b. 5 Apr 1767 Springfield VT; m. Rebecca Martin
5. Lucina Colton, b. 31 Jan 169 Springfield VT; m. Elijah Walker
6. Willard Colton, b. 27 Sep 1770; m. Mrs. Molly Joy Richardson, widow of Dr. W. Richardson of Jericho VT
7. Electa Colton, b. 22 July 1772; m. Oliver Eno of Wintonbury (now Bloomfield) CT.

Reuben Warriner, son of Reuben and Sarah (Willard) Warriner was b. in Springfield MA 7 Nov 1756; he married Sarah Colton, dau of Gideon Colton 15 Feb 1783. He entered the volunteer service at the Bennington alarm. The Revolutionary rolls in the custody of the secretary of state of the commonwealth of Massachusetts, contain a record of this man serving as private in Capt. James Shaw’s company, Col. Pynchon’s regiment in 1777, and as corporal in Capt. Abel King’s (Springfield company) in 1781. After the war was over he settled in Vershire VT. He is buried in Vershire Village Cemetery, Vershire, Orange Co. VT.
Children of Reuben & Sarah (Colton) Warriner:
1. Sarah Warriner, b. 11 May 1783; m. Samuel Porter; also married Jesse Matlby; removed to Utah
2. Justin Warriner, b. abt 1785-86; m. Cynthia West
3. Anna Warriner, b. 30 June 1788 Vershire, Orange Co VT
4. Nancy Warriner, b. 29 July 1790 Vershire VT; d. 2 May 1864 Porterville, Morgan Co. Utah; m. 1 Jan 1812 in Vershire, Orange Co VT to Sanford Porter
5. Chauncey Warriner, b. 16 May 1792 Vershire, Orange Co. VT, d. 18 Aug 1802
6. Malinda “Linda” Warriner, b. July 1796, d. Aug 1796
7. Lucinda Warriner, m. 30 June 1798 to Stephen Russ; res. Thetford VT; had 2 ch.
8. Reuben Warriner, b. 1 Apr 1794 Vershire VT; d. Aug 1799 Orange VT
9. +Reuben Warriner 2nd, b. 16 Feb 1801
10. Ascenath, m. Ezra Hutchins; res. Bethel VT; Children [HUTCHINS]: Ezra, Orson, Warren, Charles, Milton, Ascenath.

Reuben Warriner, son of Reuben and Sarah (Colton) Warriner, was born 16 Feb 1801; married 20 November 1823 in Lebanon NH to Jemima Lawton/Lodden. He was the third Reuben in direct descent, and he had a son Reuben Diamond. He was a member of the Methodist Church. He was for many years a resident of Vershire VT and the land records mention his name. He died in Hartland VT in 10 December 1861 and was buried in North Hartland. His wife died Aug 10, 1856.
Children of Reuben & Jemima (Lawton) Warriner:
1. Sarah Jane Warriner, b. Vershire VT Nov 1824, died 14 Aug 1903 in VT; m1) Dec 1848 George Titus; m2) 8 Sep 1864 in Lebanon NH to Eben S. Trask. no ch; res. North Hartland VT
2. David Lawton Warriner, b. 30 July 1827 Vershire VT
3. Harriet Rowena Warriner, b. June 1831 in Verhire VT. He m1) 5 Oct 1853 to Jesse A Ford. Had ch: Isabel Julia and George Ashby. Jesse d. Hartford VT 1860. She m2) 1878 John W. Spear. He d. 1894.
4. +Reuben Diamond Warriner, b. 1832 Piedmont NH
5. Orson Hutchins Warriner, b. 10 Sep 1835 Thetford VT; m. 9 July 1873 in Columbus, Columbia, Wisconsin to Marion R. Rosenkrans, dau of Cyrus E. & Helen S. Rosenkrans.
6. Mary Warriner, b 19 October 1841 Hartford VT; d. 28 Jan 1923 Manchester NH; m. James Neal

Reuben Diamond Warriner, son of Reuben and Jemima (Lawton) was b. in Piedmont NH in Oct 1832, and  died 6 November 1913 in Bow NH; he married 1856 to Eliza B. Davis, dau of John C. & Sarah R. (Upton) Davis. She was b. 3 Nov 1827 in Bow, Merrimack Co NH, and died 5 August 1913 in Bow NH. Resided Hooksett NH. He was a farmer and railroad employee. He is buried in Alexander Cemetery, Bow NH.
1880 United States Federal Census > New Hampshire > Merrimack > Bow > District 162
Warriner, Ruben D. W M 47 Farmer VT VT VT
Warriner, Eliza A. W F 52 wife Keeping House NH NH NH
Warriner, George M. W M 23 son Laborer NH NH NH
Warriner, Mark W M 19 son farm hand NH NH NH
U.S. Census > 1900 United States Federal Census > New Hampshire > Merrimack > Bow > District 142
Warriner, Ruben Head M W Oct 1832 67 Married 42-44 yrs VT VT VT Farmer
Warriner, Eliza A. wife W F Nov 1829 71 married 44 yrs 3 ch 3 living NH NH NH
U.S. Census > 1900 United States Federal Census > New Hampshire > Merrimack > Bow > District 142
Warriner, George M. Head W M Feb 1856 44 married 9 yrs NH NH NH
Warriner, Sarah M. wife W F June 1852 47 married 9 yrs 1 ch 1 living NH NH NH
Tilton, Willie, boarder W M May 1887 13 single NH NH NH
Children of Reuben D. & Eliza (Davis) Warriner:
1. George M. Warriner, b. 21 February 1857 Goffstown NH, d. 27 Nov 1931 Concord NH; m. 23 April 1891 in Derry Depot NH to Sarah Maria (Gould) Tilton, dau of William C. & Sarah Gould; in 1910 living in Bow NH; census states Maria had 1 child who was still living (probably the Willie Tilton shows in the 1900 census, b. May 1887, from her former marriage). He is buried in Blossom Hill Cemetery in Concord NH.
2. +Perley Edson Warriner, b. 1858 NH; m. 1890 Blanche May McCrillis
3. Mark Eugene Warriner, b. 9 December 1860 Hooksett NH, d. 2 June 1937 in Concord NH; m. 1881 to Margaret Frances “Maggie” Murray; in 1910 living in Bow NH, wife lists 1 child but child not shown in census. She was b. Dec 1865 in NH, her parents born in Ireland or NH. 1920 census shows a daughter living with them, Gertrude E., b. March 1883, at school. The 1924 Bow NH Directory shows: “Warriner, Mark E. farmer and milkman, Hooksett rfd 1.” Gertrude m. Ernest William Saltmarsh and in turn had a son Donald Warriner Saltmarsh.  He is buried in Blossom Hill Cemetery, Concord NH.

Perley Edson Warriner,  son of Reuben Diamond & Eliza (Davis) Warriner, b. 13 Sep 1858 in Hooksett NH; m. 8 February 1880 in Bradford NH to Blanche May McCrillis, dau of Eli & Dorcas M.  (Tibbetts) McCrillis. Farmer, res.Dunbarton NH. Blanche was b. May 1862 prob in Dunbarton NH.  Blanche died 26 February 1929 in Dunbarton NH. Perley died 7 September 1934 in Dunbarton NH. The East Dunbarton Cemetery was first located on his land. The cemetery was later relocated to its present site.
U.S. Census > 1870 United States Federal Census > New Hampshire > Merrimack > Dunbarton
McCrillis Eli [Ezekiel] 43 M W Farmer 600/300 Maine
McCrillis Dorcas 27 F W Keeping House NH
McCrillis Edwin 16 M W Farm Labor Maine
McCrillis Eliza 15 F W Maine
McCrillis May 7 F W NH**
McCrillis Ezekiel 6 M W NH
McCrillis, Jennie C. 3 F W NH, twin
McCrillis Edith D. 2 F W NH, twin
1900 United States Federal Census > New Hampshire > Merrimack > Dunbarton > 146
Warriner, Perley E. Head W M Sep 1857 42 m 21 yrs NH VT NH  Farmer
Warriner, Blanche M. wife W F May 1862 38 m 21 yrs 4 ch 4 living NH Maine Maine
Warriner, Edgar P. son W M May 1880 20 single NH NH NH
Warriner, Hattie P. dau W F Nov 1888 11 single NH NH NH
Warriner, Ima M. dau W F Aug 1891 8 single NH NH NH
Warriner, Walter E. son W M July 1894 5 single NH NH NH
McCrillis Dorcas mother-in-law W F May 1833 67 Widow 5 ch 5 living ME ME ME
1900 United States Federal Census > New Hampshire > Cheshire > Harrisville > District 29
Conery, Silas M. Head W M Sep 1840 59 married 37 yrs VT NH VT Farmer
Conery, Susan E. wife W F Apr 1834 66 married 37 yrs 4 ch 4 living England Eng Eng
Conery, Bertha H. dau W F March 1867 33 single NY VT Eng
Conery, Minnie J. Dau W F Aug 1869 30 single NY VT Eng
Conery, Ory S[ilas], son W F [should be M] May 1873 27 single NY VT Eng
Lampman, Gertrude G. Dau W F Jan 1864 36 M 17 yrs 4 ch 4 living  NY VT Eng
Lampman, Wallace s-in-law W M Dec 1860 39 M 17yr NY NY NY
Lampman, Mabel A. granddau W F Dec 1883 16 single NY NY NY
Lampman, Esther M. grdau W F Apr 1885 15 single NY NY NY
Lampman, Peal B dau W F Dec 1889 10 single NY NY NY
Lampman, Ory W. Granddau W F Apr 1895 5 single NY NY NY
U.S. Census > 1920 United States Federal Census > Vermont > Orange > Randolph > District 42
Tolman, Frank S. Head M W 47 married Mass ME Mass parish ministry [b abt 1873 MA] [son of Alvin & Abbie] [Alvin son of Mary A.]
Tolman, Minnie C. (Connery) Wife F W 50 m NY Vermont England
Warriner, Weston L. nephew M W 14 single NH NH NY
Conery Silas M. father-in-law M W 79 married VT NH NH
Conery, Bertha H. mother-in-law F W 52 married NY VT England
Warriner, Theodore E. nephew W M 12 single NH NH NY
U.S. Census > 1880 United States Federal Census > New York > Franklin > Constable > District 81
Conery, Silas M. W M 39 Farmer VT NY VT
Conery, Susan W F 44 wife Keeping House England England England [b 1841]
Conery, Gertrude W F 16 dau NY VT England
Conery Bertha W F 13 dau NY VT England
Conery, Minnie W F 10 dau NY VT England
Conery, Silas O. W M 7 son NY VT England
Children of Perley E. & Blanche M. (McCrillis) Warriner:
1. +Edgar P. Warriner, b. 26 May 1881 Dunbarton NH
2. Linie Warriner (dau), b. Oct 1885 Dunbarton NH.  She died 23 Nov 1887 in Bow NH, age 2 years
3. Hattie P. Warriner, b. 11 Nov 1888 Dunbarton NH; she m. 28 March 1922 in Concord NH to Henry O. Prescott, son of Shirley O. & Ella C. (Heselton) Prescott.
4. Ina May Warriner, b. 13 Aug 1891 Dunbarton NH; m. 2 August 1924 in Concord NH to John Shirley Prescott, son of Shirley O. & Ella (Heseltine) Prescott
5. Walter Edson Warriner, b. 2 July 1894 Dunbarton NH; d. March 1974 Concord NH; registered for WWII Draft; he married Mollie Alexander (as shown on WWII Draft card) and residing in Concord NH in 1936. In 1920 he was living in Dunbarton NH with wife Molly A. and 2 children, Walter (b 18 Apr 1918, d. Apr 1970) and Elmer P. (b 26 March 1919 and d. 6 June 1991 Hartford VT; married). He also had a sons: George Maurice, b. 1923, who m. 8 August 1945 in Concord NH to Barbara Jean Gifford; and Douglas Taylor, b abt 1925 and m. 19 April 1947 in Concord NH to Edith Mae Chandler, dau of Harold & Carrie B. (Hodgman) Chandler.
6. Arthur Warriner, b. and d. 4 March 1899 in Dunbarton NH.

Edgar Perley Warriner, son of Perley E. & Blanche M. (McCrillis) Warriner, was b. 26 May 1881 in Hooksett NH [per his birth record, later documents state Dunbarton NH], and died 12 October 1944 at Shoreham VT. He m. 30 December 1903 in Dunbarton NH to Maybelle Agnes Conery Lampman,  daughter of Wallace W. & Gertrude (Conery) Lampman. She b. 23 December 1883 in Constable, Franklin Co NY, and died 16 May 1913 in Harrisville NH. Edgar P. Warriner  registered for the WWII Draft in 1942, was living at West Brookfield Street in Worcester MA at the time. He was a farmer.
The Burlington Free Press, Burlington Vermont, 14 Oct 1944, Page 13. Obituary: SHORHAM, Oct 13. — Edgar P. Warriner, 62 of Dunbarton, N.H. died suddenly of a heart attack Thursday afternoon [October 12, 1944] at 3 at Belmont Orchards where he was employed as orcharge foreman. He has been associated with Norris G. Buxton for the past 20 years and came here with him from West Brookfield, Mass, this summer, when Mr. Buxton purchased Belmont Orchards. Mr. Warriner is survived by a son, who is a lieutenant overseas, a son and two sisters in New Hampshire.
U.S. Census > 1910 United States Federal Census > New Hampshire > Merrimack > Dunbarton > District 209
Warriner, Edgar P. Head M W 29 m1x 6 yrs NH NH NH farmer
Warriner Maybelle wife F W 26 m1x 6 yrs 3 ch 3 living NY NY NY
Warriner, Weston L. son M W 4 single NH NH NY
Warriner, Theodore E. son M W 2 single NH NH NY
Warriner, Elwood G. son M W 3/12 single NH NH NY
U.S. Census > 1930 United States Federal Census > New Hampshire > Hillsborough > Merrimack > District 79
Connery, Bertha H. Head 2000 F W 63 single Ny VT England
Warriner, Weston L. nephew M W 24 single NH NH NY
Warriner, Theodore E. nephew W M 22 single NH NH NY
Warriner, Elwood G. nephew M W 20 single NH NH NY
Butler Henry E. nephew M W 39 married  MA Scotland Maine
Butler, Thelma G niece F W 27 married RI NY RI
U.S. Census > 1920 United States Federal Census > New Hampshire > Merrimack > Andover > District 58
Bristol, James S. Head M W 87 married NY NY NY Farmer
Bristol, Mary E. wife F W 75 married NH NH NH
Mardin, Ester housekeeper F W 34 married NY NY NY
Warriner, Elwood G. Boarder M W 10 single NH NH NY
1930 United States Federal Census > New Hampshire > Cheshire > Harrisville > District 6
Lampman, Wallace W. Head 2000 M W 69 married at age 22 NY NY NY
Lampman, Gertrude G. wife F W 66 married at age 19 NY VT England
Warriner, Sherman C. Grandson [should be nephew] W M 17 single NH NH NH
(Nashua, New Hampshire) > 1949 > July > 22
Reed’s Ferry July 22–Body of T/4 Weston L. Warriner, US Army, Reeds Ferry World War II Veteran who was killed in action, Dec 28 1944 on Leyte, Philippine Islands, is expected to arrive in New York within a few weeks. He is among the war dead from the Pacific area aboard the Army transport Sergeant Andrew Miller enroute to the states. Sergeant Warriner entered the service April 24, 1942 and served overseas on Guam before meeting his death on Leyte. He was 39 years old at the time. He was born in Dunbarton May 26, 1905, and was a graduate of McGaw Normal Institute. Prior to entering the service he was employed at the International Shoe Company in Merrimack.
The war hero was very active in several organizations. Besides being a member of the Merrimack Fire Department, he was past member of Thornton Grange, member of the National Grange, and Souhegan Lodge of Odd Fellows and the Puritan Rebekah Lodge.
Survivors include three brothers, Theodore E. Warriner of Reed’s Ferry, Elwood Warriner of Peterboro and Sherman Warriner of Portsmouth.  Sgt. Warriner was affiliated with the Merrimack Congregational Church and the First Baptist Church of Nashua.
Arrangements are in charge of the Fisk Funeral home, Merrimack NH.
Nashua Telegraph (Nashua, New Hampshire) > 1949 > August > 16
Reeds Ferry August 16 [1949] — Body of T/4 Weston Warriner, US Army, Reeds Ferry World War II veteran who was killed in action Dec 28, 1944 on Leyte, Philippine Islands, will arrive at the Union Station in Nashua Saturday Morning at 7:31
A large delegation of members of the Merrimack Legion post No. 98 will escort the flag-draped casket to the Fisk funeral home where relatives and friends may pay their respects that afternoon and evening.The funeral service will be held in the Congregational church Sunday at 2 PM with Rev. John Wright officiating.  He is the 13th repatriated dead from the Nashua area to be returned home for burial.
Nashua Telegraph
U.S. Rosters of World War II Dead, 1939-1945
about Weston L Warriner
Name:     Weston L Warriner
Gender:     Male
Race:     White
Religion:     Protestant
Cemetery Name:     New Hampshire
Disposition:     According to next of kin
Service Branch:     Army
Rank:     Technician Fourth Grade
Service Number:     31108275
Children of Edgar P. & Maybelle (Lampman) Warriner:
1. ***Weston Lord Warriner,*** b. May 26, 1905 Dunbarton NH; He enlisted 24 Apr 1942 in the US Army during WWII; killed in action, Dec 18 1944 on Leyte, Philippine Islands. [see pictured above].
2. Theodore Elmer Warriner, b. 8 Aug 1907 Dunbarton NH; d. Nov 1984 Merrimack NH; he married 29 June 1941 in Reeds Ferry (Merrimack) NH to Anna Lucille Stevens, daughter of Albert Melvin & Bernice Mae (Lufts) Stevens. Children: (1) Theodore “David” Warriner b 9 June 1946 Nashua NH, d. Dec 2003, res. Merrimack NH, buried Last Rest Cemetery; (2) Weston L. “Sam” Warriner of Merrimack NH, b. Jan 1945, still resides in Merrimack NH; (3) Robert “Bobby” Warriner of Concord NH, b 1950, d. 2009; (4) Linda Ann Warriner who m1) in 1968 to Michael Dillon, m2) Norman Morin, res. Nashua and Merrimack NH.
3. Elwood G. “E.G.” Warriner, b. 13 Jan 1910 NH; d. 15 May 1965 NH; in 1949 living in Peterborough NH
4. Sherman Conery Warriner, b. 28 Aug 1912 NH; d. 24 June 2002 Nashua NH; in 1949 living in Portsmouth NH.  He married 1st) 29 July 1945 in East Weare NH to  Beverly Nelson Phelps, daughter of Kunte W. & Muriel W. (Hamlin) Phelps.  He married 2d) 20 June 1946 at Portsmouth NH to Thelma Conery Butler, daughter of Dr. Orey & Mary (Kenney) Conery. She died 29 Nov 1973 in Nashua NH.

Note: Some early information in this genealogy from: “The Warriner family of New England origin : being a history and genealogy of William Warriner, pioneer settler of Springfield;” Joel Munsell’s Sons, Albany NY 1899.

[updated July 2013]

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