Hinsdale New Hampshire Journalist, Editor, and Publisher: Charles Anderson Dana (1819-1897)

He was born to a modest merchant family in Hinsdale, New Hampshire in 1819.

His mother having died when he was nine years old, he spent his early years with his maternal grandfather in Guildhall VT where he was provided a modest local education.  At the age of twelve he moved to Buffalo NY to work for his paternal uncle, William Uncle in the general store of Staats & Dana. The “Panic of 1837” caused his uncle’s store to go under and he was without employment.

In June 1839 he left Buffalo NY for Cambridge MA in order to enter Harvard College. At the end of his first year he was 7th in a class of seventy-four.  He completed two years of college work before his money ran out, and his eyesight failed. The honorary degree of bachelor of arts was conferred on him by Harvard College in 1861.

Although raised in the Congregational Church, Charles Dana was drawn to the Unitarian faith. In September 1841 he became part of “Brook Farm Association,” paying for his board by labor on the farm there and by giving instruction in Greek, German and other subjects. This association was part of the Transcendental movement and “an honest and conscientious effort to combine co-operative labor with democratic living and intellectual improvement.” He became the secretary and trustee of the Association. He remained here for five years, until 1846 (Their Brook Farm home having burned down on his wedding day).

He was hired by Elizur Wright of the Boston Daily Chronotype (a newspaper popular with Congregational ministers in Massachusetts) to read the exchanges, edit the news, and act as editor in Mr. Wright’s absence. In 1846 he removed to New York, and in February 1847 through his acquaintance Horace Greeley, he was employed as city editor for the New York Tribune. During this time he traveled to Europe for 8 months to report on the political scene there, especially that of France. Both Greeley and Charles Dana were anti-slavery, and pro-railroad. Charles worked for the Tribune for 15 years. “He sympathized with the down-trodden, the impoverished and the oppressed, and never for a day stood neutral or indifferent in any controversy which affected the interests of mankind at large.”

In 1848 he translated and published a volume of German “Stories and Legends” under the title of “The Blank Ant.” In 1857 he published “The Household Book of Poetry.”

Charles Anderson Dana, photograph, carte-de-visite, photographer James Wallace Black, 1864; Special Collections, Fine Arts Library, Harvard College Library

Charles Anderson Dana, photograph, carte-de-visite, photographer James Wallace Black, 1864; Special Collections, Fine Arts Library, Harvard College Library

He lost his job at the Tribune when he disagreed with editor Horace Greeley’s views about the direction of the Civil War. After this Charles Dana worked as a special investigator for the War Department, and in 1864 he was named assistant secretary of war. He helped stop fraud in the War Department.

Following the end of the Civil War he became editor and part owner of the New York Sun. He turned this newspaper into one of the most influential in the United States. Dana wrote editorials against Boss Tweed, the Crédit Mobilier and the Whisky Ring. He also  printed (but did not write) the sentimental “Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus” letter to eight-year-old Virginia O’Hanlon. At Charles Dana’s death, the newspaper printed a ten word obituary: “Charles Anderson Dana, editor of the Sun, died yesterday afternoon.”

With George Ripley he planned and edited Appleton’s “New American Cyclopedia”; in collaboration with General James H. Wilson wrote a “Life of General Grant. Dana described his journalistic philosophy in “The Art of Newspaper Making” in 1895.

C.A. Dana, from History of New Hampshire by Everett S. Stackpole, p200

C.A. Dana, from History of New Hampshire by Everett S. Stackpole, p200

He was self-taught in several languages (in addition to English) including Latin, Greek, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Danish and the Seneca dialect of the Native Peoples. One quotation attributed to him: “”When a dog bites a man that is not news, but when a man bites a dog that is news.”


Photograph of Charles A. Dana from: “The Life of Charles A. Dana,” by James Harrison Wilson LL.D., New York and London: Harper & Brothers Publishers, 1907


Richard Dana, colonial settler, landed in New England about 1640, and was one of the early settlers of Cambridge MA. Possibly he was the youngest child of Robert Dana (1571-1644) a tanner in Manchester England. Richard Dana as a young unmarried man seems to have been employed by Roger Shaw mowing his hay near the creek at Graves’ Neck (later East Cambridge). In 1647 Richard Dana received from the General Court of MA Bay Coloney a grant of land across the Charles River in what was called “Little Cambridge,” living here for 43 years (a part of which became Newton, and the rest Brighton). Dana’s estate was nearly a mile in extent, and consisted of over a hundred acres. In 1646 the Nonatum Indians met under the great oak with the preacher John Eliot, “The Apostle to the Indians.” About 1648 he married Ann Bullard, the dau of Robert and Anne Bullard who had come to Watertown in 1635 as a child. His first house was between the great oak and the Charles River. In 1656 he sold this dwelling house to Edward Jackson and it became the “Hunnewell Farm.” His 2nd house was nearly a mile further east and nearer to Old Cambridge, near the landing called “The Pines.” In 1656 he sold this house with about 70 acres to Thomas Cheney. In 1661 he bought a larger farm of 108 acres from Thomas and Mary Danforth where he lived [“Oak Square”] for 30 years until his death in 1690. Richard Dana had a regular seat assigned to him in the Meeting House of the First Church. Several of the gravestones of his family can still be seen in the burying ground at Harvard Square. In 1661 he was Constable; in 1665 he was one of the Surveyors of Highways; in 1673 he was Hog Reeve; in 1680 he was one of the Tithing Men. In 1689 he was a member of the Grand Jury in the Court of Assistants of the Massachusetts Bay Colony; in 1681 he requested to be relieved of “common trainings by Reason several Infirmities upon my body which disableth me from attending ye service.”  He met his death by a fall from the scaffold of his barn. Judge Samuel Sewall in his diary under the date, April 2, 1690, writes: “Father Dana falls from a scaffold in his Barn and dies.” His inventory included a house and barn and orchard valued at L55, five acres of meadow land valued at L30, and 71 acres of upland valued at L100; three beds, four tables, chairs, books, bed linen and table cloths, spinning wheels, pewter and brass, fire irons, candlesticks, arms and ammunition, Indian corn and rye, a cow, a mare and three brindle swine. The next day since he had no will, an agreement was drawn up for the division of his estate by his widow, and his four sons that were still alive, and the husbands of his three daughters living. He was one of the early donors to Harvard College.
Children of Richard-1 & Anne (Bullard) Dana, b. in “Little Cambridge” MA: [now Brighton MA].
1. John Dana, b. 15 Apr 1649; d. 12 Oct 1649
2. Hannah/Anne Dana, b. 8 July 1651; m. Samuel Oldham; had issue
3. Samuel Dana, b. 13 Oct 1653, d. 8 Nov 1653
4. +Jacob Dana, b. 2 Feb 1654/55
5. Joseph Dana, twin, b. 21 May 1656
6. Abiah Dana, twin. b. 21 May 1656; d. 8 Dec 1668
7. Benjamin, b. 20 Feb 1660 in Cambridge MA
8. Elizabeth Dana, b. 20 Feb 1661/62, bapt. 27 Apr 1662; m. Medford MA 14 Jan 1679, Daniel Woodward. Issue [Woodward]: Elizabeth, Mary, Daniel, Abigail, Sarah, Hannah, Amos, Susannah, Jonathan, Joseph.
9. Daniel Dana, b. 20 march 1663/64; bapt 3 Apr 1664; cooper; m. Naomi Croswell of Charlestown. This Daniel Dana was the ancestor of John Cotton Dana (i.e. Daniel Dana & Naomi Croswell > Caleb Dana & Phoebe Chandler > George Dana & Elizabeth Park > Charles Dana & Mary Gay Swann > Charles Dana & Charity Scott Loomis > John Cotton Dana).
10. Deliverance Dana, b. 5 May 1667, m. Ens. Samuel Hyde. Had issue [HYDE]: Deliverance, Patience, Prudence, Lydia, Abigail, Temperance, Nehemiah, Josiah, Anne
11. Sarah Dana, b. 1 Jan 1669/70; d. 11 Jan 1669/70.

Jacob Dana, son of Richard & Ann (Bullard) Dana, b. 2 Feb 1654/55 in Cambridge MA, died there 24 Dec 1698. He was the eldest son to grow to maturity, two elder sons having died in infancy. He m. abt 1678 Patience –. [Possibly her maiden name was Sabin]. Patience Dana outlived her husband and died in 1712, as we learn from the receipt for five shillings of the grave digger to Jonathan “hides,” her son-in-law, administrator of her husband’s estate, for digging a grave for his wife’s mother, 1712, and receipt for 23 s. 3 d. “for wines delivered June 3, 1712, for the Buriall of the widow Patience Dana.”  Jacob Dana served in King Philip’s War; was admitted to the Cambridge Church, Feb 7, 1696/7; lived at Cambridge MA on the old homestead. He also took part in the settlement of Pomfret, CT with other men of Cambridge, Newton and Roxbury MA, may have resided there for a time, as his estate had to pay a bill of 14s 6 d on Oct 15, 1714 for setting up a minister in Pomfret. Patience Dana was appointed administratrix of his estate Jan 23, 1698/9. She gave the regular bond, with Benjamin and Daniel Dana, sureties, having Samuel Phillps, the registrar, and John Winchester, a neighbor as witnesses. The inventory showed an ordinary amount of household goods and farm implements, cattle and other “moveables;” 5 acres of land by the house and an orchard on it; 22 acres at Mashamoquet (Pomfret, CT), described later as “remote wilderness land.” His father speaks in a petition of having furnished his “foure sons with armes.” For Jacob’s share in his father’s estate see agreement of the heirs in 1690, given under Richard Dana. The widow presented an account of her administration, June 19, 1699 on her death Jonathan Hide was made “administrator to the estate of his late father-in-law, Jacob Dana.” His account was approved by the children, the husbands of the married daughters signing for them; this was done when the eldest son, Samuel came to be “of age” and Jacob was “a minor of the age of 16,” in the year 1715/16. There was no settlement of the estate of Patience, as she had no separate property, and the division of Jacob’s estate was not completed until after her death.
Children of Jacob & Patience (?) Dana;
1. Jacob Dana, b. 12 Nov 1679, d. young.
2. Elizabeth Dana, m. 6 Sep 1714 at Rehoboth MA (as 2nd wife) John Read, son of John Jr. and Rachel Read. [marriage records spell “Dena.”] They had issue [READ]: Patience, Rachel, Patience 2nd.
3. Hannah Dana, b. 25 Nov 1685; d. 20 March 1747/48 Cambridge MA; m. 1706 Jonathan Hyde of Newton MA; had issue [HYDE]: Hannah, Josiah, Jonathan, Abigail, Caleb, Timothy, Thankful, Samuel, Joshua, Mary, Samuel
4. Experience Dana, b. 1 Nov 1687; unm in 1715
5. Patience Dana, m. 19 Apr 1711 Jeremiah Clark of Medfield MA. Children: [CLARK]: Elizabeth, –, –, Jerusha, Patience.
6. Samuel Dana, b. 7 Sep 1694 in Cambridge MA; d. 22 Aug 1770; m1) 1716
Abigail Gay; m2) Boston MA 6 Jan 1718/19 Susanna Starr. Had issue.
7. Abigail Dana, bapt 7 Feb 1696/97; m. 5 Sep 1718 Medway MA to David Bullen of Medfield MA. Issue [BULLEN]: Abigail, Judah, Hannah, Patience, Silence, Submit, David, Ebenezer
8. +Jacob Dana Jr., bapt 13 Aug 1699 (posthumous).

Jacob Dana, son of Jacob & Patience Dana, was born and baptized 13 Aug 1699 in Cambridge MA and d. 5 Aug 1791 ae “91 y. 11-1/2 m” in Ashford CT. On 12 March 1715/16 Samuel Oldham of Cambridge was made guardian of “Jacob Dana, a minor in his seventeenth year,” son of the late Jacob Dana. He was admitted to the Charlestown MA church 21 June 1719. He married (1) Charlestown MA 17 Nov 1720, Abigail Adams, dau of Samuel & Jane (Anderson) Adams. She was b. 3 July 1702, baptized in Charlestown
MA 17 Apr 1720 and admitted to the church there 28 May 1720. He married 2nd) in Stafford CT 20 Nov 1766 to Mrs. Martha (Smith) Carpenter of Stafford, widow of John Carpenter (as her fourth husband). She was admitted to the Ashford CT church in 1770, and died in 1801.
Children of Jacob & Abigail (Adams) Dana:
1. Jacob Dana, b. 16 Aug 1721 in Charlestown MA, bapt 20 Aug 1721; prob died young
2. Experience Dana, b. 25 Apr 1723, d. Pomfret CT 30 Nov 1731
3. Mary Dana, b. 29 May 1725; m. Ebenezer Phillips Jr. of Woodstock CT, had issue [Phillips]: Elisha and Phebe
4. Abigail Dana, b. 16 Apr 1727
5. Jacob Dana, b. abt 1729
6. Zeruiah/Zeviah Dana, b. 1731. d. Pomfret CT 19 Dec 1731
7. Zeruiah/Zeviah 2nd Dana, b. 14 May 1733, d. 25 May 1797 Leicester; m. 28 Jan 1753 Dea. Samuel Green, had issue [GREEN]: Samuel
8. +Anderson Dana, b. 26 Oct 1735 Pomfret CT
9. Experience Dana, b. 16 Oct 1737; m. 1761 Jonathan Hyde
10. Sarah Dana, b. 6 Apr 1743 Ashford CT; m. James Bramam
11. Priscilla Dana, b. 4 Apr 1745, Ashford CT, twin; m. 1771 Daniel Tenney
12. Eleanor Dana, b. 4 Apr 1745, twin

Anderson Dana, son of Jacob & Abigail (Adams) Dana was born 26 Oct 1735 at Pomfret CT. He marred 1 June 1757 at Lebanon CT to Susanna Huntington, dau of Dea. Caleb & Lydia (Griswold) Huntington of Lebanon CT. She b. 23 June 1730. They removed to Ashford CT, and about 1769 to Westmoreland (former name of Wymong) Valley of Wyoming PA; letters of dismissal are found at the Ashford Church “to a church about to be gathered at Wilksborough” dated August 31, 1769. He was on the Committee of Inspection for the town 8 Aug 1775, and represented Westmoreland in the General Assembly of CT in 1778, and had only returned home a week, when he and his son-in-law, Stephen Whiton, were tortured and killed by the Indians at the massacre of Wyoming 3 July 1778 in Kingston; he was acting adjutant on the day of the battle. Mrs. Dana and her widowed daughter, Mrs. Whiton, the bride of a few weeks, and six younger children traveled back to Ashford, 300 miles on foot, bringing her personal papers with her. She later moved to Wilkes-Barre PA and resided there.
Children of Anderson & Susanna (Huntington) Dana, b. in Ashford CT:
1. Eunice Dana, b. 10 May 1758; m(1) 1778 Stephen Whiton; m(2) 30 Jan 1787 as his 2nd wife, Jonah Gillet Jr. By 1st marriage (Whitton) she had Eunice; by 2nd marriage (Gillet) they had Jonah, Nancy, Elizabeth, Susanna, Dana, Chloe, Mary/Polly, Sally, and Benoni
2. +Daniel Dana, b. 16 Sep 1760
3. Susanna Dana, b. 16 Jan 1762; m. Jabez Fish of Wilkes-Barre and settled in Sheshequin PA. Children [FISH]: Maria, Jabez, Diantha, Lemira,
4. Sarah/Sally Dana, b. 30 Sep 1763; d. 1856; m. 6 Dec 1787 in Lebanon CT to Moses Hyde. removed to Middleburg NY, Livonia NY and Pavilion NY. Children [Hyde]: Lewis, Melissa, Milton.
5. Anderson Dana, b. 11 Aug 1765 [27]
6. Aziel Dana, b. 17 March 1767 [28]
7. Sylvester Dana, b. 4 July 1769 [29]
8. Eleazer Dana, b. 12 Aug 1772 [30]

Hon. Daniel Dana, son of Anderson & Susanna (Huntington) Dana, was b. 16 Sep 1760 in Ashford CT and d. 8 Nov 1839 in Warren Ohio. He enlisted in the army August 1776 at the age of sixteen from Wilkes-Barre, PA “with the understanding that he was to join a New York regiment. He served seven months or more finding his own arms, blanket and clothing;” was at Kingsbridge, then White Plains, where he was in a skirmish with the British advance guard and later at Peekskill.  In 1778 at the time his father was killed at the massacre of Wyoming, Daniel was at school in Lebanon CT, preparing for college, and he graduated from Yale in 1782. After graduation he studied law.  After leaving Wilkes-Barre, he resided in Enfield CT for fourteen years, and was chosen one of the choristers to lead in singing on 10 Nov 1794. In 1797 he removed to Guildhall VT, where he lived about 18 years. He was representative from Guildhall eight years, member of the Governor’s Council 3 years, Chief Judge of the Essex County Court 10 years, Judge of Probate 11 years. In 1814 he was a delegate to the Constitutional Convention. He was a Federalist and a deacon in his church. He then removed to Pembroke NY and was living there in 1832 when he received a pension for his service in the Revolution. In 1836 he went to Ohio to live with his son, Daniel H. Dana in Adams, Seneca Co Ohio.  He married 9 Feb 1785 at Enfield CT To Dorothy “Dolly” Kibbe [sometimes incorrectly shown as Dibbe] daughter of Isaac and Margaret (Terry) Kibbe of Enfield CT. She b. 17 Jan 1769 and died at Pembroke 9 June 1835. They were both admitted to the church at Enfield 23 Jan 1791.
Children of Daniel & Dorothy (Kibbe) Dana, born at Enfield CT:
1. Persis Kibbe Dana, b. 8 Apr 1786; m. 12 Jan 1808 at Gildhall VT to Capt. Thomas Carlisle of Lancaster NH. He b. 27 Jan 1781 in Lunenburg, son of Capt. David & Sarah (Cummings) Carlisle. They resided Lancaster NH until his death 9 Aug 1844. Had issue [Carlisle]: Nancy, Mary Persis, William Thomas, Julia, Harriet Dana, Sarah Cummings
2. Dorothy “Dolly” Dana, b. 1 May 1788, d. Guildhall VT 20 Feb 1808; unmarried
3. +Anderson Dana, b. 15 Jan 1790
4. Nancy Dana, b. 25 Nov 1791; d. 9 Oct 1835 Gaines NY; m. 7 Nov 1816 in Guildhall VT to Judge Elijah Foote of Hinsdale NH (as his 2nd wife). He was bapt. 20 June 1779 and d. 26 May 1853 in Brockport NY, son of Elijah Foote of Simsbury CT. Children [Foote]: Julius Dana, Nancy Maria, Annette, Mary Little
5. Sarah Dana, twin, b. 5 June 1793, d. 22 June 1793
6. Mary Dana, twin, b. 5 June 1793, d. 22 June 1793
7. Sarah Dana, b. 4 Sep 1794, d. 24 Dec 1795
8. Sarah Dana, b. 24 Sep 1796, bapt 2 Oct 1796 Enfield CT; m. 6 Feb 1822 in Pembroke NY to Dr. John Brown Harmon of Warren Ohio. He b. 19 Oct 1780 in Rupert VT, d. 7 Feb 1858 Warren Ohio, son of Reuben & Ruth (Rising) Harmon of Rupert VT. She d. there 7 Nov 1868. Children [Harmon]: John Brown, Julian, Charles Reuben, Edward Dana, Sarah Dana, William Kibbe
9. Daniel Huntington Dana, b. 29 March 1798 [59]
10. Mary Dana, b. 9/18 March 1800; m. 30 Jan 1823 Capt. Reynold Gillett. No ch.
11. Harriet Dana, b. 23 Oct 1801, d. 12 Apr 1802
12. William Kibbe Dana, b. 29 Feb 1804 [60]
13. Harriet Dana, b. 20 June 1806 Guildhall VT; d. 11 March 1829; unmarried
14. Edward Dana, b. 22 Feb 1809; d. 25 Dec 1827 Warren Ohio
15. Dolly Jane Dana, b. 7 Dec 1811 Guildhall VT; in 1886 she was the sole survivor of the family; resided in Warren Ohio with her nephew, Dr. Julian Harmon.

Anderson Dana, son of Daniel & Dolly (Dibbe) Dana, b. 15 Jan 1790 in Enfield CT, d. 3 March 1876 in Farmington OH; He m1) 6 June 1818 in Guildhall VT to Ann Denison, daughter of David & Anne (Paine) Denison/Dennison. She b. 7 June 1798 in Brooklyn CT and d. 7 Sep 1828 in Gaines NY.  A modest merchant, but failed in business when his oldest son was a few years old. They shortly afterwards removed to the village of Gaines in western New York, where he had charge of a warehouse on the banks of the Erie Canal for a while, giving it up to begin a small farm.  His first wife died leaving four young children. Anderson then returned to Ann’s father’s home in Guildhall VT where the children were divided, Charles removing to his uncle David Denison’s home, and the remained staying with their grandfather. Anderson married 2nd) at Hinsdale NH on 28 March 1833 to Mary Jane Wright, daughter of Dea. Wright of Hinsdale NH. They removed to Warren and Farmington Ohio.
Children of Anderson & Ann (Denison) Dana:
1. +Charles Anderson Dana, b. 8 August 1819 at Hinsdale NH
2. Junius Dana, b. 23 Apr 1821 in Hinsdale NH; d. 30 Oct 1906 in Warren Ohio; m. Martha Potter and had issue: William H. and Alice.  William Henry Dana, b 10 June 1846 was a musician, president of Dana’s musical institute at Warren Ohio. He was one of three who founded the Music Teacher’s National Association. He toured in Europe, and was author of several music composition and instrumentation books and manuals.
3. Ann Maria Dana, b. 17 Nov 1825; m. Osborne MacDaniel and had ch: Mary, Frances “Fannie”, Leonard, Marion and –.
4. David Dennison Dana, b. 7 Sep 1828 in Gaines NY; m1) 1859 Mrs. Mary R. (Hubbard) Nichols; m2) Hannah White Davis. Ch. by first wife: Annie.
Children of Anderson & Mary Jane (Wright) Dana:
5. Daniel Ross Dana, married and resided in Farmington Ohio. Had one ch, Harry b abt 1872
6. Wright Dana, married and resided in Farmington Ohio; had son Charles A. b. abt 1868
7. William Anderson Dana

Charles Anderson Dana, son of Anderson & Ann (Denison) Dana was b. in 1819. He married Eunice MacDaniel, daughter of John and Mary (Osborne) MacDaniel on 2 March 18 1846 at 39 Walker Street in New York City NY. (Later Eunice’s brother Osborne married Dana’s sister Maria). She was born 7 Jan 1824 and died 2 July 1903 at the age of 79 in New York City. He died 17 Oct 1897 at the age of 79 years at Glen Cove, Long Island NY. He resided in New York City, with a summer home at Dosoris, Long Island NY. See his biography above.
Children of Charles A. & Eunice (MacDaniel) Dana:
1. +Zoe Dana, b. 4 March 1847; m. 25 Apr 1872 Walter Mitchell Underhill, who d. March 1875. She resided NYC and Bedford Hills NY.
2. +Ruth Dana; m. Dr. William Henry Draper. Had ch: Ruth Draper (monologuist), and Alice Olin Draper b 1883 in NYC who m. Edward Carter and was a civic worker [see more ch] http://oasis.harvard.edu:10080/oasis/deliver/~sch00497
3. +Paul Dana, b. 20 Aug 1852
4. +Eunice Mignon Dana, b. 27 Aug 1854

Zoe Dana, dau of Charles A. & Eunice (MacDaniel) Dana, b. 4 March 1847. She m. 24 Apr 1872 to Walter Mitchell Underhill. He d. March 1875. She resided in New York City and Bedford Hills NY. She d. 25 Apr 1872 in New York City NY.
Children of Walter M. & Zoe (Dana) Underhill:
1. Walter Dana Underhill, b. 13 Feb 1873; secretary to his grandfather, Charles A. Dana in the editorial office of “The Sun.” unmarried.
2. Ruth Underhill, b. 8 June 1874; graduated Bryn Mawr; champion golf player; m. 27 Feb 1904 in Deland FL to Harold Tredway White. He was a Harvard graduate 1897) and son of William Augustus White. They resided in New York City and Bedford Hills NY.  Children: (1) William Augustus White d in 1907; (2) Elizabeth V. White b abt 1909; (3) John T. White was a student at Milton Academy; (4) Harold White

Ruth Dana, dau of Charles A. & Eunice (MacDaniel Dana, was b. 9 Apr 1850 and d. 16 Aug 1914 at Mount Kisco NY. She m. 5 Dec 1877 at Dosoris, Long Island NY (as his 2nd wife) Dr. William H. Draper. He was b. 14 Oct 1830 in Brattleboro VT and d. 26 Apr 1901 in NY, the son of George & Lucy (Barnard) Draper.
Children of Dr. William H. & Ruth (Dana) Draper:
1. Charles Dana Draper, b. 11 Jan 1879; graduated Harvard in 1900; banker in New York City
2. George Draper, b. 21 May 1880; prepared for college at Groton School; graduated Harvard in 1903; Columbia 1906, M.D.; pathologist at University of Pennsylvania in 1909; m. 14 Sep 1912 in Tuxedo NY to Dorothy Tuckerman, daughter of Paul Tuckerman.  Children: Diana Draper and George Draper.
3. Dorothea Draper, b. 19 Sep 1881 in Lenox; m. 15 Dec 1913 in New York City to Linzee Blagden, son of George Blagden of Boston MA; resided New York.
4. Alice Olin Draper, b. 23 March 1883; m. 5 Sep 1908 in Islesboro ME to Edward Clark Carter of Andover; he graduated Harvard in 1900, representative of Harvard in Indian in University Mission; general secretary for all universities; later in charge of YMCA for soldiers in London; resided New York City, Simla, India and London England. Children: (1) William Draper Carter, twin, b. 22 May 1909 NYC; (2) Edward Clark Carter, twin, b. 22 May 1909 NYC; (3) Peter Carter, twin, b. 28 May 1913 India, died young; (4) Margaret Carter, twin, b. 28 May 1913 in India, died young; (5) John Alden Carter, b. 13 Aug 1915 London England; (6) Ruth Dana Carter, b. — in London, England.
5. Ruth Draper, b. 2 Dec 1884; well-known reciter and monologist in America and Europe
6. Paul Draper, b. 29 Nov 1886; d. New York 15 Feb 1925; attended Groton School, at Harvard one year; studied music in Florence Italy and London; concert singer; m. 28 March 1909 at Haverhill to Muriel Gurden Sanders, dau of Thomas Sanders of Haverhill. They resided in London 1911-14 and Haverhill. She was a writer, res. Florence.  Children: (1) Paul Nathaniel Saltonstall Draper; (2) Raymond Sanders Draper

Paul Dana, son of Charles A. & Eunice (MacDaniel) Dana, b. 20 Aug 1852 in New York City; died there 7 Apr 1930, buried St. Paul’s Church cemetery, Glen Cove NY; he m. 11 Nov 1884 in New York to Mary Duncan Butler Duncan, dau of William Butler and Jane Percy (Sargent) Duncan of New York, and granddaughter of Winthrop Sargent, first Governor of Mississippi. She b. 6 Feb 1922, age 62.  He graduated Harvard 1874, Columbia LL.B. 1878; major 1st Brigade N.G., S.N.Y. on staff of Gen. Louis Fitzgerald, and served 13 years; Commissioner of Public Parks, New York 1891; succeeded his father as editor of the New York Sun in 1897; retired 1903; resided New York and Dosoris, Long Island NY. During World War I, he was stationed at Namur from May to June, 1915 as a member of the Committee for Relief in Belgium.  He was a member of the Sons of the
American Revolution, and of the Racquet, University, Harvard, Rockaway Hunting and Westminster Kennel clubs.
U.S. Census > 1900 United States Federal Census > New York > Nassau > Oyster Bay > District 728
Dana, Paul Head W M Aug 1852 47 married 16 yrs NY NH Maryland Publisher
Dana, Mary wife W F Jan 1861 39 married 16 yrs 3 ch 3 living NY Scotland Penn
Dana, Jeanetta daughter W F May 1885 15 single NY NY NY at school
Dana, Anderson son W M July 1889 10 single NY NY NY at school
Dana, Duncan son W M Nov 1891 8 single NY NY NY at school
Dana, Mrs. Charles A., mother W F Jan 1824 76 widow 4 ch 4 living MD MD MD
MacDaniel, Francis aunt W F May 1816 84 single MD MD MD
[servants, Ada Ball, Edith Perks, Jessie Haughes, Mary McTaggert, Catherine Burke, Milda Parter, Catherine Gilbride, Winifred McDonough [maids, housework]
Children of Paul & Mary D.B. (Duncan) Dana:
1. Janet Percy Dana, b. 29 may 1886; m. 2 Dec 1915 in New York to Dr. Warfield Theobald Longscope. He b. 29 March 1877 in Baltimore MD son of George von S. and Ruth (Theobald) Longscope of Baltimore. He graduated from John Hopkins University in 1897 and John Hopkins Medical School in 1901 and is professor there. He resided Baltimore MD. Children: (1) Barbara Longscope, b. 4 Oct 1916; (2) Duncan Longscope, b. 24 May 1920; (3) Mary Lee Longscope, b. 29 Aug 1923; (4) Christopher Longscope b
2. Anderson Dana, b. 3 July 1889; educated Groton School and graduated Harvard 1911; m. 4 Dec 1917 Plattsburg NY to Catryna Ten-Broeck Weed, dau of George Standish Weed of New York City. Capt. U.S. Artillery Reserves 1917; business executive New York City; resided Jericho NY, and Oyster Bay, Nassau Co NY. Children: (1) Jacob Dana, b. 31 July 1920, d. 4 June 1999 in Burlingame, San Mateo California, he m. Dolores R. –. She b. 1927; (2) Paul Dana, b. 5 Nov 1921.
3. William Butler “Duncan” Dana, b. 19 Nov 1891, d. Dec 1930; graduated Harvard in 1914; S.B. 1916; Member of Harvard Football Eleven 1914; then joined the Lafayette Escadrille in France; studied aviation at Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1917; was at one time research executive with the Lynn Branch of the General Electric COmpany. He was an inventor and much interested in sports; married 10 June 1916 in Cambridge MA to Anstiss Weston, dau of Robert D. and Anstiss (Walcott) Weston of Cambridge MA. She was b. 27 March 1895 in Cambridge MA They resided 41 Orne St., Marblehead MA where he was accidentally drowned while duck hunting 6 Dec 1930. He is buried in Marblehead Cemetery. Children: (1) Charles Anderson Dana, b. 1 Apr 1917 in Schenectady NY; (2) Anstiss Dana, b. 26 Jan 1920 in Salem MA; (3) Duncan Dana, b. 8 June 1926 in Salem MA, d. 12 Nov 1985 in Marblehead MA.

Eunice Mignon Dana, dau of Charles A. & Eunice (MacDaniel) Dana, b. 27 Aug 1854 in Ohio, d. 14 Nov 1936 at her home on 66 East 79th Street, New York City, at the age of 82 years (of a stroke): She m. 9 Nov 1882 Dr. John Winters Brannan. He b. 14 Feb 1853 in Cincinnati Ohio, son of Benjamin Franklin & Mary (Doddridge) Brannan of Washington DC. He graduated Harvard 1874, MD 1878; studied in Europe; resided Manhattan, New York City. He died 30 August 1936. Mrs. Brannan was one of the early members of the Women’s Political Union, of which Mrs. Harriot Stanton Blatch was the head, and in 1910 she was instrumental in the establishment of a small shop in New York to raise funds for the Union. When the National Woman’s party was organized in the Spring of 1913 under the name of the Congressional Union for Woman Suffrage, she was a member of the executive committee.  Four years later she was one of a group of 31 members of the party arrested for picketing in behalf of suffrage in front of the White House in Washington. She later was placed with 25 other women pickets in the Federal workhouse at Occoquan VA but was released on parole on Nov 24, 1917 because she was near collapse and it was feared further imprisonment would result in her death. Her husband who at the time was president of the board of trustees at Bellevue and Allied Hospitals, was present at Mrs. Brannan’s trial and declared her collapse was due to the “shocking treatment,” she and the other women had received at the workhouse. Mrs. Brannan discussed her experience in the prison in a talk before a women’s gathering and charged that the Federal administration was behind the attempt to suppress the suffrage campaign. She was a strong critic of President Wilson.
U.S. Census > 1910 United States Federal Census > New York > New York >
Manhattan Ward 15 > District 824
Brannan, John W. Head M W 57 m1x 28 yrs Ohio Ohio Georgia Physician
Brannan, Eunice D. wife F W 55 m1x 28 yrs 2 ch 2 living CT NH MD
Brannan, Dana son W M 26 single Colorado Ohio CT
Brannan, Eleanor D dau F W 20 single NY Ohio CT
[2 servants]
Children of John W. & Eunice M. (Dana) Brannan:
1. Dana Brannan, b. 28 Feb 1884 in Colorado Springs, Colorado, died 23 Nov 1965 in Delray Beach FL; he graduated Harvard 1905; Harvard Law School 1910; he married 1929 to Louise Owen Loehr, dau of Charles P. & Frances (Honig) Loehr. She b. 24 July 1889 in NYC and d. 18 May 1960 in Delray Beach FL. In 1930 a newspaper reporter [for the New York Times] living in Manhatten NY, with son John D. b abt 1930 in NY. Resided 10 Beekman Place, NYC in 1929. They had one ch, John Dana Brannan.
2. Philip Doddridge Brannan, d. 26 Oct 1888, died young.
3. Eleanor Doddridge Brannan, b. 20/28 March 1890 NY; at the time of her mother’s death in 1936 (obituary) she was single and living in New York.

1. “The Life of Charles A. Dana,” by James Harrison Wilson LL.D., New York and London: Harper & Brothers Publishers, 1907
2. The Dana Family in America, by Elizabeth Ellery Dana, Cambridge MA, 1956, page 147

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  1. Gene Piurkowski says:

    I am looking for information regarding “Abigail Dana” of Winchester, NH (next town from Hinsdale, NH mentioned in your article.) Probate and registry of deeds records for Cheshire County, NH list a 50 acre piece of property that she sold as the executrix of her husband, Daniel Dana’s estate. I cannot find either her husband or her buying this land. It is one of very few pieces of land that I cannot trace back to the original proprietors of Winchester, NH. It appears, from the “Dana Family in America,” pg 583 that Daniel married Abigail (last name unknown) and had a child Lucia. This daughter, as well as a son is mentioned in probate records. “Lucy” married one Henry Foster of Winchester, NH and was the mother of a large family. I might guess that Abigail inherited this land in question from her side of the family??? but cannot find her family tree. It seems as one Isaac Dan, also of Pomfret was a friend of Josiah Willard, the founder of Winchester. That could be my missing link??? Any ideas or info is greatly appreciated.


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      Gene, did you ever find the information you were looking for? I too am trying to find information on Abigail Dana and have just started looking for her. Sincerely, Linda Richardson, a distant relative of Abigail

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