New Hampshire’s Hellish Locations

Yes, despite New Hampshire’s well-earned reputation as a place of beauty, it has at least two locations with devilish names.

The first, HELL GATE, is an old logging camp in Coos County, near Dead River. (By the way, “Dead” River obtained its name because at one point the river is nearly flat, or “dead”, not because anyone in particular died there). This old camp is located within 27,000 acres of woodland in the Northern Forest region of New Hampshire, near Erroll New Hampshire and the Maine state line, in an area known as “the Grant.”  This land was given to Dartmouth College by the State of New Hampshire in 1807.  Hell Gate Cabin is available to rent form the Dartmouth Outing Club.  Want to learn more about Hell Gate logging camp? The Northern Forest Heritage Park, has a photograph collection of the early loggers of this camp.

HELL HOLLOW, is a location in the south central section of the town of Plainfield, in Sullivan County, New Hampshire. I highly doubt that this charming, small town has any occult or evil associated with it.  More likely the early inhabitants, many of whom came from Plainfield, Connecticut, brought with them the name of Hell Hollow that already existed in their former residence. [The Connecticut folks are well known for naming places after the Prince of Darkness].  Perhaps doing this made them feel more at home.  Or perhaps odd names tickled the fancy of the early residents.  After all, they also have a Blow-Me-Down Brook.


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