Lancaster New Hampshire Punk Rock Musician, Kevin Michael "G.G." Allin (1956-1993)

G.G. Allin’s biography was not typical of those I usually research for this blog. I’ve never listened to his music, nor seen one of his performances.  Nor do I wish I had. Up until a few months ago, I had never heard of him.

Be forewarnedIf you do not wish to read disturbing material, please refrain from selecting the links below.  I have been careful, but truthful, in my presentation of this material.

If I solely wrote about New Hampshire’s history and people that I find comfortable, or politically correct, then I would not be honest with myself, or with you.  I sometimes complain that our history books are sugar-coated, and that they contain selective topics supporting a single point of view.  Therefore history honesty has to begin with me.

New Hampshire’s people are not all angels, nor all demons.  Human beings fall somewhere in between those categories–usually.  For this blog entry, I’ve selected a person from the not so distant past, who appeared to sit on the demon end of the humanity scale. But did he really?

G.G. Allin’s music and performances were not for the faint of heart.  To some, he was the ultimate rebel.  To others he was a disgusting degenerate. His stage act, which will NOT be thoroughly described on this blog, resulted in his being arrested over 50 times.  Often the clubs where he played closed within 10-20 minutes of his beginning the performance.

GG Allin

GG Allin

He abused his body, his stage members, and his fans.  His supporters admired his ability to freely express himself, and enjoyed that it disgusted or outraged others.  Even his song titles were created to shock and repulse. Some called him brilliant, while others saw him as a troubled soul. In 1989 the State of Michigan’s court sentencing recommendation included a description of G.G.’s profile of “alcohol dependency, mixed personality disorder with borderline narcissistic and masochistic features, and antisocial personality disorder.”

G.G. Allin recorded for many small labels and with many different bands.  He promised his fans he would commit suicide on stage for them.  He died of a drug overdose before he could keep that promise.

Reportedly he was born as Jesus Christ Allin, on August 29, 1956 in Lancaster New Hampshire to Merle and Arleta (Gunther) Allin.  His name was changed to Kevin Michael Allin by the time he entered school, but went by the name nickname,”G.G.”

Despite living with an reportedly abusive father (who appears to have suffered from a mental illness), G.G. appears to have led a fairly normal childhood, once his mother divorced and remarried.  G.G. played the drums in his high school band. His first rock band was called G.G. Allin and the Jabbers. Over time his performances developed into an “extreme” musical act including on stage nudity, assault of others and mutilation of himself. G.G. was arrested 52 times, and served several jail terms for disorderly conduct, assault, indecent exposure, drunk and disorderly, violating parole, and attempted murder. One of those arrests was in 1986 in Manchester NH for disorderly conduct, where he paid a fine, but did no jail time.

In a television interview on the Jerry Springer Show, G.G. stated, “”My mission is to put danger back into rock and roll.”  He died of a drug overdose in New York City on June 28, 1993. He was 36 years, 9 months and 30 days old.

G.G. continued to shock, even after his death. At his funeral, his corpse was dressed in a black leather jacket and a jock strap, and a bottle of Jim Beam was placed beside him in his casket, as per his wishes (openly stated in his song, “When I Die”). GG Allin was buried July 3, 1993 in the Saint Rose Cemetery in Littleton, NH.


**Additional Reading**
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William Allen, son of William & Margaret (Twigg) Allin, b. abt 1605 and d. 1667.  He married abt 1636 to Rosa Storke.  She b. abt 11 Oct 1606. ?he married 2nd, Helena Horner.
Child of William & Rosa (Storke) Allen:
1. +William Allen, b. 1 March 1646 in Salem, Essex Co MA

—–Next Generation—–

William Allen, son of William & Rosa (Storke) Allen) was b. 1 March 1646 in Salem, Essex Co MA, and d. 1685 in Portsmouth, Newport, RI.  He married in 1663 in Portsmouth, Newport Co RI to Elizabeth Hill or Scranton.  She b. 1664 in England and d. 1704 in Portsmouth, RI. In 1683 is of record at Portsmouth (Prudence Island) Rhode Island. He purchased a large tract of land, which included the subsequent village of Drownville (now West Barrington), built a house, and was resident of that place prior to 1670. One record states that both he and his wife died in 1685. In his will, proved 1685, he gave “to second son Thomas, my now dwelling house in Swansea, only half thereof to be for his wife Elizabeth for life, and the stock thereon, equally to wife and son Thomas.”
Children of William & Elizabeth Allen:
1. Benjamin Allen, b. 1652, resided in Rehoboth MA; m. Hopestill Leonard and had issue.
2. Mary Allen
3. William Allen, of Portsmouth RI, who was deputy to the general court in 1705
4. +Thomas Allen, b. Jan 1669 on Prudence Island, Newport Co RI, later of Swansea MA
5. John Allen, of North Kingstown RI
6. Matthew Allen
7. Mercy Allen; m. John Barnes, son of Thomas and Prudence Barnes
8. Sarah Allen

—–Next Generation—–

Thomas Allen, son of William & Elizabeth (Hill) Allen, b. Jan 1669 on Prudence Island, Newport, Rhode Island, and d. 11/12 Aug 1719 in Swansea, Bristol Co MA. He married 24 Sep 1694 in Swansea MA to Anne Barnes, dau of Thomas & Prudence (Albee) Barnes. She was b. 12 Feb 1669 in Mendon MA and d. 5 Apr 1758 in Bristol RI. By his will he gave his estate to his sons, Matthew and Thomas, equally, after widow’s dower
Children of Thomas & Anne (Barnes) Allen:
1. Elizabeth Allen, b. 29 Nov 1695 in Swansea MA
2. +Matthew Allin, b. 22 June 1797 in Swansea MA
3. Anne Allen, b. 2 July 1699 in Swansea MA
4. Rebecca Allen, b. 2 Sep 1701 in Swansea MA
5. Althea Allin, b. 2 Apr 1704 in Barrington RI
6. Thomas Allen, b. 13 Oct 1706 in Swansea, MA
7. Abigail Allen, b. 30 Aug 1709 in Swansea MA

—–Next Generation—–

Matthew Allin, son of Thomas & Anne (Barnes) Allen, b. 22 June 1697 in Swansea, Bristol Co. MA, and d. 2 June 1761 in Barrington RI.  He married 7 Apr 1726 in Barrington RI to Ruth Stockbridge, dau of Charles & Abigail (Tilden) Stockbridge.  She b. 30 July 1700 in Scituate, Plymouth Co MA and d. 10 March 1784 in Barrington, Bristol Co MA. In 1730 one of the assessors of Barrington RI. In 1733 one of the trustees “of bank money.” In 1734 called “Anabaptist.” In 1736, 1737, and 1738 Lieut Matthew Allen was moderator of the town meeting. In 1738, town treasurer. In 1741, 1742, and 1743 he was moderator and town treasurer.
Children of Matthew & Ruth (Stockbridge) Allin:
1. Elizabeth Allin, b. 31 Oct 1726 in Barrington RI
2. Mercy Allin, b. 24 Sep 1728 in Barrington RI, d. 21 Aug 1740
3. Anne Allin, b 4 March 1731/32 in Barrington RI, d. 9 Sep 1740
4. Ruth Allin, b. 14 Apr 1733 in Barrington RI
5. Rebecca Allin, b. 17 March 1735 in Barrington RI, d. 10 Sep 1740
6. Rachel Allin, b 16 July 1737 in Barrington RI, d. 15 Sep 1740
7. Abigail Allin, b. 19 Nov 1739 in Barrington RI, b. 4 Sep 1740
8. Thomas Allin, b. 1742 brigadier general during the American Revolution; m. Amy Bicknell, dau of Peter Bicknell. Children, William, Rebecca, Thomas, Nancy, Elizabeth, Shearjashub, George, and John Jay.
9. +Matthew Allin, b. 15 June 1744 in Barrington, Bristol Co RI

—–Next Generation—–

Matthew Allin, son of Matthew & Ruth (Stockbridge) Allen, was b.  15 June 1744 in Barrington, Bristol Co RI and d. 10 May 1794, aged 50 years in Barrington RI.  He married 1st) abt 1765 to Elizabeth Tiffany.  She was b. 22 Jan 1745 in Warren RI.  He married 2d) 17 March 1768 in Rehoboth, Bristol Co RI to Bathsheba Peck, dau of Thomas & Deliverance (May) Peck. She was b. 13 Aug 1746 in Rehoboth RI and d. 19 Sep 1789. He married 3d) to Molly Hall; The History of Barrington RI mentions Captain Lieutenant Matthew Allin. Sections of Matthew Allin’s diary written during the American Revolution are quoted in the town’s history. He commanded a company of Rhode Island troops in the Army of Observation under General Greene. On the 13th of June, four days before the Battle of Bunker Hill, Captain Allin command a Rhode Island Co., composed in part of Barrington soldiers at Roxbury and Dorchester Heights, on the right of the American lines under Putnam.  In 1777 he was a member of Capt. Samuel Bosworth’s Artillery Co., and on June 5th, of that year, was appointed by Col. Nathan Miller, with eight others, to keep a guard on Rumstick for fifteen days. In 1781 he was one of the “Gentleman soldiers of the Senior Class” of Barrington.  In 1788 he represented the town in the Assembly. His burial site is at Allin Yard, west of Annawomscutt Creek at Drownville, [now Barrington] Rhode Island.
Children of Matthew & Elizabeth (Tiffany) Allin:
1. Elizabeth Allen, b. 18 March 1767 in Barrington, Bristol Co RI
Children of Matthew & Bathsehba (Peck) Allin:
2. Ruth Allen, b. 20 Sep 1769 in Barrington RI; m. Josiah Hunt, had issue.
3. Huldah Allen, b. 6 March 1771 in Barrington RI
4. +Matthew Allen, b. 16 Oct 1774 in Barrington RI
5. Soleven/Sullivan Allen, b. 25 Sep 1776 in Barrington RI; m. Susanna Kent
6. Clowey/Chloe Allen b. 14 Feb 1780 in Barrington RI
7. Mercy Allen, b. 21 Ma 1783 in Barrington RI; m. Abel Pierce, had issue.

—–Next Generation—–

Matthew Allen, son of Matthew & Bathsheba (Peck) Allin, b. 16 Oct 1774 in Barrington, Bristol Co. RI and d. 1851 in St. Johnsbury VT. He married 20 Feb 1801 to Desire Kent, dau of Josiah & Anne (Low) Kent.  She b. 8 Feb 1781 and died after 1860 probably in Vermont.
Children of Matthew & Desire (Kent) Allen:
1. Carlton Allen, b. c1803
2. Lemuel Allen, b. c1805/1806; m. Betsey B. and had ch, Mary Ann, John, Emily E., Sarah J. and Alma; in 1850 living in Lemington, Essex Co VT
3. Huldah Allen, b. c1808
4. +Horatio Nelson Allen, b. c1811
5. Fanny Allen, b. c1815
6. William Allen, b. c1818
7. Nancy Allen, b. c1823

—–Next Generation—–

Horatio Nelson Allen, son of Matthew & Desire (Kent) Allen, b. 1811 in VT, d. 1895; m. 1838 in Vernon, Vermont to Betsey Cody.  She b 1812 in Ireland, and d. 1885. He was a farmer residing in Guildhall, Vermont.
Census > U.S. Census > 1850 United States Federal Census > Vermont > Essex > Guildhall
Horatio N. Allen 39 M Farmer 3500 VT
Betsey Allen 35 F Ireland
Sheriden W. Allen, 10 M VT
Josephine Allen 9 F VT
Ruellor A. Allen 7 F VT
Horatio N. Allen Jr. 2 M VT
Ellery K. Allen 5 M VT
Matthew Allen 76 M Rhode Island
Kesiah Allen 69 F Rhode Island
Jerrod P. Smith 20 M Laborer NY
John Eger 23 M Ireland
Rosetta Allen 1/12 F VT
U.S. Census > 1860 United States Federal Census > Vermont > Essex > Guildhall
H N Allen 48 M VT
Betsy Allen 45 F Ireland
S W Allen 20 M. VT
Josephine F Allen 18 F VT
Luella A Allen 17 F VT
Ella D Allen 14 F VT
H N Allen 13 M VT
Cornie Allen 7 F VT
Martha Allen 5 F VT
Patrick Gleason 22 M Laborer Canada
Joshua Kent 74  M Rhode Island
Catherine Morse 62 F VT
Desire Allen 78 F Rhode Island
Betsy Cummings 13 F Canada
May Melia 47 F Ireland
Benj Bertwell 25 M VT
Children of Horatio N. & Betsey (Cody) Allen:
1. +Sheridan W. Allen, b. Sept 1839 in St. Johnsbury, VT
2. Josephine Allen, b. c1841 in Vernon VT; m. — Wilder, had issue.
3. Ellery Kent Allen, b. abt 1842 in VT; m. Ellen Larkin, had issue.
4. Luella Arvilla Allen, b. abt 1843 in VT; m. James McClellan/McCellan; had issue.
5. Horatio N. Allen, b. 7 Aug 1848 in Vernon VT; m. Carrie Mayberry
6. Rosetta Allen, b. 1850, d. 23 August 1854 in Guildhall VT
7. Caroline “Cornie” Allen, b. 1852
8. Matthew Allen, b. 10 July 1854 in Vernon VT; m. Kate M. Waters, had issue.

—–Next Generation—–

Sheridan W. Allen/Allin, son of Horatio Nelson & Betsy (Cody) Allen, b.  Sep 1839 in St. Johnsbury VT, d. 16 Aug 1928 in Lancaster, Coos Co. NH; m.  to Louisa J. Tilden, dau of Charles B.W. & Louisa (Slack) Tilden.  She b.   20 February 1846 in Lowell, Massachusetts, and died 3 November 1914 in Maidstone, Vermont. Farmer residing in Maidstone VT.
1870 United States Federal Census > Vermont > Essex > Maidstone
Allin, Sheridan 30 M W Farmer 1000 VT
Allin, Louisa 23 F W Keeping House Mass
Allin, Della 4 F W Vermont
Allin, Eva G. 2 F W Vermont
Butler, John 50 M W Farm Laborer NH
1880 United States Federal Census > Vermont > Essex > Maidstone > District 97
Allen, Sheradon W M 40 Farmer VT VT Ire
Allen, Louise J. W F 33 wife keeping House Mass VT VT
Allen, Della C. W F 18 dau VT VT VT
Allen, Eva G. W F 11 dau VT VT VT
Allen, Charles H. W M 8 son VT VT VT
Allen, Infant, W F ? daughter VT VT VT
Tilden, Louise/Leonise W F 55 wife’s mother boarder VT VT NH
Children of Sheridan W. & Louise (Tilden) Allen/Allin:
1. Della Allen, b. March 1866 in VT; m. Charles H. Rainey. He b. Ma 1854 in Canada. In 1900 they were living in Victory, Essex Co. VT, no children at that time. In 1920 she was widowed and living in Lewiston, Androscoggin ME, employed as the matron at the Old Ladies Home.
2. Eva Gertrude/Gurtrude Allen, b abt 1868; m. 3 Sep 1889 in Lancaster NH to Charles M. Rich son of Charles & Diadema (Willard) Rich.  Children [Rich]: Jerry, Gladys (m. McGoff), and Georgie (m. Waterman), Gertrude. In 1910 living in Guildhall, Essex Co VT
3. +Charles Tilden Allin, b. 10 June 1871 in Maidstone, VT
4. Ritie “Rita” Allen, b. 25 May 1880 in VT; married — Bucknam. She died 17 Jun 1914 in Maidstone VT.
5. Sheridan Webster Allen, b. 25 March 1882 ; m. Ellen Farlinger, dau of Wesley & Jennie (McCullough) Farlinger, of Glengarry, Ontario, Canada; farmer in North Stratford Co. NH.

—–Next Generation—–

Charles Tilden Allin, son of Sheridan & Louise (Tilden) Allen/Allin, b.   10 June 1871 in Maidstone Vermont, and died by 1930; m1) 7 Nov 1894 in Vermont to Eva W. Kent. She b abt 1864 in Burlington, VT. He married 2d) by 1920 to Bertha Presby, dau of Joseph W. & Isabelle Presby.  She b 23 Aug 1893 in Scio, Allegany New York, and died May 1972 in Tilton, Belknap Co NH. In 1913 Miss Bertha Presby was living in Laconia NH.
U.S. Census > 1910 United States Federal Census > New Hampshire > Coos > Stratford > District 69
Allin, Charles H. Head M W 37 m1x 15 yrs VT VT VT Farmer, General Farm [b abt 1873]
Allin, Eva wife F W 36 married 15 yrs 3 ch 3 living VT VT VT
Allin, Horatio N. son M W 14 single VT VT VT
Allin, Charles T. son M W 11 single VT VT VT
Allin, Esther A. daughter F W 8 single VT VT VT
U.S. Census > 1920 United States Federal Census > New Hampshire > Coos > Stratford > District 197
Allin, Charles H. Head M W 47 married VT VT VT [b abt 1873]
Allin, Bertha P. wife F W 26 married NY NH NH
Allin, Horatio W. son M W 24 single VT
Allin, Charles F/T. son M W 20 single VT VT VT
Allin, Reynold E. son M W 1-8/12 single NH
Allin, Sheridan W. Father M W 82 widow VT VT VT [b abt 1838]
1930 United States Federal Census > New Hampshire > Belknap > Tilton > District 19
Presby, Clinton F. M W 39 Widow married at age 28 CT NH NH Drug clerk
Presby, Presten L. son M W 10 single NH CT NH
Presby, Isabel S. mother F W 36 widow married at age 22 NY NH NH
Allin, Bertha P. sister F W 36 widow married at age 22 NY NH NH House keeper, private family
Allin, Reynold E. nephew M W 11 single NH VT NY
Children of Charles T. & Eva (Kent) Allin:
1. Horatio Nelson Allin, b. 22 Aug 1895 in Maidstone, VT, resided North Stratford, Coos Co NH; married; in 1932 living in Groveton NH
2. +Charles Tilden Allin, b 15 March 1899 in Maidstone, VT
3. Esther A. Allin, b.  15 Nov 1901 in VT ; m. — Thompson
Child of Charles T. & Bertha (Presby) Allin:
4. Reynold E. Allin, b. 21 Apr 1918 in Groveton NH; in 1930 living in Tilton NH with his mother.  He died 2 October 2004 in Laconia NH. He graduated from Tilton School and Marietta College in Ohio. Served in U.S. Navy from 1942 to 1947. He worked for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers as a clerk, for Johns-Manville in Tilton NH and as a U.S. Postal Service employee in Concord NH for 27 years. He married Gonda Ewers about 1948. She was born 21 July 1926.  They had one daughter, Marlis H. Allin, who married Robert K. Jurta.  Two grandchildren, Roxanne Jurta and Robert Jurta.

—–Next Generation—–

Charles Tilden Allin Jr., son of Charles T. & Eva (Kent) Allin, was b.15 March 1899 in Maidstone, VT, and d. January 1975 in Groveton, Coos Co. NH.  He married  17 Jul 1921 in Canaan NH to Madolyn/Madeline C. Gray, daughter of Melvin A. & Fanny L. (Colby) Gray.  She b. 1 Aug 1904 in Columbia NH.
U.S. Census > 1930 United States Federal Census > New Hampshire > Coos > Northumberland > District 41
Allin, Charles T. Head M W 30 married at age 22 Vermont VT VT  finisher, paper mill [b abt 1900]
Allin, Madeline wife F W 26 married at age 18 NH NH NH [b abt 1904]
Allin, Chas T. Jr. son M W 8 single NH VT NH
Allin, Merele [Merle] C. son M W 6 single NH VT NH
Allin, Stuart G. son M W 3-10/12 single NH VT NH
Social Security Death Index Record
Name: Charles Allin
SSN: 001-10-4180
Last Residence: 03582  Groveton, Coos, New Hampshire, United States of America
Born: 15 Mar 1899
Died: Jan 1975
State (Year) SSN issued: New Hampshire (Before 1951 )
Children of Charles T. & Madeline (Gray) Allin:
1. +Charles Tilden Allin Jr., b. 22 Aug 1921 in NH
2. +Merle C. Allin, b 20 Oct 1923 in NH
3. Stuart G. Allin, b. 11 June 1926 in NH; died 5 April 2003 in Lancaster, Coos Co NH; enlisted in Army during WWII.

—–Next Generation—–

Charles Tilden Allin, son of Charles Tilden & Madeline (Gray) Allin was b. 22 August 1921 in NH, and died 29 December 2010 in Coos Co. NH. He married 1st) 19 Dec 1940 to Harriet Rolf Connary; He married 2d,  12 July 1947 in Whitefield, Coos Co. NH to Betty Joyce Smith, daughter of Leon E. & Hazel Linnie (Brown) Smith.  He married 3rd, 19 Feb 1949 in Lunenburg VT to Harriet C. Allin.
Children of Charles T. & Harriet R. (Connary) Allin:
1. Bruce Atwood Allin, b. 25 Oct 1943 in Lancester, Coos Co NH, d. 31 Aug 1982 in Fayetteville NC.  He married Barbara Jane Samson.
2. Charlotte Allin, m. — Naves

Merle Colby Allin, son of Charles Tilden & Madeline (Gray) Allin,  b. 20 Oct 1923 in VT, d. 23 June 2001 in Lancaster Coos Co NH; he married1st) 10 Oct 1942 at Lancaster NH to Lillian Flora Blodget, daughter of Haven S. & Flora E. (Barnett) Blodget.  He m2nd) Arleta M. Gunther. She was b 17 Aug 1936. They resided in Lancaster NH. Arleta divorced her husband about 1961; Merle was a mill paper worker, resided in Groveton NH. She married 2d) John Baird. In 1989 she was a patient billing employee, and resided in Littleton NH as late as 2002. In 2010 Arleta Baird was living in Franconia NH.
Social Security Death Index Record
Name: Merle C. Allin
SSN: 003-14-5227
Last Residence: 03584  Lancaster, Coos, New Hampshire
Born: 20 Oct 1923
Died: 23 Jun 2001
State (Year) SSN issued: New Hampshire (Before 1951 )
Social Security Death Index Record
Name: Kevin M. Allin
SSN: 002-46-7697
Born: 29 Aug 1956
Died: 28 Jun 1993
State (Year) SSN issued: New Hampshire (1970-1971 )
Children of Merle C. & Arleta (Gunther) Allin:
1. Jesus Christ aka Kevin Michael Allin, b. 29 Aug 1956 at Weeks Memorial Hospital in Lancaster NH; Known as “G.G. Allin”; died 28 June 1993 at 29 Avenue B, Manhattan NY (at a friend’s apartment) of a drug overdose. Buried Saint Rose Cemetery, Littleton, Grafton County, New Hampshire. He was married 6 Oct 1980 to Sandra Farrow, divorced 1985. By his girlfriend of four years, Tracy Deneault, he had a daughter, Nicoann Deneault, b. March 13, 1986. [this information is easily found on several web sites, therefore I consider it to be public information]
2. Merle Colby Allin Junior, b. 1 Sep 1953; resides in Nutley NJ; bassplayer; married twice.

*ADDITIONAL READING* photographs of GG Allin through time.

[genealogy updated November 2, 2013 and 17 August 2018]

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