New Hampshire: 40 Different Words For Rain

You know, in New Hampshire we have over 40 different words for rain…”

All of them unprintable,” Joanie at Grain of Salt reported on TJ’s original comment.

So here is my challenge for this week…  the “Cow Hampshire” Award of the Week will be awarded to the person who can list the most words for “rain” that are already shown below.  Foreign words, such as “lluvia” which is Spanish for rain, are NOT allowed.  These must be English words.  Multiple words, such as “cloud burst” are allowed.

I’ve come up with 29 different names for rain as follows:  cat-and-dogs, buckets, cloud burst, cloud juice, condensation, deluge, downpour, drencher, drops, drizzle,  falling fog, heavy dew, inundation, liquid sunshine, mist, monsoon, pouring rain, precipitation, pelting rain, rainstorm, (it’s) pouring, shower, sky juice, sprinkles, storming, rain, rainstorm, torrent, wet stuff

Take the rain challenge!!


Rain, rain, go away.
Come again some other day.
— Child’s Rhyme


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2 Responses to New Hampshire: 40 Different Words For Rain

  1. Andrew Edge says:

    Spitting. Throwing, pissing, pelting, or chucking it down.

  2. Annette Postill says:

    Raining stair-rods, mizzle, siling down (this is from Yorkshire in England where I come from)

    In Holland where I now live, they say that it is raining drain pipes when it is really throwing it down.

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