New Hampshire’s Mooooo-la-la

The premier source in New Hampshire for everything moootivating, at least in the bovine world has to be the Stonyfield Farm web site.

With web topics entitled, “What’s Moo [New],” “Have-A-Cow” (where you can actually sponsor a real dairy cow), “Celebrities in the Moos,” and a daily blog called “The Bovine Bugle,” I found myself “moooved” beyond my wildest expectations.

Burning questions such as “What the heck is a Pole Barn,” and “what is ketosis and drenching.” are questions posed by members of this online com”moo”nity to a real life farmer, who responds with practical answers.

If you worry about eating like a pig without looking like a cow [as Joanie does], did you know that eating yogurt actually helps you to lose weight? Eating yogurt may actually help turn up the body’s fat-burning ability.

Stonyfield Yogurt Inc. itself was “born and raisedin New Hampshire.  The venture began in 1978 in Wilton, New Hampshire, as Samuel and Louise Kaymen’s “Rural Education Center,” an organic farming school. In 1982 current President/CEO Gary Hirshberg was recruited as a board member. In 1983 they had seven dairy cows and a newly created yogurt recipe. In 1989 the company moved to Londonderry, New Hampshire where it is located today, selling its products of yogurt, yogurt smoothies, cultured soy, organic ice cream, frozen yogurt and milk nationwide, with annual sales of over $212 million (thats alot of moola). They donate 10% of pretax profits to environmental causes.

If only everyone could be as earth-centered!

If you get a chance, take a tour of this fascinating company. According to their web site Stonyfield tours have been temporarily suspected due to heavy construction going on (yes, they are growing again). 

PS: If you are wondering about the origin of the word “moola,” I have a pretty good theory.  The Gaelic word for million is “muillean,” pronounced “Moo-lin.”  Close enough.

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