Ghostly, Spine-Chilling Halloween Tales and Yarns from New Hampshire

Victorian halloween postcard

In the past I have shared many stories at Cow Hampshire  of weird, supernatural, eerie, and down-right weird occurrences. Here is a compilation of the best ones.

A 2015 New Hampshire Halloween – Halloween poetry et al

Ghastly and Ghostly Halloween Stories Gleaned from Old New Hampshire Newspapers (2015)

New Hampshire’s Haunted Halloween History
New Hampshire Customs and Games for Halloween in 1916

Halloween catThe Dark Elements of A New Hampshire Halloween

New Hampshire’s Witches’ Night of 1879

Old Haunted Houses Reported in New Hampshire Newspapers

Nutfield Genealogy: Boo! Some Scary Stories for Halloween!


Because I promised you YARNS …..

Have a SAFE and FUN Halloween!

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