Cow Hampshire: Random Acts of Writing

Where does the inspiration for Cow Hampshire blog articles originate? Even as I type these words in a simple notepad window, I come to the realization that my stories may be completely random.

Cursed with the ability to speed read, unplanned words and names leap out at me from the pages that I regularly survey (affectionately named blog fodder).  I create a new text file appropriately named. Some of my current files are called killer corsets, dude, first alarm clock. Then I file them away until I can examine the topic more thoroughly.

I would guess that most research and writing plans revolve around stating the importance of what is proposed to be written, and describing the process used to perform the ensuing research. Cow Hampshire on the other hand is spontaneous and disorganized–celebrating the strange, the crazy, the odd coincidences.  Oh yes, of course there is some 'serious' genealogical and history research thrown into the mix.  But a common thread between every article is that something offbeat or peculiar existed first, piquing my interest.

I am not convinced that a writing plan would benefit my scrambled scribbles.  I write because I am curious about everything, and feel a sense of personal satisfaction in sharing what I discover. And so, if I do indeed have a writing plan for 2011, it will simply be to read more, keep an open and curious mind, travel frequently and take photographs that will enhance my stories, and eat more yogurt (just because I like dairy products).

This blog article was written for the 101st edition of the Carnival of Genealogy, entitled “My genealogy/writing plan for 2011,” posted at Jasia's Creative Gene blog. Don't delay — you still have time (until January 1st) to submit your own!

Happy New Year Everyone.

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