Lolcat: Mkn Mah Fmly Treez

Lolcats are known to help with shopping, edit articles, and mess with your hard drive, all while speaking in “kitty pidkin.” Two local lolcats recently became interested in genealogy.


P.S. To learn more about LOLCATS, click here, and here.

A challenge to my genea-blogger friends to make their own lolcats.  Let me know about the URL, and I'll post a link to your graphic here!

-Chris Dunham of “The Genealogue” asks “Will Genealogy Ever Recover?“-

-Terry Thornton of “Hill Country of Monroe County Mississipi,” presents “Lolcat in Four Parts–and April Fool“-

-John Newmark at “Transylvanian Dutch,” presents: “Loldog“-

-Thomas MacEntee  at “Destination: Austin Family,” goes hog… errr lolcat-wild at “Lolcat: A Family Affair.”-

-“Shades of the Departed” presents “Lolcat: Mkn Fmly Al-bum“-

And also….

-Becky Wiseman at kinexxions: “Beware, Funny Gene on the Loose!

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