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Found Only in New Hampshire: Robbins Cinquefoil

A member of the rose family, Robbins' Cinquefoil (Potentilla robbinsiana),

also called the dwarf cinquefoil, is probably the rarest plant … Continue reading

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Manchester New Hampshire Performer: George Washington Morrison Nutt (1844-1881)

Standing about twenty-nine inches tall in adulthood, George Washington Morrison Nutt, was auspiciously born on April 1, 1844 in Manchester, New Hampshire. [Note: other sources state he was taller than this].

Called “Commodore” during his show career, he was paid $30,000 by P.T. Barnum to join his troup of performers, and was part of the Thumbiana & Liliputian Opera Company.

He was of Scotch-Irish descent, the son of Rodney & Maria (Dodge) Nutt, and one of a family of eleven children. His brother, “Major” Rodnia Nutt was also part of Barnum’s midget troupe. Their remaining 9 siblings apparently were of normal size. Continue reading

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