New Hampshire WWI Military: Heroes of Enfield

Enfield World War I Honor Roll, Veterans Park, Rourte 4.

The Town of Enfield holds an annual Memorial Day Parade. This year (2018) there was also a short ceremony and laying of a wreath at the Veteran’s Memorial Cemetery following by a special ceremony at Oak Grove Cemetery by Tim Jennings, Lt (jg) USN who commemorated the 100th anniversary of World War I. There were two volleys and a presentation of TAPS by the MVRHS Band.

One hundred years ago the town had about 1500 citizens. Of these Enfield sent its full quota of young men and women to military service. Forty-seven names appear on the plaque, though I believe the number should be closer to sixty-two. Three soldiers did not return home.  When the war ended the Town of Enfield had a plaque made and laid in granite, placed in a square of land on Route 4 now called Veterans Memorial Park. The transcription of that plaque follows, the stars indicating that the soldier died in service.

Enfield’s Tribute
To Her Men Who Served
In The Great War
1914 1918
/Left Column/
Walter S. Andrews
Clifton A. Alexander
George E. Austin
Charles O. Babineau
Joseph Bodo
George W. Bodwell
Evo Cattabriga
Harold E. Collins
George J. Church
Frank P. Columbia
✪ Ernest W. Decato
✪ Fred Evans
Frank Fink
Harry M. Follansbee
Leonard W. Frye
James E. Gallagher
Clifford Goss
Andrew D. Hastings
Shirley C. Heath
Arthur W. Hudson
Daniel T. Ibey
Leo Ignaszewski
Edward T. Jones

/Right Column/
Byron Kidder
Lester E. Kimball
Emmitt Laramie
Thomas P. Laro
Leon C. Lemore
Merton E. Lovely
ALbert F. Morse
John E. Pierce
Harry Prescott
Frank E. Quimby
Charles R. Rhodes
Irving Rhodes
John Schmanska
Joseph S. Shepard
Leslie B. Smith
James Southwick
Percy L. Stevens
Maurice R. Stickney
Winthrop I. Townsend
Alfred H. Truell
Harry C. Turner
Carroll M. Wheeler
Charles H. Whittemore

✪ Willis Whittier
Additional service information can be gleaned from the WWI Military Transport Passenger Lists of that day.  More men in service claimed Enfield as their hometown than were shown on the WWI Honor Roll.  I’ve included that list here, the men who ARE found on the Enfield Honor Roll are marked with a “🌟”.

🌟George E. Austin, Pvt, 309th Infantry, S#1749312 return from St. Nazaire France 4 Jan 1919, sister Mrs. Mabel Quimby, ship Huron
Napoleon Bill, Pvt, Co H, 103rd US Infantry, depart NYC 25 Sep 1917, mother, Mrs. Peter Bill, ship Saxonia // Returned from France arriving Boston MA 5 April 1919, mother, Slome Bill; ship America, #68646
Peter B. Bill, P1c, 166th Co. Transportation Corps, #1666788, Ship General WC Gorgas from Bordeau Framce 20 June 1919, father Peter J. Bill
William Moses Bourdeau, Pvt, 17th Entineers (Railway) Camp Grant Detachment, #2491278, (Return) Departs St. Nazaire France 25 March 1919, ship Susquehanna, sister, Mrs. W. Evans
Leslie V. Clifford, Pvt, Supply Co. #334, Departed Hoboken NJ 30 Sep 1918, #2796099 ship?, sister Mrs. C.Q. Perley. Ship Niagara
🌟H.E. Collins, P1c, #2796339, Headquarters Co., 37th Artillery 41st Brigade, Father Edwin R. Collins, #2796339, ship Pocohontas, outgoing from Newport News VA.
John W. Dole, 2nd Lieut, Infantry, ship Pueblo (RETURN arriving from Brest France to Hoboken NJ on 20 Jan 1919). Mother Fannie L. Dole.
David G. Dustin, Pvt, Co. E, 168th Infantry, departed from NYC on 23 Nov 1917 ship Baltic. RETURNED from Brest France to Hoboken NJ arr 25 April 1919 on ship Leviathan. Same Co. #100958, father George W. Dustin
🌟Leonard W. Frye, Pvt, Co. D, 101st Engineers, arrived from France to Boston MA on 4 Apr 1919, ship Mount Vernon, #185107, Father Willard S. Frye.
🌟James E. Gallagher, Pvt, Battery F, 303rd Field Artillery, departed Boston MA on 16 July 1918 ship Militiades, father William Gallagher.
Henry W. Hough, Pvt, #592939, Medical Detachment, 72nd Artillery CAC, departed Montreal Canada on 7 Aug 1918 ship Takada / RETURN departing Brest France 28 Aug 1919 on ship Arcadia, NOW Sgt1c, military unit MC, casuals. Wife: harriett W. Hough
🌟Daniel T. Ibey, Pvt, Amb. Co. 23, medical Unit; ship Huron, Father Daniel Ibey. Departed 5 Dec 1917 from Hoboken.
William Kelly, Private, departing NYC on 25 Sep 1917, HQ Co. 103rd Infantry, ship Saxonia. (KELLY was of Newport NH, friend Mr. W. BROWN was of Enfield)
John King, P1c, #406382, Bakery Co., 332nd QMC. Departed NYC on ship Orsova 20 Oct 1918. NOK: William S. Stratton, brother-in-law. RETURN: arriving in Philadelphia PA from Brest France on 17 Aug 1919 on ship Maui, P1C, Mech Bky Det QMC, same NOK.
🌟Thomas Laro, Corporal, MG Co 103rd Inf, Departing Brooklyn NH on 14 Sep 1918. Ship 116. NOK Sister Mrs. Delaney Laro.
🌟Leon C. Lemore – Wagoner Med, Ambulance Co. #25, 5th Sanitary Train, 5th Div. #1409627, Departed NYC on 4 June 1918 on ship Mauretania. NOK: mother Lena Lemore // Return from Brest France arriving Hoboken NJ on 21 July 1919 on ship Agamemnon; Pvt Med., NOK same.
🌟Frank E. Quimby, Pvt, Co. A, 326th Infantry, 82nd Div. #1685496, departed NYC on 29 April 1918 ship Mauretania, NOK Mother Josephine T. Sweet.
Irving Rhodes, P1c, Machine Gun Co., 30th Infantry, departed NYC on 2 April 1918 on ship Aquitania. NOK Uncle James H. Ibey.
Stanley Sargent, Co D, 101st Ammunition Train, #204891, CORPORAL, Departed Boston MA on 23 April 1919 in ship New Jersey (arriving Brest France) NOK father Harry E. Sargent.
🌟Maurice R. Stickney, Pvt, Co C 103rd Inf, departed NY on 27 Sep 1917 ship Celtic, NOK mother Mary K. Stickney. RETURNED CORPORAL arriving Boton MA from Brest France on 5 April 1919 on ship America, same NOK. #67522.
John Sullivan, Wagoner, Supply Troop, 15th Cavalry, departed Hoboken NJ on 14 March 1918 ship 2. NOK Friend Mrs. Warren Pettingill.
George O. Wheeler, Private, Infantry, from Hoboken NJ to Panama, 10 Dec 1920 NOK Israel Wheeler friend.
William H. White, SGT, 311th Infantry attached to 310th Infantry. RETURNING from Bordeaux to Hoboken arr 29 May 1919 on ship Luckenbach, Julia, NOK Father E.J. White #1330857
🌟Willis Whittier, Private, Co A, 303rd Reg Infantry 76th Division, departing Montreal Canada on 6 July 1918 ship BURMA, nok; Father Aaron Whittier
Karl Wilson, Private, Co. C, 103rd Infantry, departing NYC 27 Sep 1917, ship Celtic, nok father Harry A. Wilson.George E. Austin, Pvt, 309th Infantry, S#1749312 return from St. Nazaire France 4 Jan 1919, sister Mrs. Mabel Quimby, ship Huron

Enfield New Hampshire Men who
They made the Ultimate Sacrifice

ERNEST W. DECATO | Private | Died of Disease (lobar pneumonia from influenza, Post Hospital, Fort Williams, Cape Elizabeth, Maine | 14th Coastal Artillery Corps | Saint Mary’s Cemetery, Canaan NH | SEE STORY “Heroes of Canaan NH” for his biography

FREDERICK EVANS | Sergeant | Killed in Action (Missing) 21 July 1918 in attack on Buzancy | H Co., 16th Infantry |  Aisne-Marne American Cemetery (Tablets of the Missing) | Enfield NH Honor Roll | NH Honor Roll, State House | Monument to the US 1st Division | Evans Park in Lawrence MA, at the corner of Forest and Crescent streets, named for him | SEE [1] below for biography

WILLIS WHITTIER | Private | Killed in Action 4 October 1918 | Co. A 303rd Infantry,  76th Division >> 18th Infantry, 1st Division | Meuse Argonne American Cemetery, France | Cenotaph  Oak Grove Cemetery, Enfield NH | SEE [2] below for biography.

[1] Frederick “Fred” Evans was born December 1879 in Lawrence MA, son of Mark & Mary Ann (Galvin) Evans. He had 2 siblings as shown in the 1880 U.S. Census of Lawrence MA where he is living with his parents and a sister Lena “Lenna” Evans [she became the wife of Andrew Levi, then divorced and died 14 June 1910 in Lawrence MA of pulmonary TB], a sister A. Mary Evans [b abt 1874 in MA and m. 6 June 1894 in Hudson MA to Charles W. Davy son of Charles & Margaret (McLean) Davy], and a brother Mark [b 12 Jan 1878 in Lawrence MA, and married 25 June 1903 in Lawrence to Sarah T. Donnelly, daughter of James & Bridget (Rourke) Donnelly. They had children Raymond and Evelyn].  The Gold Star Record of Massachusetts adds these details: “EVANS, Frederick, Sergeant; killed in action 21 July 1918 [in attack on Buzancy].Enlisted 28 June 1917, Co K, 38th Infantry, 3rd Divi. Transf 13 Aug to Provisional Recruit Battalion, 16th Infantry, 1st Div; to Co H., 16th Infantry 1st Div. Corporal 1 Aug 1917. Sergeant 12 Nov 1917. Overseas 22 Nov 1917.
Born about Dec 1879 at Lawrence MA; brother of Mark Evans. Employee, paper manufacturing company. He served three years in the Philippines. Park named in his memory. Credited to New Hampshire.” His death was reported in the newspaper as follows: “August 15, 1918 Boston POST. Sergt. Frederick E. Evans, a veterans of the Spanish American war, was killed in action with H. Company, 16th Infantry on July 21. His home was in Lawrence but he had worked in recent years in Enfield NH.”  He was listed as ‘Killed in Action’ on 21 July 1918 (and Missing in Action).   He is listed on the NH Adjutant General’s Casualty List, and Evans Square at the corner of Forest and Crescent Streets in Lawrence MA is named in his honor.  The City of Lawrence [MA] created this wonderful VIDEO about his service.

[2] Willis Whittier was born  26 April 1887 in Canaan NH, son of Aaron &  Carrie J. (Colburn) Whittier. He had one sibling, Edwin Burt (1884-1923).  In 1907 he is in the Lebanon NH directory, occupation teamster, boarding at Aaron Whittiers.   When he completed his WWI Registration form on 5 June 1917, he was a teamster, employed by A.R. Gorden, Enfield Center, single, aged 30. His personal description was short, medium build with blue eyes and black hair.  U.S. Military Transport Passenger Lists show him departing for Europe from Montreal Canada on 6 July 1918 aboard the ship Burma.  At that time he was a Private in Co. A, 303rd Infantry, with service number 2722940. His next of kin was his father Aaron Whittier.  He must have been transferred to the U.S. Army 18th Infantry, for the white cross above his grave in the Meuse Argonne American Cemetery shows that regiment. He was killed in action on 4 October 1918.  A cenotaph can be found for him in Oak Grove Cemetery, Enfield NH.

More WWI Related Deaths
In Enfield New Hampshire

While researching Enfield’s role in World War I, I came across two more deaths that should be included here.

HARDING, Joseph Franklin; died 21 April 1917 (accident) at Enfield NH. Enlisted 26 June 1916 Co K. 6th Infantry, Massachusetts National Guard; reported for duty 30 March 1917; mustered out 6 April.  Born 4 Aug 1899 at Lowell, son of Harry F. and Winifred B. (Keith, deceased) Harding; brother of Harry C. Electrician. Killed by freight train while on duty as railroad bridge guard. Ezra Lawrence of Enfield NH lost his life in attempt to warn the soldier of approach of train.  [From Gold Star Record of Massachusetts]

LAWRENCE, Ezra Curtis, son of Stillman C. & Flora E. (Rollins) Lawrence b Feb 1886 Montpelier VT. Ezra Lawrence died 21 April 1917 in an attempt to warn Private Joseph F. Harding of an oncoming train. He is buried in Oak Grove Cemetery, Enfield NH. He married 8 Dec 1908 in Montpelier VT to Mabel Syvlia O’Clair, daughter of Ulysses & Sylvia (Lord) O’Clair. She m2d) 2 July 1928 in Claremont NH to Louis E. Perry. Children: (1) Sylvia Agnes Lawrence m. 6 Sep 1926 in Claremont NH to Wayne Sidney Morris; (2) Frances M. Lawrence b abt 1910 m. 1 Juy 1933 in Claremont NH to Redmond M. Watson, son of Thomas J. & Mary A. (Flavin) Watson. Moved to Boston MA; (3) Curtis Ulysses Lawrence born 7 Sep 1911, died 5 Aug 1985. Served in the U.S. Army in WW2. He married 1st) Florence Adams. He m2d) Irene Agnes Beaudry.

[Editor’s Note: this story is part of an on-going series about heroic New Hampshire men and women of World War I.  Look here for the entire listing].

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