Mare, Smile For The Camera!

Back in 1952, Mary (known affectionately as “Mare”) was a very busy mother. 

After being told by more than one physician that she would not have children, she had sadly resigned herself to that fact.  Then suddenly in 1949 she found herself pregnant, and gave birth to her first child in early 1950.  That event was quickly followed by the birth of  a second son in 1952, and soon after that by the birth of twin daughters.

This photograph depicts my pregnant mother with her two oldest children who are obviously enjoying themselves. As for mom–she is already looking a bit worn out, and the real fun was yet to start.

This photograph is posted as my submission to “Smile For The Camera” blog carnival, whose theme is “Love-Mother.”

You have until the 10th of May to submit your own.


P.S.: I miss you mom!

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