Non-Fiction Meme

I've been tagged by Bill West of West in New England, to participate in a Non-Fiction Meme.

Question: What issues/topic interests you most–non-fiction, i.e, cooking, knitting, stitching, thereare infinite topics that has nothing to do with novels?

Answer: I enjoy reading topics about real history, architecture, House & Garden, and Food & Wine.


Question: Would you like to review books concerning those?

Answer: No. I don't bother to read book reviews, as I would rather make up my own mind about whether a book is worth reading or not. I almost never look at “Best-Seller” lists.


Question: Would you like to be paid or do it as interest or hobby? Tell reasons for what ever you choose.

Answer: I wouldn't review books, even for pay. See response in previous question for reasons.


Question: If you have already done something like this, link it to your post.

Answer:  Been there, haven't done that, no T-shirt.


Rather than tagging 10 others, if you are reading this and would like to participate, please do so, and link back this article.  Since MY own responses to this meme are a bit sparse, you may want to also read Lori Thornton's meme responses, to get a better idea of how to answer these questions.


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