New Hampshire: 1770 Recipe to Cure the Biting of a Mad Dog

TAKE the Leaves of Rue, pick’d from the Stalks and bruised, Six Ounces; Garlick picked from the Stalks and bruised; Venice Treacle, and Mithridate, and the scarpings of Pewter, of each Four Ounces;

Boil all these over a slow Fire in two Quarts of Strong Ale till one Quart be consumed, then keep it in a Bottle close stopped, & give of it Nine Spoonfulls to a Man or Woman warm, seven Mornings Fasting, and Six to a Dog. This the Author believes will not by God’s Blessing fail if it be given within Nine Days after the biting of the Dog. This Receipt was taken from the Register of a Church in England.

From: The New-Hampshire Gazette, and Historical Chronicle
Headline: Recipe to Cure the biting of a MAD DOG.
Date: 6 April 1770
Location: Portsmouth, New Hampshire

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