New Hampshire Genealogy: Surname LNU

It seems everywhere I go, the surname LNU pops up out of the woodwork.  It is very popular in New Hampshire, and most other places.

If you visit and search for LNU, there are 43,363 entries with that last name.  Strangely the majority of people with this surname are female, and I can’t seem to find a genealogical connection between them. You would think with so many LNU family members, that Rootsweb and would devote an entire surname message board to them, but they don’t. Maybe I should start one!

I did find a few of those helpful Genealogy and Family Resources pages devoted to the LNU family. They offered to search Burke’s Peerage & Gentry for me, or let me know if a LNU received a Medal of Honor, but I’m short of cash this week.

In quite a few cases you’ll find the LNU family married into the UNK family. After a great deal of research, I’ve discovered that FNU LNU is probably the progenitor of this entire line. If I keep looking, I’ll be sure to discover that Paris Hilton is descended from this line.



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P.S.: Possibly a few of my readers haven’t figured out that this article is written in good humor, but with tongue in cheek, so to speak. LNU, FNU and UNK are acronyms. LNU indicates that the Last Name of a person is UNKNOWN.  FNU similiarly means First Name Unknown. UNK just means unknown. Therefore FNU LNU is a pseudonym used by genealogists, but sometimes used by law enforcement, instead of using John Doe,  to indicate someone whose first and last names are unknown. This is a good idea, since your unknown person might actually be named John Doe (or Jane Doe) or even Dunham.

In addition, The LNU family is not to be confused with L’nu Native People.  Also, it is possible that there are real people who actually have the surname LNU. The LNU crest shown above is a figment of my imagination. Their family motto, Lapsus Calami is Latin for “A slip of the pen.

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  1. frank says:

    FNU LNU might be used by genealogists, but it’s used much more in law enforcement and originated in that community.

  2. Marquis Fnu U. Lnu says:

    Hello, as it appears I am descended from the great ancient Lnu family, on both sides, I was hoping to have a banner made of the crest. Could you provide a high-resolution version? Or at least a more detailed description? I can make out the turkey, and the Latin phrase, but are there other elements? Is that dark thing next to the turkey a scroll, or perhaps a degree that is not a degree? Or a mystery wrapped in an enigma? Thanks! Signed, Sunshine RI

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