July 4, 2007: New Hampshire's Just Expectation

“Those celebrated defenders of the liberties of this country, whom menaces could not intimidate, corruption seduce, nor flattery allure:

Those intrepid assertors of the rights of mankind, whose philosophy and policy have enlightened the world in twenty years, more than it was ever before enlightened in many centuries, by ancient schools or modern universities.”

“A trust of the greatest magnitude is committed to this Legislature, and the eyes of the world are upon you. Your country expects from the result of your deliberations, in concurrence with the other branches of government, consideration abroad and contentment at home; Prosperity, Order, Justice, Peace, and Liberty. And may God Almighty's providence assist you to answer their just expectation.”

John Adams, [then] Vice President of the United States, spoken to the New Hampshire State Legislature, April 23, 1789, as published in “Osborne's New-Hampshire Spy” newspaper of Portsmouth. Ten years later he became the second President of the United States.

So what does this mean today? It means that our ancestors, who sacrificed their lives and fortunes to insure our freedom, indeed have JUST EXPECTATIONS of our personal behavior, and even more so, that our our leadership (because they set the example for the rest) to promote prosperity, order, justice, peace and liberty.   And if we do not see these goals as a primary concern of our leadership…. then we need to take action to elect those who do.


PS: Also see 4th of July Reflections: A New Hampshire Patriot.

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