New Hampshire WWI Military: Private Roy H. Bent of Wilton

The town of Wilton NH had about 1500 citizens when World War I began.  The town send its best and brightest youth to service including (not a complete list) Andrew W. Bean, Michael H. Barry, Joseph O. Berube, Roy H. Bent, John W. Brennan, William J. Brunelle, John F. Burke, Harold A. Butler, Edgar H. Butterfield, William M. Connors, Lawrence R. Duval, Louis A. Fairfield, George S. Forbush, Frank Lapointe, Marcel H. Nichols, Wilfrid S. Pellerin, Frank H. Quigley, Clarence A. Russell, Joseph M. Stanton, Fred Eugene Tuttle, John H. Tighe, Edward Varley, and James A. Wing. At least one of these men did not return from the war. Continue reading