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Unusual web links worth smiling at…

Cow-related Blogs and web sites

New Hampshire Cow ... er BullCow Abduction
Cow Tipping: Myth or Reality?
History of Cow Chip Throwing
Life on the Farm
Make An Origami Cow
Movie: Bovine Brunch
Movie: Organic Cows
National Dairy Shrine
NH Dairy Industry Timeline
The Art of Cow Tipping – Try it Virtually! (archived version, slow to load)
Visit To A Dairy Farm

Odd Stuff!

Harry Potter Family Tree

Mike Lynch Cartoons

Frank Jones Strange Maps

The 100 Hour Board


Silly Generators: Personal Fun

PhotoFunia: creative photo effects to share.
Game of Thrones: The Sigil Creator.
Newspaper Generator
– Create your own headline and newspaper excerpt.
Generator for randomized typographic filler text –  if you need to fill in the text area but don’t want to type “blah blah blah,” use this tool that creates random words in Latin, English, Morse Code and more.
Heretical Rhyme Generator – need a poem?  Write the first line and the generator finishes it for you.
How Old Do I Look? (new 2015)
SpeckyBoy’s List of Cool Generators – more fun generators to play with.

Elf Yourself – a free dancing Christmas elf generator, using your own or someone else’s face)