Genealogy BLOG Favorites

The following are a list of my favorite genealogy blogs and web sites. Enjoy!

All My Ancestors
Ancestors in Aprons [new February 2015]
Ancestors Viewfinder (German with an option to translate to English)
Ancestrally Challenged   [no longer being updated]
Apple’s Tree   [no longer being updated]
Archives (blog section)
A Tangled Trail
Cram Chronicles   [no longer updated]
Daily Genealogist [American Ancestors]
Dead Fred’s Relatively Speaking  [apparently no longer blogs]
Desktop Genealogist Unplugged   [no longer updated]
Family History with the Lineagekeeper
Family Resemblance (Life Stories Today)
Genealogical Detours
Genealogy Circle (Cindy Freed’s)
genejourneys  (new, a DNA-verified cousin)
George Geder Genealogy
Holmes Family Web Site    [not being updated]
Musings by Linda — North Georgia Families
Oakville Black Walnut   [not being updated]
One Branch at a Time: Genealogy Blog
Origin Hunters – Genetic Genealogist
Our Attic Treasures   [not being updated]
Our Carroll Family Genealogy  [on hiatus, not being updated]
Our Twisted Roots of Alabama
Old Bones Genealogy: Preserving the Past
Rambling Along the Ancestral Trail (Deborah A. Carder Mayes Genealogy & Family History)
Root Digger Genealogy – Leaving a Legacy and Honoring Our Family
Rooting Around Genealogy   [not being updated]
Shaking The Tree   [not being updated]
Sherlock Homes [added February 2015]
So, how many skeletons did you find in the closet…
Spartan Roots (Greek genealogy)
Stanwood Family History  (new, a DNA-verified cousin)
The Oracle of OMcHodoy   [no longer being updated]
Tracing the Tribe   [no longer being updated]
TransylvanianDutch: Genealogy and Technology
Vita Brevis ( blog)