Genealogy BLOG Favorites

The following are a list of my favorite genealogy blogs and web sites. Enjoy!

Limo parked at Winterthur. Photograph 2004 Janice W. Brown

100 Years In America

Abbie and Eveline
All My Ancestors
Amy Coffin’s Genealogy Site
Ancestors in Aprons [new February 2015]
Ancestors Viewfinder (German with an option to translate to English)
Ancestrally Challenged   [no longer being updated]
Apple’s Tree   [no longer being updated]
Archives (blog section)
A Tangled Trail
Blog Blog Black Sheep ~ Have You Any Clues?
Corn & Cotton Genealogy
Cram Chronicles   [no longer updated]
Daily Genealogist [American Ancestors]
Dead Fred’s Relatively Speaking  [apparently no longer blogs]
Desktop Genealogist Unplugged   [no longer updated]
Family Resemblance (Life Stories Today)
Genealogical Detours
Genealogy Circle (Cindy Freed’s)
genejourneys  (new, a DNA-verified cousin)
Holmes Family Web Site    [not being updated]
Mississippi Ancestors
Musings by Linda — North Georgia Families
Oakville Black Walnut   [not being updated]
Oak Grove Genealogy [new Sept 2015]
One Branch at a Time: Genealogy Blog
OH! Origin Hunters – Genetic Genealogist
Our Attic Treasures   [not being updated]
Our Carroll Family Genealogy  [on hiatus, not being updated]
Our Twisted Roots of Alabama
Old Bones Genealogy: Preserving the Past
Rambling Along the Ancestral Trail (Deborah A. Carder Mayes Genealogy & Family History)
Root Digger Genealogy – Leaving a Legacy and Honoring Our Family
Rooting Around Genealogy   [not being updated]
Shaking The Tree   [not being updated]
Sherlock Homes [added February 2015]
So, how many skeletons did you find in the closet…
Spartan Roots (Greek genealogy)
Stanwood Family History  (new, a DNA-verified cousin)
The Oracle of OMcHodoy   [no longer being updated]
There She Blogs! [Family Bloodhound]
Tracing the Tribe   [no longer being updated]
TransylvanianDutch: Genealogy and Technology
Vita Brevis ( blog)
Whispered Past