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Mark Twain wrote, “History doesn’t repeat itself – at best it sometimes rhymes.” He was partially true. Unless we study history, and pay attention to the lessons it brings, we are bound to repeat its mistakes. If it rhymes, then it may just end up in the poetry section of my blog.

My grandmother and father passed along a love of history and everything New Hampshire to me, and I try to share that joy with my readers. I do not pretend to be a historian, but am rather a woman with an overly curious mind. I love old cemeteries, dusty books, women’s history, and ancient people.

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If you have learned something new about your family or yourself by reading my blog, and you wish to thank me, you can do so by making a donation to the following non-profit group (or to the veteran’s help group of your choice): Liberty House Inc., 75 West Baker Street, Manchester, New Hampshire 03103.

I agree, one cannot copyright public information. However, within the text of MOST of my stories are personally owned photographs. Also the creative content that was added to these stories make them uniquely my own, each a formerly unpublished work. The hours and hours of research, and the compilations of genealogical material again, make each article a unique work of love. You may use what is here ONLY for personal use. I do NOT give you, or anyone else, permission to use anything on my blog in a non-commercial or commercial way– published, electronic, or on a CD (this means no, you can’t republish my stuff without permission and you can never sell my stuff!).

I also NEVER give permission to anyone to post my photographs on commercial web sites such as, or Find-A-Grave or FaceBook. Those organizations are very useful and I pay the commercial ones well to use their services. However I do not want them to own my photographs which might allow them to resell them, or for my photographs to lose their source of information. So NO, you may not copy my photographs and post them there or in similar locations, whether or not you are able to contact me for permission.  If I wish a photograph posted to these services, I will do it myself.  You do not have my permission to link to this blog, to or from Pinterest, and I will do my best to block you if you do.

If you see something unique you’d like to borrow, or use in a commercial publication (for example, a chamber of commerce, another historical society, etc.) and you would like to ASK permission from me to use it, PLEASE DO contact me at my email address below. I might surprise you and say yes.

Copyright 2006-2016 Janice A. Brown, All rights reserved. All unpublished works. Blog: Cow Hampshire |  [Please note that many of these articles were originally posted on my first blog, hosted by BlogHarbor. In those cases the copyright extends back to 2006 or the date when they were first posted. The actual posting date should show beneath the title of each blog post.]

Please! If you get an idea, or use something specific from my blog, please at least give me credit for it. You can get my blog URL at the top of this page, and feel free to link back to me. Please do NOT link to my photographs in such a way that it steals my bandwidth. I pay for this blog with real money. If I discover that you have abused my blog by using my photographs without permission, or by stealing my bandwidth, I will ban you from my entire domain.


I am not really the “award-seeking” type, but I thought it was so very cool when the New Hampshire magazine editor picked me for the following award. Even more inspiring to me, is that they run the “Best of New Hampshire” awards each year, as a fund raiser to feed New Hampshire’s hungry. Kudo’s to them.

Editor’s Pick: Best History Blog, Best of NH 2007

“We live in a history-drenched part of the world, but Cow Hampshire is much more than a tour of the New Hampshire “Memory House” (thank Howard Mansfield for that excellent term). It’s a look at the state’s past and present through the eyes (and words) of a true Granitophile. Janice Brown digs through the stories of New Hampshire with an amazing knack for pattern recognition, finding the connections and the nuances that make the dustiest of footnotes into something relevant and entertaining.” — NH Magazine


My name is Janice Brown.  I own the copyright to all the articles here, and all the photographs unless otherwise stated. You may contact me at this email address:

Please be patient, as I often receive over a hundred email inquiries a day. If your question refers to a specific post on this blog, leaving a comment will be a much faster way to get my attention.  Cow Hampshire is also on FaceBook.Feel free to visit and give me a “Like”!

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