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The Prized Devon Bull of the East Concord NH Sanborns

An unusual postcard came to my attention recently.  The photograph shows a well-built dark bull, on display with a long-handled twitch and chain in his nose.  In handwritten script in the margin is added: “Bull, Nero, No. 8160 winner of … Continue reading

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Cow Concerns: Is Hotcha Music Bad for Bovine Health?

The federal department of agriculture has gravely suggested that those farmers who have installed radios in their barns to delight the livestock should tune in on softer gentler music. Cows give more milk when contented, it seems, and no cow … Continue reading

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A Cow’s View of the White Mountains

I came across a postcard of the White Mountains, that showed a herd of cows who were obviously enjoying the lovely view.  How can I tell, you ask? Well if you zoom in really close, you will see that those … Continue reading

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1871 Poem: "The Best Cow in Peril"

Old Farmer B. was a stingy man.
He keeps all he gets and gets all he can;
By all his … Continue reading

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If Cows Could Make New Year Resolutions. . .

If cows could make New Year Resolutions they might want to …

1. Party more.

2. Attend rehab…. Continue reading

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