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New Hampshire’s Cranberry Bogs and Meadows

When I hear the word cranberry, I most often things of masses of bobbing, minute fruit in Massachusetts or New Jersey bogs, although I know it grows in other states too. It was not until recently that I discovered that … Continue reading

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Giving Back History Through Genealogy: Sitting Bull

Up and through the 20th century, it had been common practice to collect and “museumize” remains and artifacts of America's … Continue reading

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Metallak: "The Lone Indian of the Magalloway"

Reputedly the “son of a chief,” Metallak [sometimes spelled Mettalak] was one of the Native Peoples. He lived  in the … Continue reading

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New Hampshire’s First Leader, Sagamore of the Penacook, Diplomat and Peacemaker: Passaconaway (c1580-c1673)

Passaconaway was an amazing man. He was Sagamo of the Native People called Penacook.

The Penacook were a confederation of … Continue reading

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New Hampshire's Common Loon (Gavia immer)

There is nothing common about the Common Loon (Gavia immer). It is believed to be the most primitive bird on … Continue reading

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