Wolfeboro New Hampshire: Vacationland for French President Sarkozy?

New Hampshire’s Welcome Sign (Bienvenue). Photograph credit to Richard Marsh, used with permission.

*Photographic and Video Updates to original story*

Video-Tour of Sarkozy’s vacation home
-Pres. Sarkozy with family-
– Sarkozy with son Louis in canoe- [link dead 20 May 2018]

There have been several reports that French President Nicolas Sarkozy plans to spend a week or two in Wolfeboro New Hampshire, soon at a “camp” on Lake Winnipesaukee. Reportedly Wolfeboro’s town manager has met with the Secret Service already regarding security.

Others say it is simply a rumor. Whichever is true, my crystal ball says the hotels in this busy town are going to be fully booked, and the local hospitals need to be ready to treat visitors for ailments resulting from all the rubbernecking that will be going on.

Reportedly President Sarkozy will be vacationing at a “23,000-square-foot lakeside manor on 62 acres at Springfield Point, just over the Alton-Wolfeboro town line off from Route 28,” owned by Michael Appe.  No doubt he would feel right at home with a significant portion of New Hampshire’s current population claiming Canadian and French roots. New Hampshire’s highway signs don’t say “Bienvenue” for nothing.

What would President Sarkozy expect to do while in Wolfeboro?
– take a boat ride (while dodging the high-powered Secret Service boats shadowing him)
– enjoy the trolley Molly for a quick ride down Main Street Wolfeboro.
– be chauffeured around the town in order to count the number of French flags flying.
– buy some French cheese at one of the “itty bitty” shops.
attend the local Ham and Bean supper. (After all, with the weak American dollar he will get his Euro’s worth)
– pick some water lilies.
– relax and read the article about Lake Winnipesaukee in the recent copy of New Hampshire magazine.
stop by and visit one of his nicer neighbors. I hear she makes lovely crepes. (This is my personal favorite, and NO I do not mean Mitt)

What should President Sarkozy avoid while vacationing in Wolfeboro?
– eating Maine mussels that have been scraped off the side of a barrel.
– ordering take out French Fries, which aren’t French at all.
– trying to say “Winnipesaukee” the same way the locals do
– sitting out on his dock when the Mount Washington cruise ship passes by.
– getting spotted in one of the town’s web cams.

Several of Wolfeboro’s more popular web sites were “down” this morning, possibly an overload due to receiving an incredible number of “hits.”

On a more serious note, since Sarkozy took office in mid-May, he has been busy making friends, and promoting good-will internationally.  He certainly appears to be a potential friend for the United States. I hope he is extended a warm New Hampshire welcome and that he is allowed privacy during his vacation (I know the locals will cooperate at least).

According to Pravda, other famous folks who vacation, or have vacationed in Wolfeboro include Sir (Gov.) John Wentworth, Drew Barrymore, Taiwan’s Madame Chiang Kai-Shek, Monaco’s Prince Rainier and Princess Grace, author Kurt Vonnegut and a plethora of presidential wannabes including current hopeful Mitt Romney (who owns a summer home there).


ADDENDUM: Apparently he is indeed in Wolfeboro.

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