The American Winston Churchill (1871-1947)

Winston Churchill was born 10 November 1871 in St. Louis, Missouri

Winston Churchill, New Hampshire author, 1937; Cow Hampshire Blog

Winston Churchill, New Hampshire author; Cow Hampshire Blog

and died in 1947 in Winter Park, Florida.  He was not a New Hampshire native, but he wrote a book called, “Coniston,” in 1906 which told a story of “Granite State politics in the era of Progressive reform.”

This Churchill was the grandson of Edwin Churchill, a Maine merchant, and his great-grandfather James Creighton Churchill had been born in Newmarket, New Hampshire.  Winston attended Smith Academy in St. Louis, Missouri, and graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1894. He resigned from the navy in 1894, and was naval editor of the “Army and Navy Journal” until January 1895.  He was assistant and later managing editor of the “Cosmopolitan” magazine from February to December 1895. Continue reading