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New England’s Great Snow of 1717

In February 1717 occurred the greatest fall of snow recorded in the annals of New England–almost burying under the frozen mass the small log houses of the new plantations. So effectively were even the most traveled roads blocked that the … Continue reading

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A White Mountain Ghost Story

The wind whistled mournfully around the hotel as the story was being told, and the hearers involuntarily clustered nearer one another and waited the next gloomy reminiscence. It came from an elderly gentleman who wouldn’t vouch for its truthfulness, but … Continue reading

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Current Events: A Storm of Snow

A Storm of Snow has come and gone, leaving several feet of powdery, drifting snow behind.  It seems that since last autumn The Weather Channel started naming winter storms, and they called the most recent one ‘Nemo.’  WFSB Channel 3 … Continue reading

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Cow Hampshire: That Remarkable Snowtober

It was reported that over three million people were directly affected by what New England is calling Snowtober (and 60 million indirectly in some way).  Trees, laden with too heavy snowcoats, snapped and tumbled over like children over-bundled in their … Continue reading

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New Hampshire: Twenty-Five Words for Snow

The way a crow
Shook down on me
The dust of snow
From a hemlock tree

Has given my heart… Continue reading

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