Not New Hampshire: The Lost Faces of World War One

HONOR ROLL BANNER 2During World War 1 American newspapers sometimes printed photographs of those who died in action or from disease.  One publisher called it “Our Nation’s Roll of Honor,” and bi-weekly showed a pictorial of 25 small photos of young men who had died in the wartime effort. [Editor’s note: It has been suggested that these poster-like newspapers were part of the New York Times publication.]

American losses in World War 1 were less than its counterparts in Europe. Though the numbers even today are not definitive, it is estimated (by the International Encyclopedia of the First World War) that there were 116,516 deaths, and approximately 320,000 sick and wounded of the 4.7 million who served. “The USA lost more personnel to disease (63, 114) than to combat (53, 402), largely due to the influenza epidemic of 1918.” WGBH additionally provides a table showing all losses in that War. Continue reading