Killed in Action on the USS Utah at Pearl Harbor: Sea1c David Lloyd Crossett (1917-1941)

Sea1c David Lloyd Crossett (1917-1941)

Sea1c David Lloyd Crossett (1917-1941)

David Lloyd Crossett was born 9 December 1917 in Somerville MA, son and one of ten children of Charles R. & Bernice H. (Rice) Crossett. He spent a few years in Leominster MA before his parents moved to Manchester New Hampshire.  There his father taught at Central High School, but later changed his profession to that of investment banker, selling stocks and bonds.  While in Manchester the Crossett family lived at 333 Bridge Street then later at 50 Webster Street in Manchester. His parents later moved to 375 Bridge Street.

David’s grandfather, Charles Rollins Crossett Senior was a minister, and had been pastor of the Bethel Advent Church in Manchester for several years.  Both David’s father and grandfather were veterans. Continue reading

New Hampshire’s Missing Places: Peyton Place

I sometimes wonder how many tourists have visited New Hampshire looking for Peyton Place

only to realize it does not exist… or at least not by that name.

In 1956 the Gilmanton area of New Hampshire was made warily famous, [actually infamous at the time], thanks to Grace Metalious, author of the then-scandalous book “Peyton Place“.  It was on the New York Times bestseller list for more than a year, although condemned by ministers and most literary critics. Reportedly, Metalious never recovered from her sudden notoriety– Her marriage fell apart, her three children were harassed, and she received hate mail and threats. Continue reading