Pioneer Watchmaker and International Watch Company Founder: Rumney New Hampshire’s Florentine Ariosto Jones (1841-1916)

Is this Florentine Ariosto Jones?

Is this Florentine A. Jones?  [SEE original below. This is a closeup, and enhancement of same.].

Florentine Ariosto Jones is a name well known to watch makers and collectors.  He was the son of Solomon and Lavinia (Craig) Jones. He was born, grew up, and attended school, in the still small town of Rumney, New Hampshire.

Family stories say that two of his great uncles encouraged him to learn and become a watchmaker, and so he did. According to a book published by the IWC, Florentine apprenticed with a (unnamed) watchmaker in Concord, New Hampshire. [Editor’s note: my thanks for Roger Daniels former president of the Rumney Historical Society for his help with research into Florentine’s early life]. Continue reading