New Hampshire WWI Military: Private Joseph Arthur Irene Brisebois aka Rene Woods of Sandown

Photograph of Rene Woods from the NY Times insert of 1918. This photo scanned from the original in the possession of J. W. Brown.

The town of Sandown New Hampshire sent more than its share of heroes to serve during World War I. In fact that small place sent the highest percentage of men based on population. Among those men was one who would not return. The newspapers called him Private Rene Woods, and stated he served in B Company, 104th Infantry, and was of Sandown NH.

It was not easy to track Rene down. I looked at the census records, the WWI Registration forms and burial records. There were Woods families who lived in the area, but I could not find Rene’s. The Gold Star Record of Massachusetts gave me my biggest clue. Apparently Rene and his family had used the surname Brisebois interchangeably, and even then the Gold Star record didn’t get it exactly right. Continue reading