New Hampshire’s December Receipts [Recipes] of 1882


white-fruitcake2GINGER CUP-CAKE. A nice ginger cupcake is made of two cups of powdered sugar, stirred to a cream with two cups of butter. The butter may first be warmed until it is soft, but not melted; and three well-beaten eggs, a cup of molasses, four cups of flour, a table-spoonful of ginger, and one of soda, the soda dissolved in a little hot water. Mix well, and bake in buttered gem-pans, in a moderate oven.

WHITE FRUIT CAKE. One cup of butter and two cups of white sugar well beaten together; one cup of milk, two and a half cups of flour, the whites of seven eggs, two even spoonfuls of baking powder; beat all well before adding fruit. Take one pound each of raisins, figs, dates and blanched almonds, and one-quarter of a pound of citron; cut all fine. Stir fruit in last with a sifting of flour over it. Bake slowly. Continue reading

Ten Essential Tasks For U.S. Genealogists on Veterans Day

Berwin H. Webster with sister's Anna and Margaret. Posing against a fence in Merrimack NH circa 1918.

My father, Berwin H. Webster with sister’s Anna (holding American flag) and Margaret. Posing against a fence in Merrimack NH on the first Armistice Day, 1918.

Genealogists have a greater reason than most to pay attention to Veterans Day.  We are the keepers of history, the scavengers of memorabilia, and the scribes of  remembrance.  We, more than many understand that we are making history this very moment.

One hundred years from now someone will be wanting to know what we did today.  Will you be the one who wrote it down?  This year, and in all others that follow you can set the lead, know the history, and record what happened for the future. Continue reading

Ghostly, Spine-Chilling Halloween Tales and Yarns from New Hampshire

Victorian halloween postcard

In the past I have shared many stories at Cow Hampshire  of weird, supernatural, eerie, and down-right weird occurrences. Here is a compilation of the best ones.

A 2015 New Hampshire Halloween – Halloween poetry et al

Ghastly and Ghostly Halloween Stories Gleaned from Old New Hampshire Newspapers (2015)

New Hampshire’s Haunted Halloween History
New Hampshire Customs and Games for Halloween in 1916

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New Hampshire’s FLAG DAY 2016

1776 Flag

1776 Flag

Flag day is under-celebrated in New Hampshire, and many people have no clue of the day’s origin.   Absent of parades and speeches, today’s celebration happens quietly, mostly in classrooms.  So what is the big deal about Flag Day?

In essence, our flag is a piece of cloth which we have the right to fly should we wish to, but we also have the right to burn it.  What an amazing country we live in that we have those rights. To many the American flag is a symbol of sacrifice.  From the date of its creation, how many of our soldiers have rallied around it, fallen on the battlefield beneath it, celebrated victories with the flag clutched in their hands, and saluted it with pride on occasions of both celebration and sorrow?  Continue reading